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I honestly believe you need to have a sense of humor to be in Fetish or BDSM. Once you go to an extreme, you become fair game to humor and parody. Likewise, there is just so much in the kinky world that is just downright funny. To me, most humor involves empathy, and I love it when someone connects with a cartoon I’ve drawn.

Hello? Tech Support

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Sometimes things don’t quite go right in BDSM. Lady Green noted in the New Bottoming Book that those are often the best scenes because there’s learning and growth, but what about your ceiling?

The Difference between Fetish and Fashion

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Fetish in the San Francisco Bay Area was a problem, because poverty was such a common denominator in the scene at the time. A standing joke was you knew you lived in San Francisco when you had a million dollars and couldn’t afford a house. Many of us either improvised or bit the bullet. It wasn’t uncommon to meet someone in leather or latex that was having trouble making ends meet. It showed how dedicated they were, but also the toll it takes as a lifestyle. Likewise, this was also why there was so much mixing and matching of furniture in dungeons. Many, like myself, just kept to cheap and kinky.


The Amazing submalia and Femdomina

I kid you not, I drew this while at a bowling alley coffee shop while waiting for a mechanic to fix my car. I remembered all those acts where the ventriloquist would impress the audience while drinking, or eating. Impressive? No. Ball gagged and bound? Now that’s impressive! 

Golfing Fetish

In the BDSM club scene, one thing that becomes apparent real fast are how big these toy bags and collections are. People bring in duffle bags, suitcases, giant plastic tubes. The first play party I went to, I was a caddy for a Domme. The first few years I made a lot of golf jokes. I mean, golf is so kinky. There’s spiky shoes, swinging of clubs, and such an obsession with the balls!

The chainsaw in the dungeon. Doesn't work anymore, but keeps the clients from asking for sex.

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This cartoon is dedicated to my friends at Fantasy Makers, who constantly get asked for sex even though it is against the rules. For ages, I wanted a chainsaw. Since Tobe Hooper turned his frustration of waiting in line at a hardware store into a horror movie legend, the chainsaw has become a symbol of the extreme. I got one for my 30th birthday and kept it on my desk at AVN as a symbol of strength. The model I had was electric, almost useless when not plugged in. One day I thought, hey, this would make a funny paddle!

Not really using a safeword, just needing a cigarette

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I have a love/hate relationship with smoking. Yes, smoking looks cool. Admit it. We’ve fetishised the hell out of it. Sherry smokes, and we’ve even done stylized photos of her with ashtrays and blowing smoke that drive guys nuts. However, the reality is that smoking is just freaking annoying. It stinks up the place, leaves ashes behind, and costs a small fortune. What’s most annoying to me as a non-smoker is when people smoke. People will smoke while they’re driving, and moving furniture or heavy equipment. Most of all, there’s the need for a smoke right at the worst time. Like in front of a judge in court, when the asthmatic pastor is over for a visit, or most of all, when the Domme has been playing with him for an hour and is really getting her grove on.

BDSM Tic Tac Toe

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Sometimes, words are not enough…

Inflatable Mermaid

For a while there, I was doing a lot of work in flash, and needed to keep my chops up. The bright side is, I could just sketch the drawing, bring it into flash, and do the computer art over the sketch. It’s a different style, but you get used to new ways of improvising and saving time.

Here’s seasonal humor and cartoons from the archives:

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