Sketch Idea

Sketch, cocksucking strapon with head harness

Blue is Tasty!

So, Uncensored, the erotic group art show at The Bunker is coming up in February, and it’s backed by Reseda Renaissance, an urban renewal group in the valley dedicated to arts and culture.

I was really surprised such an organization would back an art show like this when Geg pitched it to me. Now, we may not be on the same page.

Reseda Renaissance is branding this as a “tasteful” erotic art show. Hopefully this is to keep from frightening the horses so to speak. I’m not opposed to taste and sophistication in erotic art.

They're tasting each other. That counts, right?

They’re tasting each other. That counts, right?

On the other hand, tasteful isn’t how you describe my recent work. I’m seriously hoping they consider my work as it is. You can be dynamic and still have some class.

We’ll see. I’ve sent in samples. I’m working on new pieces. And you have to admit, strap ons, leather and genitals do have a taste 🙂

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Perverted Podcast Bondage Sticker Idea

Two girls kissing grapic for Count Boogie's Perverted Podcast. Bondage, BDSM, kink

New sticker idea for Count Boogie and the folks at Perverted Podcast.

Wow! Time is already whipping by. It’s raining outside. There’s a lot to do today, but I’ve been meaning to clear this off my to do list for a litle while.

How far behind am I? I’m still editing my Xmas day video blog. That’s next on the list.

This is an present for my friend Count Boogie. The idea is to do a small run of stickers for his Perverted Podcast. These make for great giveaways, Patreon rewards, and might even make a good T-shirt run.

I’ve got a second design colored in. It just needs the logotype added.

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Even more Kinky Christmas Ornaments!

Kinky Christmas Ornaments

I’ve also been experimenting with stickers and using beer coasters for unframed ornaments. Getting some fun results.

Femdom ass worship Christmas ornament

Obviously this is going to Sanctuary LAX .

Kinky Femdom Snow Woman Christmas Ornament

This one is going to Perverted Podcast.

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