Sgt. Castro’s Broken Heart’s Club Art Show

Kinky Foxes

I’m thinking of submitting this piece for the Valentine’s show. This furry piece was from the calendar series. The original is in colored pencil and framed.

I’m perplexed, and while that’s hardly new, the timing makes it difficult. Rick Castro’s Broken Heart group Valentine art show is coming up on February 14th at Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood.

Coming up with a new finished piece for the show has been difficult at best, and I don’t know if I’m going to make the deadline. I also don’t know if what I have will make the cut.

Dominatrix Valentine

I just realized these were not listed on Etsy. I just reactivated them. Worship this Mistress’ ass to purchase!

However, I can submit the V-day cards. While Rick isn’t big on prints, he does have a section dedicated to small stuff. That might work.

Ready or not, set the date! Saturday, February 14th is opening night at Antebellum, go to for details.

Extreme Restraint's Hearts and Handcuffs Valentine's Day Sale

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Bondage Art: 50 Shades of Green Arrow and Black Canary

Superhero Bondage: 50 Shades of Green Arrow and Black Canary

Honestly, I’d rather see their romance than 50 Shades of Grey. Click the pic to buy on Etsy.

Sorry for taking so long to update. A lot has been happening, and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of updates on Etsy. 50 Shades of Green Arrow and Black Canary has been complete for some time, but getting a good scan or photo has been difficult until this morning.  This romantic fan art piece is now available on Etsy for $30.

I am pondering a spanking version of this to put on a paddle, but that will have to wait a little bit. And speaking of paddles, the prototype paddles are now on Etsy!!!

Catwoman in Bondage Paddle

Click Catwoman’s butt to purchase on Etsy

Muscle Leather Man in bondage on paddle

Click on the pic to buy on Etsy

Pink sissy submissive in bondage paddle

A bargain at $10! To buy, spank the sissy’s butt with your pointer.

Extreme Restraint's Hearts and Handcuffs Valentine's Day Sale

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Is Sister Sin Femdom Metal?

What the hell is a music review doing on a Fetish art site!? Well, read below.

Don’t let my trademark cowboy hat fool you. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a metal head at heart. Whether doing the driving gig, or staying up late drawing Dommes and subs, I thrive on high energy music that raises the hair on the back of your neck and guns the heart like a hemi.

So, it’s a little ironic as I’m winding down before bed, and I’m exploring the music video clips on, that I find the thumbnail for a video featuring what looks like a hot, uniform-clad Dominatrix.

You know me! Of course I’m going to click it!

Then the video proceeded to kick my ass, and I couldn’t get the song out of my head.

The song is called Chaos Royale, it’s by a band called Sister Sin and fronted by Liv Jagrell. The guitar work is classic metal, with a damn good hook that gets your attention, but it is Jagrell’s voice that drags you into the dungeon and won’t let go.  The anthem style guitar work, machine gun drums, and vocals with the power of a shotgun, but the bite of a whip power a metal sound I haven’t heard since the 80′s. It is damn fucking good.

It’s the first time I’ve wanted to call a band Femdom metal. Sister Sin has been around for over 10 years, but if you haven’t heard them before, it may be because they’re from Sweden and have been making the moves on the US market for about six years. With lyrics like Now the whole world is my personal bitch! their uncompromising classic metal style won’t be on a mainstream radio station anytime soon. Which is a pity, because Sister Sin is exactly what mainstream rock stations like KLOS and KROQ need in order to refresh their listenership.

But let’s get back to the lyrics, and why Sister Sin is getting love from a BDSM art site. If Liv Jagrell’s dominating voice doesn’t inspire you right into submission, her lyrics might. Chaos Royale is Jagrell’s anthem of world domination, raising an army to serve at her beck and call. Fight Song includes Pray that God forgives, because I don’t! This is Femdom music if I ever heard it. Jagrell dresses the part as well. Her wardrobe includes a leather bra studded with spikes, military uniforms, fishnets, corset belts, and you’ll find her studded gloves wielding a big whip. Goddamn, this just warms my kinky heart!

I seriously doubt this is going to replace typical scene music you can flog and whip to, but don’t be surprised if many Dommes embrace Sister Sin as their personal soundtrack. Subs from around the world should be bowing to her greatness.

Chaos Royale is on Sister Sin‘s latest album, Black Lotus. You can find them on iTunes, but go to for CD’s, t-shirts and even vinyl albums. If you’ve been long disappointed by the metal of the 90′s and the millennium, Sister Sin will restore your faith in metal!

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Comic Show Recovery

Pic of the booth at the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Show. Taken with my new smart phone. I’m still getting used to using the camera feature.

I’ve been meaning to post for two days now, but it is almost as if life keeps pulling me away from the sketchpad and the computer to update.

