Puppy Play Paddle

Puppy Play Paddle in Progress for Dog and Pony Show

Here’s how it’s been going down. I sketched on the paddle in watercolor pencil, then did some line art with pen, then filled in space with white acrylic paint. The final move is to fill in with ink and spray coat the paddle.

Things are starting to get pretty silly regarding the Dog and Pony Show at Antebellum. This may be a good sign though, as this means there’s a lot going on. Last Sunday, I turned in the poster art for Rick. I have no idea if it’s even in the window or if he just wanted it around. I was just glad to have completed it and feel pretty proud about the piece.

Poster art for Dog and Pony Show. Original has some color and silver gel pen touches.

Then, Rick e-mailed me asking if I could be the door man for the evening, in a doggie mask. Despite being a cat person, as an artist, I’ve got to say this is a pretty gonzo and ballsy thing to do. So hell yeah, count me in.

And on Friday, Rick e-mails me, asking if I can do a puppy paddle for the show.

Now hold everything. Remember, two weeks ago I found out I couldn’t be in the show. I had to drop everything, make new plans. That’s why I jumped to show at Pangaea. It is days before the show. The leatherman paddle took about three weeks. Two of those weeks were spent adding spray coats and finish.

But, this is about taking what I do seriously. Art is also about experimentation and finding your limits. I made no promises, but told Rick I’d take a stab at it.

So Sunday, while recovering from Pangaea, I finished sanding one of blank paddles I have, and sketched out something directly on the paddle with blue watercolor pencil (a technique I just learned about at Continental Supply in Reseda). Later, I began adding ink outlines. After dinner I added white acrylic paint. That was dry by the time I had laundry going, so I kept inking. It’s still in progress, but I should have a few clear coats on it by Saturday.




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Recovering from Pangaea

Latex Kiss In Progress

I got home Sunday after 3 A.M. and am still recovering. The good news is that Pangaea was great. The crowd is this gender bent mix of trans, lesbian, polysexual, just there to have a good time and fuck what people think group. Not only did I see people playing, but also flat out making out.

Mistress and Trans Angel Femdom art from the Dominatrix Calendar Gallery

Now, think about this for a second. It says something about the BDSM scene when I notice people making out at a play party. I’m so used to these controlled environments where people only touch to tie someone up, flog, paddle, or even fuck, that it’s been rare to see things like necking, kissing, and heavy petting.

Femdom Art: Mistress with Transgender Subbie

The hard part is the group is a pretty small demographic. The main floor of Sanctuary LAX was full, but they haven’t been getting the big crowds they’ve been hoping for. We had a hard time getting people to come into the SMUT art room. The Pangaea folk were there primarily to see the awsome post- apocalyptic floor shows and play. There was a rope suspension of a guitarist playing Master of Puppets. He became part of another act where a female Joe Imortata from Fury Road rocks out with her white clad harem. There was a mashup of Mad Max and Adventure Time with People Eater merged with Ice King.

On the whole, I love the crowd. It reminds me of what got me started in BDSM. I’d love to do Pangaea again, but maybe spread out the artists into different rooms or something. Special thanks to Mistress Allison Leigh and H.P. Loveshaft for having me show at the event.


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Pangea, here I come!

Slaves to the Machine: Femdom Fetish Choppers

This will be available tonight, framed for $50. Cards available too.

Two magick briefcases, black duct tape, red duct tape, one framed piece, two bags of artwork, one backpack, one improvised table and black sheet.

Flash drive with flyer art for Antebellum and Dog & Pony Show.

Yup, ready to roll to Smut at Pangea’s Dragopolis over at Sanctuary.


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Good News About Dog And Pony Show

Dog and Pony Show Poster for Antebellum Fetish Art Gallery

Just about there. I have to erase some pencil lines and get a photocopy to scan it into the computer

Whew! This almost didn’t happen. You may have noticed that suddenly I took down a bunch of stuff on my Twitter and Instagram regarding the upcoming Dog and Pony Show at Antebellum fetish art gallery in Hollywood.

This is one of the pieces I was going to bring for the show.

