The Fetish Artist Tour on Instagram

The Fetish Artist workshop

The “workshop” where I convert the pen and ink art into color via an antiquated mac with old software. But, it works!

Social networking and I have an uneasy relationship. As a publicist, I once had a huge list of “social networks” that I kept clients on. Half of them were slow and difficult to use, many simply were not worth keeping up with. Some don’t even allow marketing (which is why I held off on Fetlife for so long, because the TOS would not let me sell my artwork).

So, I’ll hold off on joining a network unless there’s a compelling reason. I’m only on Facebook for personal stuff and union business now because I can’t separate the fetish business stuff. Same goes for Google plus, which banned one of my posts for simply saying the word fetish. Last week, a buddy of mine was asking why I wasn’t on Instagram. I admitted, I was holding off, and that Twitter pretty much handled everything I needed for that.

He talked me into it, and he still hasn’t followed me back *growl*. But I’m trying to make the most of it. The biggest difference I’ve seen between Instagram and Twitter is you can upload pics on Twitter from your cell, but you have to upload your pics from your cell to Instagram. So, I either photograph and upload everything I draw from my cell, or I find another reason to take Instagram pictures. I also have to censor my Instagram pics for TOS reasons. I mean seriously, I don’t know how half you folks haven’t been kicked off of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram just for gratuitous anal sex pics and twat shots.

A tour of the household seems to be in order. I’ve started taking phone photos of parts of the house where I have fetish art hanging, and post a pic to Instagram every couple of days. It’s a good start, and as I keep working on art in progress, I can take cropped pics to upload.

If you’re on Instagram, I can be found at Come check it out. If not, I’m also sending the posts over to Twitter at

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