Quick Update: Thank you La Luz De Jesus!

This just in! La Luz De Jesus has accepted all my submissions for the 2016 Coaster Show! I’ll be bringing them in to the gallery in the next few days.

I’m pleasantly stunned. Many kind thanks to Matt Kennedy for this opportunity.

The coasters are $50 each. Contact Matt at info@laluzdejesus to purchase.

Wooo hooo! *Happy Dance!*

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Femdom and Fetish Art: Submissions for Coaster Show

Femdom Fetish Art, The Good Slave, side A

Side A of The Good Slave

So I have officially sent in my submissions for the La Luz De Jesus Coaster Show. I’ve got no clue if they’ll be accepted. Upon reflection, pricing is a factor (welcome to the art business). So I’ve dropped the asking price down to $50.

People have been asking how to purchase. If you want to buy one of the pieces, you could contact the gallery at info@laluzdejesus.com and inquire.

Femdom Fetish Strap-on Art Side B of The Good Slave

Side B of The Good Slave. I like this side better, but doubted it would get accepted. You get two pieces of art for $50 on one coaster. Can’t beat it! Seriously, I put a lot of work into these.

I can’t honestly think it would hurt to contact the gallery to ask to purchase. I just can’t see the gallery turning down the money. The art itself might not be accepted for the show, but hey, that’s art.

Femdom Fetish Art: Heel! Reflections of Femdom

Femdom Fetish Art: Heel! Reflections of Femdom. I transferred a sketch of the shoe onto the coaster. That sketch is the only ephemera from this project.

If accepted. The piece will go on display and up for sale for $50. If the piece doesn’t sell right away, the gallery will eventually discount it by 10%. If the piece doesn’t sell, the gallery still retains the right to sell on the piece for six months after. Meaning, I can’t be approached to sell for a lower price after the exhibition, which is the right thing to do when you think about it.

These are originals, in acrylic. There are no prints. There was only one sketch, which was for the piece above, and it was only of the shoe.

Purple Pain

Bondage Art: Purple Pain. The purple is metallic acrylic ink. Note the woman in the corset holding a whip reflected in the ball gag

If none of the pieces are accepted for the show, I can only assume the policy is I can’t sell them for at least six months. Seriously. The materials are actually provided by the gallery. This exhibition was by invitation only. So to sell these off right away, even if rejected, would be rude. And I like Matt Kennedy.

Here’s one more thing to think about. Nothing says I can’t paint over them if rejected. I can just whip some gesso over them and start something for next year.

So if you like’em. Well, info@laluzdejesus.com hint hint, nudge nudge ;-)

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What am I doing in San Diego?

We are on a pilgrimage to Comic Con, to work the show. Friday, Sherry and I got to meet the great folks at Chaturbate.com, a cam site Then we went down to San Diego after that to work the con for Chaturbate. We’ve arrainged a sponsorship for Comics on Comics, which is about comedians talking about comics, in part run by our friend Vito from the Xbiz days.

Working on a sketch while waiting for the train back to the hotel. What is with that funky LED spur? I’ve seen two of them today so far.

So, that’s why were here, but obviously, there’s much much more. While I’m not actually making it into the show or vending, I ain’t passing up this opportunity to people watch and dig on the great cosplay. I wish I could show you more, but we were a tad busy. Good news is I’ll be retweeting the Comics On Comics interviews at @FetishArtist on Twitter

These guys are interviewing live on Facebook video, every hot cosplayer, female or male, any time they get an open wifi connection. So if you’re on FB, look up Comics on Comics and see what they’ve got.

A little shoe porn Sunday material in honor of @ColinChristian on Instagram

Meanwhile on Sunday, I have a commission to deliver to the folks at Unique BDSM Collection and we have a business meeting. What happenes around these things, who knows?

Commission for Unique BDSM Collection. Click image to check out their site.

I know I have friends down here. Porcelain Midnight passed us, but I didn’t have a chance to say high. The Lady Night Shayde is down here somewhere doing classic Star Trek cosplay, and I thought we’d have a shot to interview her, but missed. Tanya Tate and Monstar are around here somewhere, but chances are they haven’t even ventured away from the convention floor except to have dinner or go to the hotel. That’s just off the top of my head. I’m surprised I haven’t been stopped by friends inside or outside of the industry.

And most of all, I want to keep drawing. What is really, really frustrating is there’s all sorts of facinating stuff to draw down here, and people forget that what I do is draw smut. We’ll see how this pans out before I get home.

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