Fan Art In Progress: Catwoman Bondage

This is from the ongoing wood project. One of the prototypes sold, but only if I put artwork on both sides of the piece. You’ve seen this one from behind.

NSFW: Kinky Catwoman Sketch

You remember the front now, right? Or is it the back, technically? It is certainly her backside. Short form is I already had her butt on one side, he wanted her front on the other. The paddle also had a knot that he wanted incorporated into the artwork.

While all this looks crude, these are the pieces on tracing paper before they get transferred to the wood.

Oh, I’ve also got some good news.

Miss October from Dominatrix Calendar 1995

Miss October from Dominatrix Calendar 1995

Rick Castro from the Antebellum fetish art gallery in Hollywood specifically asked for this piece above for his Halloween show in October. He likes my batwinged Dominatrixes.

Celtic Strapon. Gender bent Femdom artwork from the Dominatrix Calendar Gallery

Mistress April from Dominatrix Calendar 2000.

I gave him two additional options. Mistress April above, which includes some gender bending along with the Gothic and supernatural tones.

Femdom Color drawing for 665 leathers back in the mid 1990's

Mistress July from Dominatrix Calendar 1998.

And Mistress July, A.K.A., 665. This piece was created for 665, leather from hell, when their address was 665. The “right next door to hell” irony was so funny, they had to incorporate it into their name. The greater irony is a church was across the street, but used the address of the cross street.

But I digress, the good news is Rick wants me to bring all three! Now maybe they’ll all go on display, maybe none will appear, but this is a fantastic start! The show is October 18th at Antebellum. I’ll have more details as they come, and more announcements soon!

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Mistress’ Femdom Party

Mistress Femdom Party with facesitting, strap-on, sissies and spanking

Yes, I do have fantasies about this sort of thing. Don’t you? :-) Available now on Etsy at

I’ve been crazy, but I’m all right now… sort of. Sorry it’s been so long.

Truth be told, I’ve been a little burned out. Most of my adventures lately have been mundane. BBQ for Labor Day, running antenna and networking cable under the house, landscaping. What really put me in the vanilla zone was the union contract vote.

But, little by little I’d sit and ink in Mistress’ Femdom Party. Sometimes, inking is more relaxing than penciling. When you’re sketching, you have to think about where the drawing is going. When I ink, I can focus on simple details, like the cock on the guy in the facesitting chair, or clothespins on the latex sissy’s arms.

I’d been stressing getting something ready this week, but I was thinking about that while working on this piece, and realized it was about done. What a great coincidence.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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Monster Dildo from Extreme Restraints

Rubber Bondage Pop Shot

It’s even bigger than that! Click here for the monster dildo and to see Dana De Armond posing with it.

So I’m about to go offline and do some drawing, when I see a tweet from Dana DeArmond about her modeling shoot with Extreme Restraints for the three foot tall Moby Dong.

I’ve seen some huge sex toys crafted of silicone, glass, ceramic, wood, and of course rubber, but gawdamn, if you can cram this in you somewhere, you’ve got issues. It is indeed three feet long, but comes with a somewhat proportional girth as big as Dana’s head. This gives a whole new meaning to rubber fetish.

Honestly, I think it would be a fine piece of art, but could we get a life size silicone sculpture of Dana DeArmond to go with it. To see what I’m talking about, check out

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Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

Just finished the inks on this piece today. Click here to buy. Only $15!

Whew! I can breathe, unlike our latex clad bondage babe here. The comic book show was awkward, but fun. I brought prototypes from the wood project, and got a deposit on one. 50 Shades of Green did not sell, but it got some nice compliments.

50 Shades Girl

One lucky guy got a sketch of this piece in color with bat wings and flames.

Shows like this are great, because I can show off new pieces, prototypes, and ideas, then get input. Comic and art fans also like to bring sketchbooks and commission artists to draw quick pieces in their books. I got a commission to draw in someone’s sketchbooks. He’s been meaning to have me do a piece in his book, and he saw art from the wood project. He asked me to do a version of the drawing above for his book. I think this is the first time I’ve been asked to do this, at least since the early 90′s, and it was an honor.

BDSM Art: Poster for Carnivale De Sade

Kind thanks to underground comic artist Terry for giving this piece a good home last week.

