Art Show at Kinkfest in Portland

Art used with permission by Hooligan Lili. Many kind thanks. Click the image to go to

While the mainstream this weekend is drooling over The Dirty Show in Detroit, kinky artists are gearing up for other stuff. Sunday is Sweetheart’s Dance at Antebellum (scroll to the next post for a sneak preview). April 16th is SMUT 3 at Sanctuary LAX. In March is a little something special in Portland called Kinkfest.

Kinkfest is simply a gathering of kinky leatherfolk getting together to play hard, party hard, learn some new stuff, and buy kinky stuff. A fellow artistic perve on Fetlife named Hooligan Lili has upped the game with a BDSM art show of local artists.

Another sample from Hooligan Lili. She has a gallery at, or you can check out her Fetlife profile at HooliganLili

I’ve seen Lili’s work over at Fetlife and dig it, she’s also got an online catalog at Check it out if you’d like a sneak peek as to what’s in store at Kinkfest, and if you can’t make it to Kinkfest, why not make Lili an offer on one of her pieces displayed online?

Kinkfest is March 25-27th at the Portland Expo Center. Check it out. Go to for more details.


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