There’s A Lot Going On Lately

Femdom Art: Double Strap On Female Domination.

Femdom Art: Double Strap On Female Domination. Now available on Etsy. Click the photo to go to the listing

There’s been a lot going on lately, it’s just most hasn’t been my artwork. For about three months I’ve had a huge change in my schedule for the driving gig and a major priority as we prepare for the Electric Blue project. I’ve had a very hard rule, no new projects. No new paintings, no new sculptures, no engineering projects, nothing involving taking up extra space, until old projects are off the table. Double Domination above is a great example. That got finished up last month. Same goes for Danger, High Voltage. This stuff needs to get wrapped up so I can not only make space for whatever Electric Blue throws my way, but also new projects that would go much smoother and faster if I had additional work space.

I have been shooting video blogs, and finished fixing my old leather vest that has been taking up space.

I have made an exception for pen and ink art, which takes up much less space, and if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve been rewarded with my progress on the DomCon LA Flyer.

So, let me quickly share what’s coming up this month. As you may have noticed in the video blogs, New Profanity on Melrose has their 420 show in the works. El Cuervo gallery in El Segundo has their 3 Chords punk rock art show opening Saturday.

La Luz de Jesus gallery is showing Vow of Silence (In Convents), the fetish photography of Karen Hsiao. Her work centers around eerie nuns in bondage with gags. The pieces are disturbing and calming at the same time, and can easily see one in the waiting room for a Dominatrix with issues from Catholic school. What? I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing. Check out the catalog at The big opening reception (with free booze and snacks) is Friday, April 7th, 8-11 P.M.

Femdom Art: Mistress' Fuck Fest

Oh I wish! If only this was going on at the sketching workshops! 🙂 This piece is for sale. Click image for Etsy listing.

There’s a lot of model drawing workshops lately. By now, you should already know about the Tom of Finland workshop, Gallery Girls, and Model Drawing Collective at Titmouse. None of those feature bondage, unless it it somehow cosplay related or such. DTLA Art Walk Kinbaku is changing that. On April 13th, Devil Mask Society and Overflow are presenting a model drawing workshop featuring rope bondage. There’s no cover, art supplies will be provided and it does appear to be open to the kinky public at large. Check out for more details.

I’m going to Sherman Oaks Munch next week at Sportsman’s Lodge, and will try to make it to Miss Cassie’s rope munch at Lair De Sade on Wednesday night. I’ll try to keep you up to date on more with the video blog at

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