More later, got some things to get out of the way, and more art to whip out.


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Fire Bad, Aiden Starr and Nuns in Latex Are Pretty…

Editor’s note: Had a good time at the comic show. The colored pencil version of 50 Shades of Green got some compliments, but did not sell. I’ll gladly part with it for $20, drop me a line if interested. I’ve been in union negotiations for the night gig all day today. The irony isn’t lost on me, and I’m dead tired.

This press release came in from Sherry and she asked me to post it. It’s got one of my favorite Femdom directors, Aiden Starr and is from our friends at Severe Society Films. It’s also got a latex nun. So fuck yeah, I’m gonna post it :-)

Best wishes, – Jay

Dana DeArmond Latex Nun

Thank heaven’s something is 2257 compliant!!! This ain’t Aiden, but it is Dana DeArmond and goddamn she’s got a great ass. I remember her fisting her own butt once to get warmed up on the site. This has some serious potential!

Los Angeles, CA – Severe Society Films [] is proud to announce the release of ‘Treacherous’, by far their most ambitious project to date.  Co-directed by SSF co-owner Dee Severe and infamous director/performer Aiden Starr, “Treacherous” took a year to shoot, and sports a four-hour running time with many DVD extras.

‘Treacherous’ follows the behind-the-scenes plotting, power plays and overall treachery of the owner and managers of a twisted underground sex club.  The film features over 50 performers and extras including Starr and Severe, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Nikki Darling, Mickey Mod, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Charli Piper, Jay Taylor, Jessie Parker, Maia Davis and Ruckus.

A power struggle between club managers Aiden and Tim spurs the quest for bigger, more extreme live sex shows.  Aiden scores big with a “ladies’ lunch” strap-on gangbang, starring 7 vicious Dommes having their way with extreme anal performer, Slut Bottom Chris.  Later, Tim plots revenge with his house slave while Aiden bonds with the club’s owner (Severe), as the two amuse themselves by tormenting the resident slave boys.  The women make their most extreme move to solidify power amid a spectacular BDSM sex show that’s a 3-ring circus of deviant action.

“It’s the Gone with the Wind of fetish movies!” laughed Severe. “We wanted to really challenge ourselves and bring all our mainstream indie filmmaking experience to porn–and I’m so glad we did.  This is the best movie we’ve ever done.  It was also an incredible experience to co-direct with Aiden Starr, she was a perfect partner in crime!”

“It was a delight and an honor to work with Aiden on this project,” added co-star Woodman. “This was a twisted, evil, sexy, horrible, wonderful romp and I loved every second of it.”

“Treacherous is the most ambitious project that I’ve ever co-directed.  It’s enormous, lush, deviant, violent and dangerous,” said Aiden Starr. “Working with Severe Society was like a perfect storm.  The combination of talent, resources and fetish experience snowballed into a mountain of a movie.  I was really pleased to incorporate so many of my fetish and porn performer comrades into one giant fuck fest!”

“While some of the larger mainstream adult films companies have taken on productions of this scope, I think this is a first for a fetish film,” noted SSF co-owner Jimmy Broadway, who served as executive producer, cinematographer and lighting designer for the project. “Treacherous has something for everyone–female Dommes, male Doms, female subs, male subs– in every possible pairing. There is nothing like it out there today.”

For retail distribution, contact George Casas at Bon Vue, phone 800-827-3787 or 562-997-2900. To view the ‘Treacherous’ trailer, and more videos, go to


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Comic Fetish: 50 Shades of Green

Fetish Fan Art: Black Canary & Green Arrow, 50 Shades of Green

I’m saving this on the computer to add color for prints, and finishing the original in colored pencil for the show.

I couldn’t help it, 50 Shades of Green just came to me while drawing this For those who don’t get it, the drawing is of Green Arrow and Black Canary, one of the sauciest romances in comic book history.

I’m racing to get artwork done for the Los Angeles comic show, tomorrow, August 17th,  at the Shrine Auditorium. Caity Lotz from Arrow will be signing. I’m coloring this piece tonight and trying to get a couple more pieces finished in time for the show.

Stickers and cards are complete, and all of my 11×14 originals will be only $20 at the show.

