Blood, Babes and Bullets and Dauntless

Blood, Babes, and Bullets was done in a time of my life with a lot of chaos. This was the year I turned 21. I was getting exposed to night clubs, strip clubs, BDSM clubs, lesbian bars, and I had been frequenting the sci-fi convention scene. I was also at a critical point in college, and was spending a lot of time drawing for the sake of it. Some of these pieces were what I called hipshots, fired off quickly. Sometimes, several were drawn in the same night.

Dauntless was created just as I was wrapping up the 1996 Calendar. I was cranking out a lot of artwork and there were a number of pieces that didn’t fit the Femdom theme.

It’s quite an ego trip to think these publications could have lead to something serious, but on reflection, there’s some good pieces. I even received several commissions based on drawings in the book.