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Who are you?
What’s with the “E” in Jay E. Moyes?
Were you a Michael J. Fox fan?

Not VP of Genetics Firm Material. You're thinking of the other Jay.

Not VP of genetics firm material. You’re thinking of the other Jay.

Salutations, my name is Jay E. Moyes. Yes, I was a Michael J. Fox fan as a kid in the 80’s. It’s true, but the E did not become truly significant until I Googled my name and found there was at least one more high profile person named Jay Moyes. At the time, the other Jay was the Vice President of a major genetics company (I even left Jaymoyes.com alone for several years in case he wanted dibs on the domain). There are now at least five people named Jay Moyes in the United States, and one is a lawyer. So, for their sake, I use my middle initial to help differentiate when someone is doing a background check, or a business deal.

Jay E. Moyes posing with trophies from the AVN Awards

Not all fun and games working in adult. These are the unclaimed trophies I had to distribute while working at AVN. I got volunteered for this sort of miscellaneous affair a lot.

Not that I don’t do business deals myself. I do work for a living, and have been working in the adult industry since 1999, with connections and ties dating back to the early 90’s. While I love art and illustration, my professional work in the industry is publicity and Photoshop related. For six years, I worked in AVN’s production art department. I spent one year working for a rock star’s porn company doing art and helping with production, and since then have been doing publicity on a variety of projects.

My start in fetish began when I met two Dommes while attending Foothill Jr. college. My experiences told me that this was something I wanted to dedicate my art to.  My background up to this point had been pen and ink illustration and I had been looking to go into editorial illustration. It was a good fit. Most fetish publications at the time were low budget, and many were black and white. My contributions required no screens and worked well in newsletters and photocopied zines. As the internet took over, my artwork required less bandwidth and disk space.

Jay E. Moyes does have a large...

Yes, I do have a large thingy… Unfortunately this inflatable goodie was donated to a mainstream comedy, which I believe died in pre-production. Pity too, because Doc Johnson was lined up for some serious product placement. The backdrop is from the art department at AVN. We set it up go get on the spot photos of adult industry celebs and important people who visited the publication.

Sherry and I run a small firm called Black and Blue Media. Our clients have included Michael Ninn, Skye Blue, Ron Harris, Bondage Ball, Miss Rubber World, and Chaturbate. I also drive for paratransit to help pay some bills and it is good karma.

This site isn’t just for me to scribble. We also use it as a test bed for marketing and publicity.  It was previously JayMoyes.com, since then we’ve rebranded it as FetishArtist, with both domains FetishArtist.net and Fetish-artist.com.

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