How To Buy My Fetish Art Easily

Four Easy Ways To Buy My Fetish Art!

#1: This year, I started an Etsy page, allowing you to purchase original art hassle-free through Etsy. You order, I ship, and throw in some freebies to boot. The account is new. If there are things you don’t see there you’d like to buy, simply e-mail me. I’ll set something up on the account.

#2: The Cafe Press Fetish Art Page

Fetish Art Gift Shop

This way to the The Jay E. Moyes Fetish Art Gift Shop

What you see on my Cafe Press page at is a small portion of what you can get. Due to Cafe Press policy and the huge bandwidth the page takes up, I had to take some items down. I’ve got a bunch of graphics in what they call a media basket, just waiting to be made into t-shirts, mousepads, and more. Just send me an e-mail or message, and say “Hey, I want to buy a t-shirt of …” And I’ll put it together and post it on Cafe Press just for you.

Here’s a gallery of what’s available.


Before you think this is just about t-shirts, have a close look. The Femdom art and fetish art gift shop has collars, jewelry boxes, panties, pendants, earrings, stationary, party supplies, and glassware which are great as gifts, and some of these are great multitaskers for things like clothespin and sharps storage, and toy bags. I’ve tried to keep prices down by simply marking up each item only $1.

While Cafe Press has been OK with boobies so far, I’ve neutered the guys to keep in line with Cafe Press’ Terms of Service. As events progress, the page will be updated with new seasonal art and ideas.

#3 Contact me for commissions and custom orders. I am very flexible. I’ll accept checks as long as they clear, and I have a Paypal account for credit cards. I can be reached through e-mail, on Fetlife, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

#4 Meet me at a Los Angeles event. I get around, and my resolution for 2014 is to get around more and make more friends. I regularly attend Cassie’s rope munch, the San Fernando Valley Munch, the Sherman Oaks Munch, and I have no problems meeting at a place like Sanctuary LAX, Threshold or Lair De Sade.

Fetish-artist table at LA Comic Show

This year, I’m test marketing at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Expo. Meeting me at an event like this gives you an opportunity to get framed art, signed art, and freebies like greeting cards, stickers, and promotional materials with a purchase. Events are also some of the best places to haggle, because I’m not hampered by things like shipping.

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