Tied Up Tuesday: Girl in the Ropekini Bondage Art

Bondage art: Girl in the Ropekini

I like how this turned out, this might make it as a sticker or greeting card.

I have this thing I jokingly call the pacifier. It’s an autograph book from an amusement park that I use as a sketchpad. When I don’t feel comfortable drawing larger smut pieces in public, I keep the pacifier on hand. It fills in the void while waiting in line, dealing with dead time, doctor’s appointments, etc.

The bondage art piece, Girl in the Ropekini, was finished last night. I didn’t feel like working on new sketches, and I had already started inking this previously. The hardest part is the knotwork, which the details aren’t completely correct, but I’ve got the basics down from Miss Cassie’s Rope Munch classes at Sanctuary LAX.

I dig it. While it may be too small or inappropriate for the wood project, it might work out well colored in as a sticker or greeting card.

Extreme Restraints Fetish Gear

Bondage Gear and More at Extreme Restraints

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Submissive Sunday: Chained latex Slave

Quick Sketch: Chained Latex Slave

I’ll admit, I jumped the gun on inking this piece, but I love it!

Sorry for the delay, but I have some good news. I’ve been focusing my art energy on the special project that went on hold for a while. I have three painted pieces that are waiting for some finishing touches before the big reveal. Until then, I can still work on sketches for the project.

Alas, most of them are submissives, male and female. There’s a lot of bondage, and I’m wrapping my head around ways to amp up the drawings.

I started this piece in the middle of the week, and finished it today. I’ve got two others I’m adding finishing touches to. Unlike the classic quick sketch series, these are 4.25″x11″. They will be up for sale eventually as a special offer.

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Femdom Art: Biker Pussy Worship

Femdom Art: Biker Pussy Worship

Recently added to the gallery too!

Wow. The exhaustion has been worse than I thought transitioning from the picket line back to the night gig. However, I was able to finish the Femdom Art sketch, Biker Pussy Worship, and start the new gallery of sketches at  http://fetish-artist.com/gallery/quick-sketch-gallery

These sketches are now available on Etsy again. I had to modify the post. Check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/FetishArtistGallery to purchase.

More new art is in progress. I’ve got some gay BDSM art in the works, and I’ve started some female submissive pieces for the ongoing project. I’ve also finished one male bondage painted piece in the project and have started a painted sissy piece with a pink background (of course).

More to come. I’ve got to bicycle off to work today. But I’m off early tonight and may have more time to post soon.

Bonus Magic: Hentai and Comic porn!


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Ouch! Damn! Fuck!

Femdom Tic Tac Toe

Has nothing to do with the post really, except possibly overwhelming pain!

So, we’re into day two of picketing in Long Beach, which has left very little time for drawing, and lots of time for pain! I had something to eat when I got home today, and when I got off the couch, my vocabulary consisted of mostly “oh fuck! geeze! owwww!” The pulled and sore muscles are one thing. When I stop moving is when the pain gathers buddies. It’s the fact that we’re picketing in industrial parks with lots of concrete, asphalt, and overwhelming Southern California searing sunlight that leaves us with bizarre tans, and accidental sunburn that would give a Dominatrix much glee to see the results.

Somehow, I completely missed the sunscreen above my left sock and under the back of my knee. We’re not even halfway done. What helps get me through this is a steward who used to manage one of the most popular strip bars in Porn Valley, and a bus driver named Rose who gets a kick out of hearing my stories about Dungeons and BDSM. I’m hoping someday to introduce her to Sanctuary LAX or Lair De Sade.

Femdom Art: Behold! The Alien Femdom Paddle of Power! Buttslayer!

And walking pickets for a couple of days, a big spanking would help the hip muscles :-)

I’m sorry there isn’t new stuff here. Please bear with me. The port protests are gaining momentum and it honestly feels like we’re generating a movement down here. I’ll update when I can.

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Trying to Catch Up

Femdom Art for sale: Slave Boot

I found it! I thought this had sold or been given away. The framed original is now available on Etsy. Click the artwork to purchase!

This week has been grinding me into the pavement, and it’s only Tuesday. but there is good news!

Obviously, I’ve been updating Etsy, and I found the framed original you see above! I thought it had sold or been donated. I was looking over some things and found it in the garage.

I’ve also been updating the archived posts, listening to my friend Mistress Heather on her Intellectual Kink podcast while I go through and update the graphic links. So far I’m down to August 2012, which means I just have one year left to finish updating. More art and progress to come soon!

Bonus Magic: Hentai and Comic porn!

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A Word About Centurian

Bondage Tranny Valentine

Maybe someday for sale through Centurian :-)

It’s hard for me to believe 20 somethings curious about kink, fetish, and gender bending are now younger than I’ve been in the scene. When I entered, my first online computer was a used PC with DOS and a green and black computer screen.  Online porn could take hours to download, and most stores were either mail-order or the porn shop under scrutiny by the police.

