Latex Sissy Slave Bondage Art

Latex Sissy Slave in Bondage

Sooooo! Last night I was at NERDGASM at Threshold, a Wednesday night merge between a GeekMunch and a play party. It was awesome! They turned the main room into gaming space and the back rooms opened for play. We had a better turnout than to some of the first Threshold play parties when the clubhouse first opened.

I grabbed a seat at an empty table and do what I do. Inspired by a helmet in HEAVY METAL’s rock issue last week, I had started a mask design. Once seated, I just kept going.

Wish I had brought more than a pencil and eraser. Next time, I’m bringing some colored pencils and other materials. I’ll gladly share. The circle was to see how this would look on a coaster. So far, I’m not sure where this piece will go. It may become something larger, or I may find a way to color and frame this sell the sketch off.

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