Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

Don’t have much time to talk, but I am getting some down time during port protests with the Teamsters. I’d been working on this piece on and off. It started as a portrait, and wasn’t going very well. I turned the chain spiderweb into a space porthole and got inspired.

I call this Femdom art piece Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate, in honor of one of my favorite manga heroes.

My fellow picketers loved it, although, servebot’s sex toys were not complete yet. I actually started the dong as a bong as a little self-censorship until I could get this piece home to complete it.

With luck, I’ll have more this week!

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Happy Halloween!

665 Commission Piece

A commission for 665 leathers. The guy in the back eventually became the artwork for their first t-shirt.

Happy Halloween. I’m going to be on the road tonight with the driving gig, so here’s some pieces from the archives for one of my favorite holidays!

X Rated Halloween Cartoon

Have a Happy and Kinky Halloween!!

Halloween art

Summoning happy Halloween wishes!

Batwinged Rooftop Domina

Play safe tonight!

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When You Do Nothing, How Do You Know When You’re Finished?

Rubber Bicyclist Sketch

I do have a bit of a bicycle fetish

The work weeks have degenerated into waking up in a rage, ready to throw punches, going into the driving job early to fight for drivers as a shop steward, getting harassed by drivers regarding a variety of issues, then actually working the driving job, coming home and fielding phone calls from upset drivers.

Then, I find myself juggling stuff over the weekend, like the art opening last week (yea!!!), the Union meeting the next morning I only had two hours sleep for. I haven’t even had dead time to draw…much.

So, sorry, this has to be a weekend without a big update, but I’ve needed a break. So, I rode over to the Coppercabras Halloween Party and Bike Ride today, then joined my friends from the driving gig for some beer and a pizza while watching the Saints game. I wanted to do the Halloween ride in drag, but with the chaos, that was not meant to be.

New photo of the Grey Mistress bicycle

My ride, A.K.A., the Grey Mistress. The Monster basket came off a year ago, and she’s now got all white tires.

The ride itself was fantastic. Think less spandex and more denim, biker vests and whacked out bicycles. It’s a great thrill to ride in a big group of eccentric riders, and yes, it wasn’t all 40 year old virgins. There are actually quite a few women who also like to ride. Hot women in Halloween costumes.

These are still kicking around, but they’re now getting better paint and cleaned up.

The customizing is reaching new levels. Tallbikes are changing. Now that the OC County Choppers bicycles have been around, they’re getting customized with larger wheels, new paint, stretched frames and ape hanger bars (as it should be). There was a generation of custom bikes a couple years ago where they welded a bmx front to a road bike back end using a second steering set. The front part of the frame would actually pivot side to side depending on where you wanted to go, kind of like a unicycle with adjustable training wheel. These customs were rat-rod style, but I’m now seeing them with fresh paint and cleaner looks.

Spiked Bike Pedals

Of course I did some fetish modifications to the bike, and more are on the way.

The high point of my ride came when I asked one guy about his stretched beach cruiser with ape hangers. He let me take it for a test ride, and it was amazingly comfortable to ride with a lot of power (the more you can stretch your legs out, the more power you can get out of your ride). We were talking shop, and I mentioned Downtown Willy, this guy then mentioned he has his own dungeon and turns out he’s a backer of a place I know in the Valley. I gave him a high-five. Not only does he do custom bikes, but he has a machine shop and did some of the furniture for the dungeon. The guy does night rides on bicycles and I’m going to hang out next week if possible.

I did get a sketch started of a Domme on a bicycle, but that will have to wait a little longer before posting.  I am going to be at the Geek Munch Monday, October 27th, and there is a bunch of stuff going on in November.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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Sneak Peek: Haunted House Antebellum Group Art Show

Created for my friend Mistress Monica of 665 Leathers back when the shop first opened.

Ok, if you’ve been following the site, you’ve already had a look at which of my pieces are going in the show. However, this is going to be a big show featuring over 24 artists, including Michael Manning and the late H.R. Giger.

Antebellum released three promotional invites to the show, and I can share them here on the site.

Antebellum Promotional Invite Featuring Crinblanc

I have to admit, I have no idea who Crinblanc is. A Google search just pops up a foreign film about a white horse. I definitely like the misty feel, the defying of gravity, and dig those boots!

Antebellum promotional invite featuring Bryan Barnes

I love the combination of latex with the mask and pastel flowers. At first, a Google search on Bryan Barnes yielded worse results in an obvious case of mistaken identity. But deeper inspection pulled up BryanBarnesArt.com and points to his youtube page with videos about his fetish photography. Definitely worth checking out!

Antebellum promotional image featuring Renfield

This is the first I’ve seen from the show featuring bondage and nudity. I thought I heard of Renfield through Hyena gallery in Burbank, but I may be thinking of someone else. I did find the artist on Facebook, but he seems to be fairly private. A link to his website simply resulted in a black screen void of content. Hopefully I can find out more at the show about his work.

So, that’s pretty much it until Saturday. There’s a lot to do and get ready for. If more comes up, I’ll keep you posted!

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Sneak Peek of Paddle Project


I know, some of you just dropped in after reading the news piece about the upcoming Haunted House show at Antebellum on Saturday. I have been posting about the pieces, and will update with a preview of some of the fetish art pieces going on display at the gallery.

