Latex Bondage Doll in Progress


It’s hard to feel productive stuck on computer these days, even my smart phone. But the fun part of having some time on the Mac this morning was I got to add color to this piece. With the Mac, I don’t need my reading glasses, which is a big plus. I just zoom into the art. The screen is far enough away to make the most of my far sighted vision.

Some day I won’t be driving on the side and I can let my eyes get back to normal.

Not sure what this will end up. Maybe a sticker. Maybe in the coaster show. Maybe a gallery piece. Time will tell.

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Demon Dominatrix and the Chopper


Playing around with the sketchpad today at Dog Haus in Canoga Park.

I was inspired a bit by a tattoo recently designed by Sara Ray and I’m also reading “The Humans” a comic by Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller. It’s like “Planet if the Apes” meets a Peter Fonda chopper movie. Good stuff.


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Femdom Art In Progress: I’m Running Out Of Ink!

Femdom art in progress

Wow! I’m running out of ink. Pardon me for getting art geeky here, but I’m using a variety of methods and new stuff here. The red is a combination of Micron pen, with a layer of red Identi Pen from Sakura Products. It’s a more durable form of marker used by collectors and celebrities for a long lasting, fade resistant signature on collectibles and merchandise. Damn pity I only bought one.

I was going to do a layer of Speedball super black, but I’m trying to keep from warping the paper. My Speedball super red kept clogging the pen nib, and it’s been a little tricky to deal with. The Sakura reds are giving me a better result.

The black is a combination of Micron black, Faber india ink marker, and Pentel brush pen. I think the marker and brush pens are out of ink.

The blue was very tricky. I want something with a light hue, but the transparency is causing problems in overlap. What I have is a result of Micron, combined with Rowney acrylic ink.

There’s still quite a bit left to go, and it’s like a kinky art chess game. I wish I had a blue metalic gel pen like in the collar. If I find one, that may replace the dildo. I still need to plan the laces on the hood, the seam on the hood on the left, and a plan for the padlock and ball gag.

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