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Sketch Idea

So, Uncensored, the erotic group art show at The Bunker is coming up in February, and it’s backed by Reseda Renaissance, an urban renewal group in the valley dedicated to arts and culture. I was really surprised such an organization … Continue reading

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Perverted Podcast Bondage Sticker Idea

Wow! Time is already whipping by. It’s raining outside. There’s a lot to do today, but I’ve been meaning to clear this off my to do list for a litle while. How far behind am I? I’m still editing my … Continue reading

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What Is Coming To SMUT 3 Tonight

So, it’s Sunday and I’m getting ready for SMUT 3 tonight. You may be wondering what’s coming to the art show. I’ll have free show posters with the purchase of original art. I’m bringing: Originals! I always discount originals for … Continue reading

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