See you soon!

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Got Somethin’ to Say…

Got some great comments on this last night at the Sherman Oaks munch. In hindsight, I should have mentioned these were only $10. is somewhere between a hobby and an experiment, hoping to someday actually be a full time business. I work a night job, like many of us behind the scenes in the adult industry.

Did I mention I have greeting cards and stickers available on Etsy?

Sherry and I maintain Black and Blue Media, a publicity firm in Porn Valley that specializes in publicity for adult businesses. Growth has substantially dropped, somewhat like the home computer industry in 1991, or the automotive industry during the great depression. The phone calls and e-mails are very frustrating. We get calls from swingers and escorts wanting to shoot porn in midwest cities where it is highly illegal to shoot porn. While novelty has been the new growth field, we get e-mails from some of the strangest novelty entrepreneurs who know almost nothing about sex toys or adult thinking they’ll make millions off what amounts to a piece of garbage.

Latex Kiss In Progress

And stickers! Yes! I have stickers too!

But the most frustrating part is the issue of payment. Someone is currently hounding Sherry regarding “collaboration” with their bondage gear company. They have made absolutely no mention of payment. In fact, they seem to feel that because they are artists, we should be doing publicity for them for free.

I mention this here not just to rant, but because I’m guessing they found Sherry through me. Let’s get this straight. If I’m doing a collaboration, it better be fun or have something very rewarding involved. Cash helps, the more, the better. More so, Sherry absolutely, positively does not do publicity work for free! We do not send out press releases, arrange interviews, and send out press kits on commission, credit, or work “deferred.”

We’ve got to make a living just like everyone else. I thank all the fetish enthusiasts who keep coming back to this site to check out the artwork. It warms my heart to have you follow me on Twitter and especially when you friend me on Fetlife. Thank you kindly for dealing with my rant today and I hope that bondage gear place down under gets it.

Dommes, submissives, sessions and parties at Sanctuary LAX

Our friends at Sanctuary LAX, whom we have a great trade agreement with

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Femdom Art in Progress: Facesitting Latex Dominatrix

Sketch of Facesitting Latex Femdom

I’ll be happy to place this in the quick sketch series if someone wants to make an offer, but I’m not quite satisfied. This summer has really kicked my ass and it has been hard to keep up. Let me give you the good news.

Fetish Art: Catgal Vs. Batguy

I’ve done this up as a greeting card, not available on the internet, only available in person at the show or at a munch.

All systems are go for the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Expo at the Shrine on August 17th. The show itself is going to be big. Edward James Olmos is going to be signing and John K. from the Ren and Stimpy show will be there as well. Caity Lotz, who plays Black Canary on Arrow was the big name signing before Olmos got added. Barbara Leigh, Vampirella cover model is coming. Artists Scott Koblish of Deadpool and Chuck Patton of Spawn have tables as well.

NSFW: Kinky Catwoman Sketch

This piece is for the wood project. I have one prototype ready for display at the expo, and am racing to have a second ready for the show.

Learning from Domcon, all my original 11×14 pieces will be on sale for $20. I spent Saturday getting new stickers and cards made. For details on the expo, check out

Until then, the Sherman Oaks Munch is coming up this Tuesday, August 12. I am planning to be there after 8pm, and will be bringing samples of the cards and stickers if you’d like a sneak peek.

I may not have much time to upload my original artwork this week. However, there is breaking news coming up regarding Michael Manning and Generator. More on that later this week!

Extreme Restraints Bondage and BDSM Gear

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Boobs Against Guns…What!??

Girls with Guns: Femdom Force

Hang on, there’s got to be some topless girls and guns here in the archives somewhere…

So I’m sitting here after doing some exercises, drinking a little coffee to snap out of my funk, and goofing off doing research on the internet. When I cross a story that just made me go what the fuck!?

I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, where there has been a protest for everything, and everything has been protested. At least once a year, a parade of weird looking folks would march down from Berkeley to my hometown of Livermore to make a broad statement that everything about nukes are bad, m’kay?

Rant about protests, common sense and the loss of logical debate cut before it can even be typed. You’d ignore it anyway, and so would I. Here’s a piece from the archives instead.

