Being a porn publicist by day, I get quite a bit of e-mail and spam as it is, and lots of redundant spam to boot. So, there is no , or and hopefully those entries will drive the spider’s spammasters a little crazier.

Best e-mail contact for is right up there in the graphic, and obviously the mailing address.

If you’re a fan, and like the artwork, please follow me on social networking. I’m on:

Instagram: @FetishArtist

Twitter: @FetishArtist

Tumblr: FetishArtistNet

Deviant Art: JayFetishArtist

Even better, if you have a Fetlife account, feel free to add me on Fetlife, just give me a head’s up message that you like the art, I’ll approve your request right away.

I’m using Facebook for more personal stuff, I keep it pretty vanilla. We do have a Black and Blue Media company Facebook page, please like us, we post the adult business stuff there.

My LinkedIn account is more for business. That’s for publicity, graphic design, industry and marketing stuff.

Yes, Sherry and I have Skype, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and even IRC accounts, but that stuff has taken a heavy toll on our computing power lately and has not been very efficient for communications. If you want to chat about a commission or buying a piece of artwork, drop me a line in e-mail first, or message me through social networking. It’s easy. We’ll coordinate from there.


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