Hot Rod Latex Shemale

So in those days, you had hard copy catalogs, such as QSM, Intimate Treasures, Centurian and Spartacus. These often had strokable art, and were worth getting on their own. The first layout I saw of Taylor Wayne was a bonus in a catalog.

Sissy Maid with Chastity Device and Anal Orb Penetrator

Most of these places have either changed their business model, changed their plans, or just simply gone out of business. Most of the hard copy catalogs are gone. To expensive, too expendable, and too much of a liability when you can just look at this stuff on a smart phone or laptop.

Latex Femdom Art: Xena Stiletto with sissy latex sub.

Except for Centurian and Transformations magazine, which changed hands a few years ago.  They were at Domcon LA a couple of years ago, and I signed up for their mailing list. While they don’t send out catalogs anymore, but they still publish Transformations, their gender bent magazine. Centurian instead sends out newsletters about once every couple of weeks.

These are obviously not safe for work, unless you work in porn. These simple glossy, one page spreads are packed with wigs, shoes, fake boobs, butt plugs, bondage gear, and shemale porn porn porn!

Mistress' Latex Ass Eater

Oh, and did I mention Centurian is legendary for gender-bent art publications, such as Enslaved Sissies and Maids and Forced Womanhood, by realistic artists such as Aldo and Bruce Baker.

If they had an affiliate program, you’d see a huge banner on my site for them! They don’t, but I at least wanted to give them a kind word and a shout out for all those sissies, drag-queen wannabees, male-to-female transgenders, and twisted gender bent folks like me. You’ve gotta check out their site, and if you can, sign up for their newsletter.

Check out http://www.centurianonline.com today!


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Update: July Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Month

Created for my friend Mistress Monica of 665 Leathers back when the shop first opened.

Short form, in July, it will suck to be me. The Teamsters thought I did such a good job holding a sign and yelling, that we’ve been asked to come back for a full week of picketing down at the docks. I won’t even have time for the “quick sketch” series.

Obviously, that’s not the entire month, but there’s even more going down with union negotiations and other business. I’m even working 4th of July.

The good news is, if something sells through Etsy, I can package it and ask Sherry to mail it out. Also, I may be able to make it to some events in July. I just won’t be able to give much notice.

On the back end, I’ve decided to replace the code for the artwork in older posts. So when I can, I’ve been fixing the archives.

So please bear with me as the follies continue.

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Boot Worship Fetish Art: Fetish Boot in Latex Dungeon

Fetish Boot in Latex Dungeon

Now available on Etsy for only $15.

I’m getting rolled over by the night gig pretty hard this week. In the next day or so, I’ll have some important announcements and details. Stay tuned!

Extreme Restraints

Extreme Restraints

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Femdom Friday: AfroDomme’s Favorite sissy subs

Femdom Art: AfroDomme with Sissies

You can purchase this through etsy for $10. Simply make the payment and request the Afro Domme piece.

June just keeps kicking my ass, almost as hard as our friend Afro Domme. I didn’t intend this sketch to start out that way, I just added the ‘fro for something different. It was so hard to keep from drawing the sissy subs cross-eyed.

The sketches, especially Femdom ones, may continue. This has been fun. What I’m seriously thinking of doing is sticking with my projects in progress, such as superhero pieces, the wood project, etc, but including the quick sketches while I have down time.

Obviously, these pieces will be inked in at a later date, provided they don’t sell first. To purchase, go through https://www.etsy.com/listing/192334117/mature-sketch-of-fetish-boot-in-latex and specify you want Afro Domme.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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Femdom Art on Ass Wednesday: Mistress’ Fuck Fest

Femdom Art: Mistress' Fuck Fest

Sissy suzy wrapped her legs around Mistress Knight’s back, panties dangling around her ankle. Helpless in the stock, John could hear sissy suzy get ass pounded as Knight thrust the strap on just inches over his head. Mistress Zelda giggled happily in her queening chair while Miss Daye got ready to paddle Frankie’s plugged ass.

I can’t quite call the sketch finished. It’s one of the first I started three weeks ago, and obviously it is complicated. I never realized how much easier it was to draw the close up pieces. Granted, there’s a lot going on here.

Just to note, chances are this never goes on in a professional dungeon. Maybe if it was in Nevada or outside of the U.S. This would more likely go on at a private party, video shoot or an event where open sex was welcome. So if you’re booking a Mistress for the first time, please don’t expect a strap-on, queening, or getting sucked off by her sissy slave. These Femdom art pieces are the product of my twisted fantasies and quite a few pornos.

I’ve got no idea what’s coming up Friday. The only sketch I have left is a manly piece I’m saving for Sunday. Maybe I can whip up one more Femdom piece.

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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