So, I’ve basically learned over the years that there is a difference between emotions and logic. Nothing sums this up more than gun debates, and the short form is I am pro-gun. My childhood was spent reading science magazines and loving engineering. I know a piece of steel needs a human to make it dangerous. However, there is now the open carry movement, which boy howdy sounds very dirty and perverted to a sick fuck like me.

Fetish Art - Space Pirate Captain Luna of the Jolly Jester

Ah ha! I knew I had a topless drawing, and this is of Luna. This portrait is one of my favorites.

The point of this whole protest is to stand around with guns out in the open, saying I have the right to stand around with a loaded gun, as if this would accomplish much. These have become much more frequent, and appear at least silly and at most menacing. The real point about open carry and personal ownership is for people to feel more comfortable around guns. As comfortable as you can be around a spring loaded contraption connected to explosives.

The quote is a misquote of “On your feet, or on your knees.” Ironically from a Christian publication warning of rock bands. They misread the title from a Blue Oyster Cult album as “On Your Feet, On Your Knees” and judged it was in reference to sex, doggie style. Such dirty minds…

So now, we have the counter-protesters in Texas, where women have decided to bear their breasts in front of the men bearing their arms. That’s right, tits out, shouting boobs for peace! to bully the men into putting their guns away.

Underground Mistress

You’ve stopped reading at this point and are just looking at the pictures, aren’t you? Ok, I can live with that :-)

Who do they think they’re kidding!? If I see a protester with a nice rack and a sign, the only message I’m getting is beeeeewwwwwwbs!!!!! People on both sides are so emotional about the issue, no one wants to calm down and get logical.

Speaking of which, I could waste more time staring at tits do more research and do more ranting in depth blogging, but come on, it’s bare tits vs. rednecks brandishing guns! It’s time for logic to go out the window and my imagination to run fucking hog wild!

Wow, you’ve got a fantastic set of hooters! Would you like to come down to the range with me, shoot off a few rounds of .223 and talk about the advantages of home defense?

Maybe I should draw more women with guns. BTW, this piece is on Etsy at

First time I saw this story, I thought the topless protesters were carrying the guns! It’s like handing out free beer to protest drunk driving! Dudes are going to join open carry protests just to stare at titties all day! I mean, do you have to bring a gun to join in? Can you bring your airsoft AK-47 or a nerf gun?

Failure to Fire Fan Art

I almost forgot my fan-art of Alex from J. Grant and Mel Hynes Failure to Fire. Great web comic! Check out

Ok, I’m done. My mind is blown, and it’s Friday. Shoot the lawyers, more skin on HBO! I’m signing off and going back to the drawing board before I have to head off to the night gig.

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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From the archives…

Damnit, if Richard can rehash stuff from his archives, so can I ;-)

The Bitch and The Wardrobe, December in the 1997 Dominatrix Calendar

Happy Ass Wednesday

I am absolutely stuck in a rut. There! I admit it! Thankfully I have this piece to warm my heart a little, and a few other body parts.

In honor of my buddy Dave, who came over Saturday and helped out with the car, without asking. Without him, I’d be bicycling to work today. Thank you David!

Lately, I find myself being drawn to sulking instead of drawn to drawing. Part of me has realized it’s my diet. I stopped drinking soda, and went back to eating more salads in the evening. That with coming home tired from the night gig has left me in a funk when I get home. Even bicycling back from work has changed from a ride of pride to a ride of shame. I asked myself, what would make me truly happy. The answers came back of fast food, ice cream, and soda. Everything I shouldn’t have lately. Then it hit me, I was also exhausted and needed sleep. That made me feel much better, and while I wasn’t completely motivated this morning, I have been able to sketch a bit and start back on track.

Fetish Art: Catgal Vs. Batguy

Sold! My friend Shiny gave it a good home at Domcon.

Which is good, because the Los Angeles Comic and Sci Fi show is coming to the Shrine on August 17th. It dawned on me last week that I have no comic or fan kink art available. Everything sold at Domcon. I’ve got to do inventory of the stickers and cards, and crank out some new pieces. I’m thinking some Gamora drawings. Any suggestions? Follow me on Twitter or friend me on Fetlife and drop me a line.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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