Goodbye Menage a 3

Friday morning I got a twitter notification from Giselle Lace saying that the adult webcomic Menage a 3 was ending. This was a huge surprise given the roll Giz and Dave Zero had been on with the storylines. Zii and DiDi finally become lovers. Gary has gone past virgin nerd to gaining some great sexual experience. We got awesome new characters such as Peggy and Tracy. Meanwhile Dillon and Sandra got their own spinoff comics.

All that is coming to and end. The publisher, Pixie Trix Comics does not have the ad revenue to continue. This makes me a little nervous given that other comics like Flaky Pastry.

It’s also quite sad, because MA3 was a great pick up in the morning. I love a good laugh before starting my day, and they had some very sexy storylines with a very positive and diverse cast. Gary has a transexual partner who takes him to France. There’s his relationship with Tracy and the series ends with threesome gone overly awkward as Tracy’s boyfriend argues over who gets to blow Gary in an act of overly passive aggressive latent submission.

From Giz, the story did need to come to an end. While popular, it was not sustainable for her and Dave. There’s talk of more crowdfunding and Patreon, but that’s for another time.

I’ll add some more to this later. I’ve got to roll out to pay some bills.

Final note: Sanctuary Marketplace is next Saturday, November 11th at Sanctuary LAX. I’m not vending, but will be there to check it out and have fun with friends. More at

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