Dirty Artist Tricks

A hart part about being an artist is costs. We constantly have to find ways to save money, improvise, experiment, and make due with what we have.

Easels can be pricy. So when I found a bunch of 3 dollar desk eases at Big Lots, I scooped a bunch up. These were never intended for work, but for shows. However, they have been extremely handy for painting in small spaces.

One trick artists do is to multitask while paint dries. Work on one piece, take a break, work on a different piece, come back to the previous piece or another in progress. You can see this with Krk Rydend on Instagram. The dining room table is cramped with canvas boards, and I can’t hang them.

But the easels have a hole at the top. I hung the easel instead. It also acts as an improvised shelf for some of the paints.

I like it. I can rotate wet pieces. Store multiple dry ones, and show off when friends are over, with room for beer on the dining room table. All thanks to a nice long nail.

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Femdom Art: Strap On Domination


You may remember this, I started cooking it up last spring in the garage. A lot of things happened over the year and so this had to get put aside. It happens a lot with artists. You get an idea. You start it out. Sometimes you are not sure where to go with it. Other projects pull you away. So we get half-finished pieces, or art we never quite worked out in our head.

Big problem that comes up is this is a learning experience, especially when painting. So, I had one goggle here doing really well, but I had to stop. Now I have to finish the other side, trying to remember which paint I used and how I got this effect. But I did make progress today.

My eyes hurt like hell doing it. Getting something sharp in there like a pen or pencil is easy. Getting a tiny brush with a little glob acrylic to work right is a pain. No wonder so many painters work big.

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El Cuervo Gallery and Antebellum at Tom of Finland

Picked all this up, along with a T-shirt for less than a good sushi binge. Click the art to go to the El Curervo gallery Facebook page

Picked all this up, along with a T-shirt for less than a good sushi binge. Click the art to go to the El Curervo gallery Facebook page

My schedule on the driving gig changed, and is about to change again. So while I was already on the move after work on Saturday, I took advantage of the moment and dropped down to El Segundo for the group art show at El Cuervo Gallery. I’ve been meaning to check this place out for about a year as pieces by artists like Keith Weesner have been showing up in their group shows.

This show rocked and you can see a few of the photos I got over on my Instagram account at @FetishAritst. Ralph, one of the staff, quickly got a beer in my hand and a warm welcome. The owner had on display a hand crafted brass knuckle dispenser, which was swiped by Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Industry Records before the show even opened. Sara Ray had two pieces on display and I got to check out new art by lowbrow artists I hadn’t even heard of yet (such as @DamienFulton, @SwaggerSkot, @FourEyes74, and @TheBettyHunter on Instagram). I walked out with a signed print by Sara Ray and one of the last signed and numbered prints by The Pizz for less than the price of one of his books.

I got a signed Sara Ray print for a great price, and picked up one of the last signed and numbered prints by The Pizz for less than the cost of one of his books. I’m not saying these guys are cheap. There is some very valuable artwork in the show by knockout artists. But they still have one of the last original paintings by The Pizz for only $400! If you collect lowbrow, pinup, hot rod and skater artwork, this place needs to be on your list!



Could this really be the end for Rick Castro’s Antebellum Gallery? Or is this just the beginning of something new?

Antebellum has closed permanently. While many of us who supported Rick Castro, knew he was eventually going to loose the location to Hollywood development, I didn’t know his “Last Tea Salon” was intended to be the last goodbye to the gallery. Due to the timing, I thought it was a goodbye to 2016 with his last tea salon for the year.

But, to paraphrase Desslok from Star Blazers, as long as Rick Castro lives, Antebellum lives! His next tea salon with be in honor of the Black Dahlia. The Tom of Finland Foundation has a greed to host his tea salon on Sunday, January 15th at the foundation house in Echo Park. Donation is $10.  Once again, chaotic schedule. Not sure if I can make it, but if you can, check out details about Rick, Black Dahlia and more at antebellumgallery.blogspot.com

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