Red Rider: Latex Strap on Femdom on Bicycle

Red Rider: Latex Strap-on Femdom on Bicycle

Now available on Etsy for only $10! Click the pic to buy.

It’s not actually Saturday, it’s Thursday, but I’m in the other room while the cat is sleeping, so I have a quick shot to schedule an update. The previous post also didn’t load on time, so I had to get it up first… *chortle*

Our household is still in a crisis I can’t discuss even here, and union business isn’t helping.   But, you don’t want to hear about that.

Let’s talk about the Red Rider Femdom art piece for a few. It is finished. I’m quite happy with it, and it is available for only $10 on Etsy. Click the artwork above to buy.

I started coloring in the red latex while waiting at the airport. Thank heavens for post its. I was able to cover the strap on from prying eyes while adding in the shiny goodness with a colored pencil.

Some day I should draw a Domme with a chrome strap on. It is possible to create and even use. In real life, the tricky part is metal plating can wear off. It would be a use sparingly kind of item. Granted, the words Femdom and sparing don’t usually go together.

Metal, like glass and acrylic toys, is also hard and ungiving. Even plastic has a little flex to it. This is why the porn industry has a love-hate relationship with glass toys. They look cool, but once in the ass, they feel like fucking a rock. It is an acquired taste, that some do swear by.

Which, believe it or not, there have been stone dildos and plugs in the modern sex scene. The rocky sex toys usually made out of something like marble and polished well.

While I don’t see many chrome dildos, probably for the reasons above, there are plenty of chrome and stainless steel butt toys.  Extreme Restraints has an assload of metal plugs, and even a double-ended dildo. Nothing with a wide base for a harness though, at least not yet. Maybe someday…

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Boot Slaves and Old Nick

Femdom Art: Boot Slave

What’s great about the internet is what starts out as a three inch doodle can get turned into a six inch illustration. You may have seen the start to this before. It was with some test pieces I had on cardstock. I was in the mood, and finished the hood and Domme’s ass over the weekend.

It’s also great that I can incorporate some fun quick pieces as content, that might otherwise be forgotten. I am open to doing a larger commission of this. Just drop me a line.

Speaking of might be forgotten. I got such an ass whippin’ over the past few months I missed the opportunity to spread the good news. I’ve been featured in Old Nick Magazine. Officially, it was the Halloween issue, but pretty much every issue of Old Nick is really the Halloween issue. It is a blend of pin-up nudes, horror, goth, and heavy metal. They’ve described it as Playboy with horns, but I like to think of it as a classy men’s magazine with a dark side. Check it out at

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Femdom Art In Progress: Red Latex Domme

Femdom Art: Domme in Red Latex

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m back and getting into the swing of things.

A while back, I’m on a colored pencil kick, and I find Prismacolor has come out with erasable colored pencils. I just had to get some to try out. This Domme has been waiting to come out of the pencil for a long while :-)

The Femdom art piece is on index stock. It’s an experimental piece, and yes, I really did want to push the boobs on this. Latex and boobs go together really well.

I don’t have much this week, but more than lately.

Femdom Art in Progress: Latex Strap On Cyclist

Femdom bicyclist is done. I added colored pencil for the catsuit and chrome on the bike. My plan is to scan it in this week and put it up on Etsy for $10. It’s cheap I know, but this is just something I was fooling around with on index stock and I wanted to see how it would work.

More later.

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Leatherman Bondage Art: Horny Devils

Leatherman Bondage Art: Horny Devils

I’ve been studying a lot of Virgil Finlay lately, not that anyone really cares on a site like this, but that’s what the deal is with all the detail in the back. Finlay would do lots of stippling, lines, patterns and amazing cross hatching techniques that would blow your mind.

This actually got started before the Halloween art show at Antebellum, and I’m planning to get a color version of this on canvas before next year’s show. I think Rick will dig it.

I’ve always wanted to do a homoerotic series of demon bondage drawings called Horny Devils. Guess I finally got it started. There are a couple of final tweaks I want to do with it, then it will go on Etsy.

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Femdom Art in Progress: Latex Strap On Cyclist

Femdom Art in Progress: Latex Strap On Cyclist

It is almost finished, and I just couldn’t wait. I also couldn’t resist drawing this Femdom art piece with a strap-on.

This year has been very hard on the site, and I’m fearing that I may go the way of many artists and cartoonists that only update once every few weeks, months or even years before disappearing into obscurity. Kind of like what my old fetish art site became.

