DomCon Time: It’s D-Day!

Doing a color version of Kinky Foxes for DomCon. Not quite finished, but almost there. I think I’m gonna stick with red highlights as opposed to coloring the whole piece

I know, you’re thinking, but wait! DomCon doesn’t officially open to the public until Friday. This is true, but there are a couple of parties and the red carpet social for the Dommes is tonight. I’ve also got to set up my booth. So I’ll be heading over this afternoon.

One of the freebies I was handing out at the munch.

Meanwhile, I have news, more than I can keep track of. Yes, I did the Sherman Oaks Munch on Tuesday at Sportsman’s Lodge, and if you missed it, you missed out on me handing out free goodies.

Valentine fetish art paddles drying after a spray of clear coat

These have been on display at Antebellum fetish art gallery since February. Many kind thanks to Rick Castro for letting me show them at the space, and for a lovely tea yesterday. These will be available and on display at DomCon this weekend.

Wednesday night I was at Rick Castro’s Antebellum fetish art gallery for his Tea salon. I got to meet Renfield as he was heading out. Complete shock as I did not picture him to look like that at all. I’ll let you savor the mystery of his appearance. Rick’s friends Andrew and Damiana (I hope I have her name right) were there and Rick had me sit right in the big rocking chair at the end of the table. It was a good fit. We talked shop, we talked about DomCon, and towards the end, he suggested I bring the paddles we’ve had on display to the convention.

This will also be on display at DomCon as a greeting card. Look for a men in bondage card listing coming soon to Etsy.

Because these two paddles are paper on wood, it turns out my work was starting to come undone on the upper edges. Not so bad for art, really bad for something that may get used on someone’s ass, even if it’s not the paper side. So I spent last night putting on two coats of Modge Podge and making sure those spots stay down for good. They got sprayed with acrylic clear coat this morning and are curing before DomCon.

Catwoman in Bondage Paddle

Speaking of paddles. I just gave this one another clear coat and she’ll be at DomCon too!

I have to admit, there may not be a lot of new art at the show. But I’m planning to dedicate most of the table space to greeting cards and stickers. There will be a lot of new cards on display, the paddles. Original 11×14’s will be $20 and I’ll also have the quick sketch drawings up for only $10.

On display as greeting cards at DomCon this weekend

So please come. It’s gonna be great. There’s a lot of parties, classes, demos, and a lot of opportunities to meet and play with kinky people.

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