Turns out there was a misunderstanding about the showing. Michael Manning was curating, and already had his roster of artists for the show full. Thing is, at the Broken Heart art show, Rick Castro of Antebellum had already told me of the Dog and Pony Show, and we were already discussing pieces (and that Michael Manning’s artwork is perfect for the theme). I didn’t know Rick was going to ask Manning to curate, and I didn’t know to ask Manning if I could get into the show until this week. It was too late.

I started working on the poster art in February, days after Broken Heart. I showed it to Rick last week during the Black Gay Erotic show. He loved it, and this lead to a compromise. Rick would try and squeeze me in if there was empty space, but he definitely wanted me to finish the poster for the window.

Brilliant! I wish I had thought of that! I’m finishing the poster up now and will deliver it on Sunday.

Catdomme is still in progress. I don’t know if any of my pieces will make it into the show. But this was a very awkward situation. I had to take down posts saying I was going to be there. There would have been issues with me showing up for the opening. This solves a lot, and makes it easier to handle anything that comes up after this.

Kinky Foxes

The original for this has disappeared. I suspect it’s at Threshold. However, I do have greeting cards made of this, and I’ll bring them for Rick to sell at the show.

Oh shoot! The show! Yes!, please come check it out! Opening night is August 1st at Antebellum fetish art gallery, 1643 N. Las Palmas in Hollywood. Doors open at 7:00 P.M. Fetish Diva Midori will be unveiling a sculpture there. Knowing Rick, there will be live performances at the opening and there will be plenty of pet play attire. I’m getting my cat ears ready now :-)

For more on Antebellum, go to http://antebellumgallery.blogspot.com

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Fetish Art in Progress: Catdomme’s Puppy Slave

Yes, finally some pussy on my site :-)

This is a piece in progress. I may have her done by Pangea at Sanctuary LAX on July 25th. We’ll see.

I have some good news. The Rough and Tough paddle for Black Gay Erotica sold! My first sale through Antebellum. It’s not huge, but it’s a start. The paddle already got great buzz and there’s more coming in the near future.

Meanwhile, there’s Carnal Carnival coming up at Threshold this weekend. I don’t have a booth, but I’ll be there with the sketchpad and bring some donations for the auction.

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Pieces for Black Gay Erotica at Antebellum Gallery

Black Gay Erotica piece: Corely's Footstool

Corely’s Footstool: 9×12, pen and Ink with colored pencil and gel pen on acid free sketch paper. Available through Antebellum fetish art gallery for $80

Ok, I know some readers are waiting for the Dominatrixes to return to this site, and they’re coming soon. However, as kinky fetish artist, I’ve taken Rick Castro’s invitation seriously.

Three pieces made it. I like Corely’s Footstool the best.

Black Gay Erotica piece: Big, Rough and Tough

Rough, Big and Tough: 4×15, acrylic on birch wood.Available through Antebellum fetish art gallery for $90 Sold!

You’ve seen this one above before. I think this one is most likely to make it into the show.

Black Gay Erotica: Rubber Master with Red Harnessed Slave

Rubber Master with Red Harnessed Slave: 9×12, pen and ink with colored pencil and colored pens. Available through Antebellum fetish art gallery for $80

This last one may not make it. While I used photographs for reference, the skin tones may not be dark enough to be believable. When I delivered this last one, someone even said they look Germanic.

And here’s an odd note I’d like to make before moving on. Many times artists get criticized for not being realistic. My comic style is a great example. However, people see what they want to see. In this case, both Corely’s Footstool and the Rough, Big and Tough paddle both use what we’d normally consider black flesh tones. Yet, if you placed them to my copy of Instigator, with several Black men, they would not look real.

I get similar comments regarding anatomy, especially regarding the female form. Yet when we look at the reference materials, things often don’t look right upon close examination.

The show opens this Friday at 7pm at Antebellum fetish art gallery. For details, including info on how to purchase, go to http://antebellumgallery.blogspot.com/2015/07/celebrate-black-pride-2015-black-gay.html

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Another Word About Centurian and Transformation

News about this piece in progress below…

Good morning, don’t have much time but had something good to say. The folks over at Centurian and Transformation magazine were apparently going through my posts and saw the post I did last year showing them some appreciation. They loved it.

I’ve got some good news for them. Since we talked at DomCon, I’ve been meaning to add them to my links list and even draw up a banner for their sites like I’ve done for Fetish Movies and Extreme Restraints. At this rate though, I should just start a gender-bent links section.