This latex clad Dominatrix on wheels got started at the Choppercabras Halloween bike ride at Atomic Cycles in Van Nuys. Obviously, she didn’t get started with a strap-on. I didn’t even figure what direction I was going with the hair until last week.

Last week I was involved with the Teamsters port protests, and found myself with surprising amounts of down time. I made the most of it by taking the time to knock out big parts of this drawing and get started on other pieces. The background is actually based on one of the sites we were protesting at. It had an industrial look that really appealed to me.

I’ve gone over the background with gel-pen for a chain-link look. It is a little obscure, but it was a good idea. My final step is to color in the latex catsuit in red. That will make her stand out a bit more and I really want to see what she looks like in red.

What I’d love to do is get a model to pose on a similar bike, with a sub going down on the strap-on. That will be another time and place. Sure can’t be at the protest site *wink*.

This week, I’m going to be unavailable. I’ve already adjusted Etsy in case any orders come in. I can take care of orders on Saturday. There will not be a new Thanksgiving piece, but I do have an update planned before I come back.


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Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

Don’t have much time to talk, but I am getting some down time during port protests with the Teamsters. I’d been working on this piece on and off. It started as a portrait, and wasn’t going very well. I turned the chain spiderweb into a space porthole and got inspired.

I call this Femdom art piece Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate, in honor of one of my favorite manga heroes.

My fellow picketers loved it, although, servebot’s sex toys were not complete yet. I actually started the dong as a bong as a little self-censorship until I could get this piece home to complete it.

With luck, I’ll have more this week!

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Happy Halloween!

665 Commission Piece

A commission for 665 leathers. The guy in the back eventually became the artwork for their first t-shirt.

Happy Halloween. I’m going to be on the road tonight with the driving gig, so here’s some pieces from the archives for one of my favorite holidays!

X Rated Halloween Cartoon

Have a Happy and Kinky Halloween!!

Halloween art

Summoning happy Halloween wishes!

Batwinged Rooftop Domina

Play safe tonight!

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When You Do Nothing, How Do You Know When You’re Finished?

Rubber Bicyclist Sketch

I do have a bit of a bicycle fetish

The work weeks have degenerated into waking up in a rage, ready to throw punches, going into the driving job early to fight for drivers as a shop steward, getting harassed by drivers regarding a variety of issues, then actually working the driving job, coming home and fielding phone calls from upset drivers.

Then, I find myself juggling stuff over the weekend, like the art opening last week (yea!!!), the Union meeting the next morning I only had two hours sleep for. I haven’t even had dead time to draw…much.

So, sorry, this has to be a weekend without a big update, but I’ve needed a break. So, I rode over to the Coppercabras Halloween Party and Bike Ride today, then joined my friends from the driving gig for some beer and a pizza while watching the Saints game. I wanted to do the Halloween ride in drag, but with the chaos, that was not meant to be.

New photo of the Grey Mistress bicycle

My ride, A.K.A., the Grey Mistress. The Monster basket came off a year ago, and she’s now got all white tires.

The ride itself was fantastic. Think less spandex and more denim, biker vests and whacked out bicycles. It’s a great thrill to ride in a big group of eccentric riders, and yes, it wasn’t all 40 year old virgins. There are actually quite a few women who also like to ride. Hot women in Halloween costumes.

These are still kicking around, but they’re now getting better paint and cleaned up.

The customizing is reaching new levels. Tallbikes are changing. Now that the OC County Choppers bicycles have been around, they’re getting customized with larger wheels, new paint, stretched frames and ape hanger bars (as it should be). There was a generation of custom bikes a couple years ago where they welded a bmx front to a road bike back end using a second steering set. The front part of the frame would actually pivot side to side depending on where you wanted to go, kind of like a unicycle with adjustable training wheel. These customs were rat-rod style, but I’m now seeing them with fresh paint and cleaner looks.

Spiked Bike Pedals

Of course I did some fetish modifications to the bike, and more are on the way.

The high point of my ride came when I asked one guy about his stretched beach cruiser with ape hangers. He let me take it for a test ride, and it was amazingly comfortable to ride with a lot of power (the more you can stretch your legs out, the more power you can get out of your ride). We were talking shop, and I mentioned Downtown Willy, this guy then mentioned he has his own dungeon and turns out he’s a backer of a place I know in the Valley. I gave him a high-five. Not only does he do custom bikes, but he has a machine shop and did some of the furniture for the dungeon. The guy does night rides on bicycles and I’m going to hang out next week if possible.

