Fetish Art Coming to My Kinky Valentine


I’ve decided to bring these to the event today. I finished the painting last night and and they both might go into the silent auction. Depends on my mood today.

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New Stickers for My Kinky Valentine!

New glow in the dark kinky stickers coming to My Kinky Valentine. Click photo for event details.

New glow in the dark kinky stickers coming to My Kinky Valentine. Click photo for event details.

It is go time! Glow in the dark kinky stickers are ready and I’ll have them Saturday, February 18th at Threshold’s My Kinky Valentine! Any left over I’ll bring over to New Profanity for their Eat My Valentine party.

Tomorrow, I’ll have the new large format stickers, cards, original art, and I’ll be doing that live painting I started at Bar Sinister last week. It’s a glow in the dark peice too and has caught me off guard a couple of times when I turn out the light 🙂

El Cuervo gallery is also doing their Against the Grain opening party for their skateboard themed group art show. Honestly, I really wanted to submit for this, but I’m not a boarder. If I paint a skateboard, I really want to do that on a retired used board. If it’s going to hang on a wall for the rest of it’s life, I’d rather have it been of use before. Same goes for guitars. I’ve been keeping my ear open for an old or broken electric guitar. If I can make it across the valley to El Segundo, I’ll drop by and say hi that night.

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Video Update and My Kinky Valentine

So, yeah! Bar Sinister went great! You’d think the painting would make things tedious, instead, it made time fly by and instead of getting looks of “who the fuck is this?” sitting next to a table of stickers, I got a lot of compliments. It also meant that if I was getting some glares and stares, I was looking at the canvas anyway. And a lot of people saw it and liked it.

Vending and running a table is tricky, and a lot of people hate it. Working the porn side, I’ve known sales people and talent who despise doing tables and booths. They’d much rather work a phone or a web site to make sales. But this is how you meet your consumer, or in this case, this is how I meet you!

There was a guy who was doing domination themed hypnosis CDs, and he would get great feedback from women into submission. But he couldn’t travel, and was afraid to be publicly seen selling his work. He constantly lamented his lack of sales and his lack of popularity. Not being able to go on the road and push his work hurt his business terribly.

Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Perverted Podcast and kind thanks to Count Boogie and his friends for having me on the show. The subject of Nazi uniforms in fetish came up, and you’ll hear me explain part of the deal with Nazi uniforms. Keep in mind I’m a bounced Czech and would be one of the first booted into an oven, so I’m not defending white supremacy. What I did not get to say is a Jewish friend of mine loves and frequently wears Nazi styled garb and uniforms. WTF? Well, think of it as the skin of a lion. A sign of conquest and power. AMOK books once had a great book on how military uniforms, especially boots provide a huge sexual psychological impact. Any cosplayer or comic fan knows this well.

Butt Plug Bondage Babe

This Butt Plug Bondage Babe is going to look even more awesome as a glow in the dark sticker. And you’ll only be able to get it at My Kinky Valentine this Saturday, February 18th at the Threshold Club House

My Kinky Valentine is coming! Saturday, February 18th 1-7 P.M with an after party to follow!

I’ll be there, I’ve decided to bring the canvas from last Saturday. Also in the works is new glow in the dark stickers. None of this is currently available online. You want it, come get it at My Kinky Valentine! It’s at the Threshold clubhouse at 11300 Hartland Street in North Hollywood. You don’t have to be a member, in fact, you can attend, do the orientation, buy kinky stuff and come play at the after party that night! I highly recommend it!

Go to http://www.threshold.org/my-kinky-valentine for details.

It may stop, but it never ends. I’ve got to clean up the house and get back to the art grind. Laterz!


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