You can check them out at:





But this isn’t the good news. While at Tom’s Bar on Sunday, Rick Castro and I talked about the upcoming Black Gay Erotic show in July. He’s agreed to let me submit more than just the paddle (which is getting a serious clear coat this week). Rick loves to joke about sissies. Honestly, I think there’s something he likes about the way the word rolls off his tongue. He said a sissy piece wouldn’t be a good fit, until I suggested a Black master with sissy slaves. Rick loved that idea. The guy in the sketch up top was from the modeling sessions at Tom’s Bar. I’m frantically trying to finish pieces for the deadline, but I thought the folks at Transformation would get a kick out the new sketch in progress.

It may stop, but it never ends…

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Sheer Damn Manliness at Tom’s Bar June 21st!

Men Men Men! It’s ok, we’ll get an estrogen break soon, I promise!

The Tom Of Finland Foundation does a number of events through the year, some small, and some all out. The two biggest I can think is the art fair and Tom’s Bar.

Femdom Art: Domination 3 Way

Oh heck, here’s some estrogen :-) The man in the middle was based on a sketch I started at a Tom of Finland drawing workshop. This is in honor of Crazy Sharon.

Tom’s Bar is an annual wake in honor of Touko Laaksonen, the man we know today as Tom of Finland. His passing wish was that there not be a funeral, but one hell of a party. Tom’s Bar was born and has been a regular event at the Faultline on Vermont and Melrose.

It’s like Dr. Sketchy’s, only with loud music, beer, cigars, leather, art exhibitors, and manly male models. Ok, it’s not like Dr. Sketchy’s ;-)

But you get the idea. My friend and patron, Crazy Sharon suggested I exhibit there. I tried, but was too late to get an artist’s spot. However, I’ve volunteered as an artist assistant at the party, and hope to get some sketching time in.

The paint on the paddle for Rick is finished. I’ve been adding clear coats.

Rick Castro of Antebellum will be there. With luck, I’ll be his assistant. I’ll also show off the progress of the paddle and other pieces for his upcoming show.



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Big and Black! More Art Paddle in Progress

Art is a fix. Painting is one of the most problematic of art addictions, and being on deadline isn’t helping. When painting, it’s much harder to put a piece down. You just have to keep tweaking things. This conflicts with things like time for paint to dry, sleep, and a day job.

Sometimes, you also have to step away from the piece to work things out, which is hard to do when on a deadline, and can’t put the brush down because you’re messing with other things.

Above is not the actual current progress. I’m feeling much better about the piece now that I’ve added in some more black paint, shading, and highlights. More to come.

I’ve also been working on Kayla’s paddle and realized I’ve made an oddball mistake. Her paddle is a clear label version of the Eat My Valentine art. I printed the label Friday and was going to do something with it today when I realized, the artwork is bigger than the paddle. I’m still not sure what went wrong where, but I need to re-size the art and print out another copy.

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Leatherman Art: How’s This Rick?

Beefy leatherman art for paddle to go in Antebellum Fetish Art Show

Rick Castro of Antebellum fetish art gallery wants it big and black. In the middle of the chaotic storm I call the driving gig, he dropped me a line asking if I could whip up a paddle featuring black men for his upcoming art show in July.

Friday morning a cut a piece of paddle size sketch paper and by the time I was sitting down with Sherry for dinner Friday night, I already had a sketch going. There’s not enough ass in this house to use as reference material for the muscle man ass I want in this picture, but I’ve been able to piece together enough from memory and what stuff I’ve got on hand (there’s never a drawing of Captain America getting a spanking when you need it).

Even though the deadline is three weeks away, I’ve got to get the paddle sketched, painted and then start adding clear coats.  So the sooner I get this wrapped up, the better. Once completed, this piece will be exclusive to Antebellum until the show is over, and will be come with the ephemera. While I reserve the copy rights, I’m not planning to do anything with the sketches until after the show. So if it sells at Antebellum, it’s gone. No cards, no prints.

Sorry if there’s a bit too much testosterone in here for the hets right now, but this is the nature of the fetish art business. The guy who bought the leatherman paddle on Etsy has also insisted on more leatherman work. So it’s time to get crankin!


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