I did get a sketch started of a Domme on a bicycle, but that will have to wait a little longer before posting.  I am going to be at the Geek Munch Monday, October 27th, and there is a bunch of stuff going on in November.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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Sneak Peek: Haunted House Antebellum Group Art Show

Created for my friend Mistress Monica of 665 Leathers back when the shop first opened.

Ok, if you’ve been following the site, you’ve already had a look at which of my pieces are going in the show. However, this is going to be a big show featuring over 24 artists, including Michael Manning and the late H.R. Giger.

Antebellum released three promotional invites to the show, and I can share them here on the site.

Antebellum Promotional Invite Featuring Crinblanc

I have to admit, I have no idea who Crinblanc is. A Google search just pops up a foreign film about a white horse. I definitely like the misty feel, the defying of gravity, and dig those boots!

Antebellum promotional invite featuring Bryan Barnes

I love the combination of latex with the mask and pastel flowers. At first, a Google search on Bryan Barnes yielded worse results in an obvious case of mistaken identity. But deeper inspection pulled up and points to his youtube page with videos about his fetish photography. Definitely worth checking out!

Antebellum promotional image featuring Renfield

This is the first I’ve seen from the show featuring bondage and nudity. I thought I heard of Renfield through Hyena gallery in Burbank, but I may be thinking of someone else. I did find the artist on Facebook, but he seems to be fairly private. A link to his website simply resulted in a black screen void of content. Hopefully I can find out more at the show about his work.

So, that’s pretty much it until Saturday. There’s a lot to do and get ready for. If more comes up, I’ll keep you posted!

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Sneak Peek of Paddle Project


I know, some of you just dropped in after reading the news piece about the upcoming Haunted House show at Antebellum on Saturday. I have been posting about the pieces, and will update with a preview of some of the fetish art pieces going on display at the gallery.

Fetish Art Paddles

The boot paddle isn’t quite finished. The last touch will be to wrap the handle in leather. The little wood piece to the left is an experiment to see how well stickers would work on the paddles.


An ongoing topic here at has been what I called “the wood project.” On the site has been a variety of pieces with secret intentions. This is what the fuss has been all about. I’ve been holding off posting final photos until I had some serious pieces about ready to go. These will be going up on Etsy soon and you can see why I’ve talked so much about these.

Catwoman Paddle

This piece so far is my favorite of all the pieces. It needs a final clear coat. It was a lot of work, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

Sherry wanted to go with natural wood colors and use nice hard woods like maple. However, the strongest pieces so far have been the prototype pine paddles which we used to experiment with size and style. The pine pieces have also been easy to work with. The final step will be to do several large runs, but I wanted to do individual hand painted pieces to gauge demand and learn the limitations of paint and ink on wood.

Leather submissive guy in red rope

I know the straight guys aren’t going to be crazy about this piece, but it is aimed at Leathermen and Female Dominants who want sexy looking guys on their walls.

The white on black with added color has had the most dramatic effect, and I really dig it. I’m already planning new pieces and if I had time, I’d do a couple of demon pieces just for the Haunted House show at Antebellum Gallery this weekend. I’ve already got something in mind for next year’s event.

Fetish Boot Paddle

This piece was one of the first I started painting, and it shows the major differences in the media and wood. I could do a red boot on a black paddle, but I feel this works better on the natural finish.

There are two maple paddles with natural wood finish left, and Sherry is determined that there is no way in hell I’m painting them black. Those will be left for the more mainstream graphics for her marketing project she’s been planning. The tricky part is they’ll be fine for a high-end art piece, but we’re still experimenting to see if we can bring the price point down for a larger production run.

Paddle for sissy slaves

And last, we have the sissy slave paddle. This was the second I painted. It’s a little pine paddle that was the first we started working with. The paddle just didn’t cut it as a major piece, but I knew I could craft something cute with some personality for Dommes who love sissy subs. Note the details like the fishnets, butt plug and chains. This piece allowed me to play with some new techniques and have fun.

What direction are we going in? Several actually. The real plan is to do a mass run for a reasonable cost, and do a set of individual hand-painted paddles for Etsy and art shows.

Stay tuned. The next post will feature promotional pieces from the upcoming Haunted House art show at Antebellum art gallery.

Extreme Restraints Fetish Gear

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