Sunday’s comic show went ok. I delivered the paddle, and they loved it! I sold a few cards and stickers, but what I was really proud of is the progress I’ve made in the display. The manager of the event didn’t recognize the booth. It was very different from when I exhibited last January.

Important to note is the expo has scheduled for next month, February 22, at “The Reef” convention center at 1933 S. Broadway, about a mile north of USC. It’s a big Power Rangers show with additional guests Robbie Rist and Holly Fields. Artist Joe Benitez of Lady Mechanika will also be there, and he may be worth looking into.

The biggest problem I had was two people asked me to draw their comics. I had to explain that while doing a commission is easier, focusing the time to do a full comic right now and do the driving gig isn’t going to happen. The good news is of the people making the request was more professional about it, and asked if I could do a cover. I agreed that would be easier and more realistic.

I’ve got no problems doing a comic, and I get these requests on occasion. It’s the time management that is the hardest problem. I’m getting some of the fetish art pieces done on down time, or after work, that’s easier. But dedicating a solid 4-8 hours a day to artwork is not going to happen as long as I have the driving gig.

But enough rambling, I’ll have good news later, including something you’ve just gotta see!

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Comic Show, Kind Thanks To FemdomArtists, and Cafe Press Reveal

It is an insanely busy day as I’m trying to get ready for the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction show tomorrow. I have to bring the paddle, sort through artwork. I just packed the display into the car. I’m not planning any special reveals tomorrow, just to bring my artwork and work on some pieces.

Femdom snow woman and subbie at Cafe Press

This is still available as an ornament at Cafe Press. Click the artwork to order.

Special thanks go out to Richard from Femdom Artists for his repost of the kinky snow folk artwork at I completely forgot he posted this last year, and it made for a reminder about Cafe Press. I’ve been gradually revamping the Fetish Artist Cafe Press site this month.

While working on the Cafe Press site, I decided to order a night shirt. I’ve wanted some night shirts for several reasons. They do appeal to my cross-dressing side. They’re comfortable, and you can actually hide some really saucy stuff under them. I ordered a shirt with the Zero-G BDSM artwork on it, and it came in the mail today.

Femdom art night shirt: Sci Fi Dominatrix

A full view of the night shirt (I had to fold under the bottom). We’ll have to wait until later for how it looks on a model :-)

While I’ve had the site for about a decade now, I haven’t ordered stuff from them for years. It was a great way to check what the quality is like. I was under the impression that they used iron-on t-shirt transfers, but was impressed at how deep the print actually was. This may still be a heat transfer, but it looks much more sturdy than I imagined or remembered.

I wanted to do an unboxing for you, but it was wrapped in a simple grey plastic envelope with just a receipt. While plain, it is a relief not to get a fist full of coupons and ads asking I buy more stuff like other places do. A couple of freebies like a sticker or card would be nice though.

Femdom Art Night Shirt

Click the artwork to order your own Zero G BDSM night shirt

Like anything printed on a t-shirt, the line art is a little cloudy, but much more detailed than I expected. You can see how well the cross hatching held up. I wish Cafe Press offered a night shirt in white, but they only have grey and pink. I’m not big on pink, maybe pink would work with one of he V-day pieces.

By the way, by buddies at the teamsters have been pressuring me to get a smart phone for years now. I promised that as soon as the contract was ratified, I’d buy one. Tomorrow marks my first day with a Samsung Galaxy 4. I still have a little sticker shock, but will be test driving it at the comic show and will try to post to twitter and facebook. Word has it there is even a Fetlife app. Please wish me luck.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints



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Happy New Year! 2014 Fetish Art Retrospective

Latex Kiss In Progress

Did I do this in 2014? I’m having trouble remembering.

What happened? It was 2013 a minute ago. Someone hit the fast forward on my life. I had a lot to say about 2014 and some of the pieces from this year, and realized, most of you don’t really seem to care much about what I have to say. Which really isn’t bad when I think about it. It’s not like Zone, Enka Boots or Kamitora say a lot.

So here’s some of the good stuff from 2014

Fetish Art: Catgal Vs. Batguy

Found this piece a good home at Domcon.


Fetish Fan Art: Black Canary & Green Arrow, 50 Shades of Green

This piece was finished in colored pencil. I just need to get it scanned and up onto Etsy. This will be available at the January comic show


Latex Bondage Art in Colored Pencil

Commission that flaked out on me. I’ll throw this in for $10 if you purchase something from Just drop me a line saying you want the piece.

Tammy and Baroness

Tammy and a friend. The sketchpad this was in went missing in November. Someone’s found a very saucy sketchpad.

Femdom Art: AfroDomme with Sissies

Available for only $10 at

Many kind thanks to Mistress Xena Stiletto who gave this piece a good home today.

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

Now available for $15 on Etsy at

Mistress Femdom Party with facesitting, strap-on, sissies and spanking

Available now for$15 on Etsy at

Demon in Bondage

Coming in October 2015 as part of the paddle project.

Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

Red Rider: Latex Strap-on Femdom on Bicycle

Only $10 at

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Fetish Art Paddles, Comic Show, and Web Comic News

What you’re looking at is one of the first paddle prototypes. It sold at the last Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Expo, and the buyer paid me extra to do artwork on the other side.

In short, the next comic show is coming, January 11th, at the Shrine Auditorium over by USC. I’ll be there. I have no idea what specials to come up with. At this point, I’m just showing up to hang out, draw, and put some art up for sale. I’ll present the completed paddle to him at the show. For details on the expo itself, go to

I started with the image on the right first. and you may have seen it in previous posts. The image on the left is new. While I’m impressed at how the photos came out, this may be the last time I do the paddles like this. The media is colored pencil, in a technique that Sherry showed me. I’m still not sold on the look.

The buyer got a great deal, and my hope is that he’s also getting a true collector’s item.

By the way, on an unrelated note. If you’ve been following me on Twitter at @FetishArtist, you may have noticed my tweets about @GWS_Comic, aka It’s a comic about a writer, her friends, and their love lives. Which stayed off my radar despite being very popular with web comic artists like those at Questionable Content, Failure to Fire and Menage a 3. That is, until I found about about a character named Clarice, who is a Dominatrix who used to work in a porn shop. Obviously, it intrigued me, and I was hooked. Threaded through loads of story about dating, drinking, and more drinking is great humor about sex toys, Boobs!, and occasional strips on Female domination.

Unfortunately, Danielle Corsetto, the creator of the series, is winding it down for a while to relax and pursue further education in fine arts. I’m upset that just as I got into the comic, she’s going on sabbatical. On the other hand, there are over 1000 strips in her archives, and I’ve only made it through less than half of those. I highly recommend Girls With Slingshots to anyone kinky looking for a good laugh in the morning. Start from the beginning, and you’ll get hooked like me :-)

Have a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2015!

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Fetish Art News: Michael Manning

Fetish artist Michael Manning’s exhibition at Rubber Cult in the UK.

Fetish artist Michael Manning sends me updates, through his website, and while at Antebellum’s group show in October, he and I talked. He’s given me permission to forward you the news from his updates, and some of the great artwork he shares in them.

He’s had a great year. Manning opened his studio to the public for a special event. Photos are posted at and it’s definitely worth checking out.  There is talk about doing these open house exhibitions more frequently, and I’m game to have a look next time.

The big news in 2014 was his solo art show at Rubber Cult in London. Rubber cult is one of the world’s hottest parties for latex and rubber lovers, and this is great recognition of his work.

Michael Manning's Fetish art prints are available in color and black & white in a variety of sizes. Prices range from $25 to $125 depending on the size and piece.

Michael Manning’s Fetish art prints are available in color and black & white in a variety of sizes. Prices range from $25 to $125 depending on the size and piece. Click the image to check out Manning’s store

But you don’t have to travel to the UK to recognize his latex fantasies. Michael Manning has a limited edition set of aluminum prints available. Even low budget Fetish enthusiasts can afford these, and the sizes range from 4″ wide and go up from there. So it’s easy to collect his works and be discrete.

Michael Manning Original Fetish Art

While Michael Manning’s largest Fetish art pieces can be pricey, some, like lips here can be reasonable. This original 6″x5″ goes for $125. Click the image to purchase.

Manning also has quite a few originals for sale. While he’s known for larger fetish art pieces, he seems to have created some smaller works for quick consumption. As much as I love his pen and ink work, Manning’s color accents are right on the money.

But this isn’t just about the past, and selling stuff, Manning has big gaming news for 2015. He has been commissioned to illustrate the role playing game, Chronicles of Gor, based on John Norman’s bizarre novels that influenced much of the early BDSM scene. Look for the game coming soon from Postmortem Studios.

Coming in 2015 to is his second book of the Gemini Complex, engorging further Manning’s  series of futanari transgender characters.  Also look for a new Spider Garden portfolio to debut in 2015, with new characters from his universe of sci-fi, latex, gender bending and lots of hardcore sex.

I wish Manning very well this year, and seriously want to check out the studio if he does another open house this year.

Speaking of which, I’ll try to get at least one more post out before 2015, and certainly plan to have a retrospective of’s 2014 artwork. I’ll be at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Expo January 11th at the Shrine Auditorium, and will have news about that soon.

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Leatherman Christmas: The Most Interesting Santa…

Leatherman Santa Claus

Santa doesn’t always fist elves, but when he does, he uses lots of lube. Click the drawing to see a “humbler” testical restraint as seen on the crawling submissive.

I didn’t think this was going to get finished today. Just before midnight. Sorry it’s not in color. Maybe next year. Happy Holidays!

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NSFW Christmas Fetish Art

Christmas Femdom Fetish Art

Merry Christmas!!!

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