Fetish Art News: La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show 2017

Copyright Notice: While every one of these pieces retains copyrights by the individual artists, each artist agrees to waive rights for promotional use through the show and this article is to promote the artists and the work. Likewise, the artists retain the rights on these images regarding reproduction for profit. If you wish to purchase the originals or license the images for t-shirts, coffee mugs, dildos, or whatever, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for details.

Galleries can have hundreds of submissions by great artists. How do you stand ahead at a great local gallery? Same way you do in the BDSM and fetish communities. Volunteer and get involved. Sitting on the floor of the La Luz de Jesus gallery this week, I estimated that we had over 1,000 coasters to mount by Thursday evening. Each coaster had to be gently tacked into position on the wall with 3 push pins. That’s a tremendous pain in the ass, even for paid employees. Which is how I found myself on the floor taking a break as a volunteer to help wit set up for the 2017 Coaster Show.

It’s even more grueling than expected, but earned myself and other volunteers respect from the gallery and fellow showing artists. One reward was to get a personal preview of what was cooking up for this year’s show. Here are some that stood out for me.

contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info.

Wicked by Olivia Delphi, ink, gouache and nail polish on coaster board. The polish is a nice touch for this foot fetish piece. $50, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info.

Contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

Pinned Against the Wall by Baub Alred. Digital print on coaster board. $50, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info.

contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

Enough by Glenn Barr. Pencil on coaster. The legendary lowbrow artist has several pieces on display this year. $125, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

Candy Girl 3 by Karl Johnsen. Acrylic on wood. $50, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

Honorable mention: Bella by Chance Garrick Williams. Williams definitely has a sense of fetish and kink. However, his entries were photos transferred onto art paper. This means I’d have to have his 2257 paperwork on file to show them here. However, you can see them at: http://laluzdejesus.com/the-5th-annual-coaster-show-harold-fox/garrick-williams_bella/

contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

This is the fetish art winner in my book. Silent Homemaker by Izzy Garcia. Watercolor, ball point, and fine line marker. Garcia is more known for his black and white work, which makes this an even better value for collectors. $70, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

I want to give a final, honorable mention to Fetish by Peg Grady. While the content is pretty basic, that she hand stitched this stands out in my mind. This was the first fetish art coaster that grabbed my attention. She also has a set of fishnets and a corset on display this year. This piece is $75, contact info@laluzdejesus.com for purchase info

Of course, there is so much more at the show this year. There’s erotica, a couple of artists are doing gender-bent pieces, and there is a lot of edgy art I just don’t have the room for here. The opening show is Friday, September 1st at 8:00 P.M., at La Luz de Jesus gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The show will be on display all month and end with a closing party on Sunday, October 1st.

You can also call into La Luz for purchase info, their number is 323-666-7667. A full, visually overloading catalog can be viewed at http://laluzdejesus.com/the-5th-annual-coaster-show-harold-fox/#more-21998 and also includes the work of ultra lowbrow artist Harold Fox. So check this out already!

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