Femdom Art: Sketch from Gallery Girls at Gallery 30 South


Something wonderful is happening. I hope I’ve said this before here. Model drawing workshops are popping up all over Los Angeles. What’s happening is model drawing has become the intellectual bar game and mid-week attraction at breweries and bars. Everyone is welcome, many events provide drawing materials, and of course, there’s booze!

The galleries are getting in on some of the action too. Cool hunter Matt Kennedy has caught on and hosts Gallery Girls drawing workshops at his wife’s shop, Gallery 30 South in Pasadena. Each workshop coincides with the current show. This month hosts Shaun Berke’s Mythos and Logos exhibition. Think Game of Thrones, nordic images with magick in a dark Rembrandt type setting.

The models were draped in shawls, fur, and tunics, with leather accents. The setting was accompanied with skuls, antlers, and loads of candles. There was some boobage, but the poses were serene and leisurely. What really helped was this was the first workshop I attended with the same pose through the entire event. While it sounds boring, when you’ve fixated on something and need to keep going, having a long pose helps a lot. Other workshops have very fast poses of 3 minutes, which can really mess with you.

So Jennifer is up above. I skipped the pentacle in the necklace, (sorry, but pentacles are cliche to me lately, same with skulls). I also added in the modified SM logo from Service of Mankind Church. I’m going for a Fury Road look mixed in with a little sorcery.

Gallery 30 South is hosting these once a month. For more info, check out GalleryGirls.com and Gallery30South.com

As a final note. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I think part of the problem is working up to the writing of the articles. When there’s so much going on, it feels like extra work doing a blog post to go with the art. So what I’m thinking of doing is just keeping it shorter from now on and just posting new art and maybe doing a caption.

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Penis! Coaster Show Art in Progress

Penis-phobes, you were warned… hahahaha!

In Progress for La Luz De Jesus Coaster show. Sketch started at Tom of Finland drawing workshop

In Progress for La Luz De Jesus Coaster show. Sketch started at Tom of Finland drawing workshop

About three weeks ago I pulled a double header, so to speak. I did the Tom of Finland drawing workshop in the early afternoon, then went over to the Gallery Girls drawing event at The Other Door Bar on the edge of Burbank and North Hollywood. At over 100 degrees that day, it was literally hotter than fuck. My friends and I have joked about ball sweat, but the first time I’ve ever seen dripping ball sweat was at the TOF drawing workshop that weekend.

We’re coming up on submission deadline for the La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show, one of the biggest art shows in Los Angeles and one of the most eclectic. So I started looking through the sketchbook for ideas, and one of the best came from a sketch I did that weekend in question.

Last year, La Luz accidentally posted both sides of a double sided coaster as individual entries. We worked it out. But to avoid confusion, I announced earlier today on Instagram (@FetishArtist on IG) that I would not be submitting b-sides. This piece above is supposed to the back side of the coaster, but I’m having second thoughts. It’s certainly bold, and I’m liking how it’s turning out.

The lesson I learned from last year’s coaster show is don’t hold back. The most hardcore coaster sold, and it was only viewed online.

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4th Of July Surprise for New Profanity

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