Megan Gedris at Filthy Figments

Lady Eudora by Megan Gedris

I’ve got two commissions this week. the one for Tony Batman and a new commission by a Master of his submissive. I’ll post the progress when I can, but let’s just say I’m pretty busy this week.

Meanwhile, there’s some great stuff over at Filthy Figments. Megan Gedris is probably the only artist I’ll be mentioning here who won an Emmy. She’s the creator of Lady Eudora, a saucy comic about sexual exploration during Victorian times. The protagonist, Lady Maxwell is a frequent guest at Lady Eudora’s household, and becomes curious of her host’s sexual exploits and adventures in BDSM.

T’was a vulgar impulse to befriend The Lady Eudora Henley. Her wealth was spent feeding her queer appetites, which were perverse and insatiable, says the synopsis. The storytelling reminds me a bit of Guido Crepax. Previews show a variety of well stylized lesbian scenes, with the addition of corsets and hosiery. I really like how the narration is simply added in like an illustrated novel, allowing the reader to focus in on the story or art, without being distracted by the other.

To check out Lady Eudora, go to the preview at Filthy Figments, or click on the banner below. To check out more of Megan’s work, stop by

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