Work In Progress, Leatherman Art


This started as a painting, and that work in progress is currently in the garage. Thing is I was working on the night sky, and it’s not working out so far. But the image itself was strong, so I transferred it to bristol. Looking at the post, I may need to rework the head.

Painting has been great, but I’m feeling the need to work more in my roots in pen and ink lately. I’ve done some great work in acrylic, but new pieces are not coming together quickly enough and often, painting is not my strongest work. In addition, my printing options are currently limited with acrylic. Which means I have to charge more for original acrylic art, and I can’t make stickers, cards or prints from my paintings.

More to come, by the way, the La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show is still on display. Check out their catalog at

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Femdom Art In Progress: Strap On Licking Good


Now that some of the coaster traffic has gone by,I can update again. I appreciate the love, but don’t know how ready folks are for these upcoming posts.

Sin City Gallery’s 12 Inches of Sin opens this month, and I’m very curious about the show. I was in no mood to rush to another deadline, but am down to cook up submissions for next year’s show. So this is the first piece I’m whipping up for 2018.

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SOLD! Quick Update

Femdom Art Things Are Looking Up E-mail for purchase details

SOLD! This double sided piece at the 2017 Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus has sold to a film maker from New York. Go to to see my additional entries at the show.

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