Femdom art: You’re so Fucked

Work in progress, latex slave about to get face fucked by Femdom with strap on

Not much time to talk now, but I am getting the hang of posting by phone. I’ll be showing at Tom’s Bar at the Faultline on Sunday. Here’s a little work in progress until I have more art to show.

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Welcome to the Studio

This is my studio. When I’m not drawing at SM parties or on the driving gig, I’m working on painting and experimenting in the garage. While many prefer the loft or studio, this garage gives quite a bit of freedom, a great view, and air conditioning by God himself.

Our cat plays in the back. There’s a few bicycles I work on in here, and a chin up bar on the olive tree for when I take a break to exercise.

The power saws are functional. I use them to make paddles and I’ll make some home made frames in the near future.

It lacks the clean room nature of some studios, which has taught me a lesson in the futility in being anal about one’s work. I’ll work on the garden a touch, wash off my hands, then go back to work on a painting. If something gets a little dirty, I just clean it off, sand it, or keep painting over it. There’s a job to be done and no sense getting prissy about it.

Nuff said. If you’ll excuse me, there’s more smut to be  made today.

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Now Tumbling

Got a chance to play with the chrome on the boot today. Still not liking it, I may just go over the whole chrome in white and silver again and start over.

While I was at DomCon, I met this hot tall Goddess of a woman, who turns out to be the artist behind the webcomic Nastacula. She checking out DomCon with the guy who does the voice of Lemmy the tentacle monster from the Zone animations.

Click the artwork to go to her site, Nastacula.com. She’s also Nastacula on Tumblr, where you can find bunches of furry art featuring bondage and gender bending.

We hit it off right away and began comparing notes. She’s doing the fan shows, we talked about SMUT, and the conversation turned to social networks. We’re both on Fetlife, I’m on Instagram, she’s on Tumblr.

Another piece in progress from my day in the life on Tumblr.

I’ve never done Tumblr. Of course I’ve checked it out, mostly for porn. Signing just didn’t seem like much of a thing when I’ve got Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife, and my personal account on Facebook. So, she talked me into Tumblr. She’s six foot tall and draws futa porn. It was an easy sell.

Latex Sissy Shemale Tentacle Porn Sketch in Progress

My own little salute to the futa tentacle genre

So, I’m tumbling. Like Instagram, I’m starting the account as a slice of my life. In this case the weekend. It’s taking some getting used to. I’m using a Fire tablet with the account and it doesn’t seem to have all the features. You can find me there at FetishArtistNet

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies


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