Fetish Art Paddles

The boot paddle isn’t quite finished. The last touch will be to wrap the handle in leather. The little wood piece to the left is an experiment to see how well stickers would work on the paddles.


An ongoing topic here at Fetish-artist.com has been what I called “the wood project.” On the site has been a variety of pieces with secret intentions. This is what the fuss has been all about. I’ve been holding off posting final photos until I had some serious pieces about ready to go. These will be going up on Etsy soon and you can see why I’ve talked so much about these.

Catwoman Paddle

This piece so far is my favorite of all the pieces. It needs a final clear coat. It was a lot of work, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

Sherry wanted to go with natural wood colors and use nice hard woods like maple. However, the strongest pieces so far have been the prototype pine paddles which we used to experiment with size and style. The pine pieces have also been easy to work with. The final step will be to do several large runs, but I wanted to do individual hand painted pieces to gauge demand and learn the limitations of paint and ink on wood.

Leather submissive guy in red rope

I know the straight guys aren’t going to be crazy about this piece, but it is aimed at Leathermen and Female Dominants who want sexy looking guys on their walls.

The white on black with added color has had the most dramatic effect, and I really dig it. I’m already planning new pieces and if I had time, I’d do a couple of demon pieces just for the Haunted House show at Antebellum Gallery this weekend. I’ve already got something in mind for next year’s event.

Fetish Boot Paddle

This piece was one of the first I started painting, and it shows the major differences in the media and wood. I could do a red boot on a black paddle, but I feel this works better on the natural finish.

There are two maple paddles with natural wood finish left, and Sherry is determined that there is no way in hell I’m painting them black. Those will be left for the more mainstream graphics for her marketing project she’s been planning. The tricky part is they’ll be fine for a high-end art piece, but we’re still experimenting to see if we can bring the price point down for a larger production run.

Paddle for sissy slaves

And last, we have the sissy slave paddle. This was the second I painted. It’s a little pine paddle that was the first we started working with. The paddle just didn’t cut it as a major piece, but I knew I could craft something cute with some personality for Dommes who love sissy subs. Note the details like the fishnets, butt plug and chains. This piece allowed me to play with some new techniques and have fun.

What direction are we going in? Several actually. The real plan is to do a mass run for a reasonable cost, and do a set of individual hand-painted paddles for Etsy and art shows.

Stay tuned. The next post will feature promotional pieces from the upcoming Haunted House art show at Antebellum art gallery.

Extreme Restraints Fetish Gear

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Demon Bondage and Art Fair Recovery

Demon in Bondage

It does feel odd posting this on a Sunday. I finished this last night on the porch of the Tom of Finland Foundation House.

I sometimes wonder if I loose readers when I post men in bondage or fetish gear. From my point of view, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re a woman into Female Domination, a guy in bondage may be exactly what you’re in the mood to see. Sherry did admit to me that she’d like to see more male artwork on the walls, and that does sound like a good idea.

Does it make you gay to look at men in bondage? With my extra sarcastic keyboard, I smite the and say yes. Yes you are gay. Savor it! Look at this guy’s engorged tapersnout! You can’t take your eyes off it! Bathe in it’s cocky glory!

Leatherman art piece sold at Auction for Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Fuck it, on Tom of Finland’s honor, I’m just going to make this all about guys.

Now that I’ve made you a queer kinkster. It’s your duty to visit the Tom of Finland Art Fair next year.  See, I can segway after all.

I’m recovering nicely from volunteering. I’d have gone to day two, but have the driving gig on my plate today. I will admit, the art fair was absolutely not what I thought it would be. The plan turned out to place the artists throughout the gardens of the foundation house, including the terraced back section. Scattered among the bushes, roses, and lemon trees were clown porn, reels of manly photos, gay manga, and buttloads of artwork featuring men whipping it out and stuffing it where the sun don’t shine.

Bondage Art: Muscle Guy with Rope Gag

Wow, I forgot I had this. Damn, I could sell a painting of this guy.

Now, we don’t have Indian summers in Southern California. We have Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee summers. It was 100 degrees in the village of Silverlake. We found ourselves repeatedly hiking up and down the steps to deliver metal displays, seek out electrical sources, and other errands. The most bizarre was when Durk, the foundation’s legendary leader, wanted a canopy built on one of the middle terraces so patrons could relax in the shade. It turned out to be a stone soup kind of victory as volunteers sought out different supplies and erected a hideway made of metal clamps, salvaged poles, and two fistfuls of nylon zip ties.

Naked Man in Bondage for Threshold Mural

Just here for the fuck of it. One of these days I’d like to try this.

And yet, Saturday was a damn success.  The heat added a strange exhausted euphoria. The show gathered a good crowd, some beer sales, and some of art sales of course. Rick Castro of Antebellum had one of the best booths exhibiting bondage photos, paintings, and some cooler than cool hand made biker vests from the days of outlaw gay biker gangs

Michael Kirwan was one of the more well known artists of the show, and had plenty of color ink pieces of everyday men with exaggerated features. However, Sean Platter had some of the most interesting comic art there. While I’ve done some BDSM pieces featuring demons, Platter has has taken it to a level that almost makes me want a double shot of holy water before reading his books. Platter’s color work is fantastic and worthy of double and triple takes.

The most interesting part for me came as I was winding down the evening. Crazy Sharon showed up, and we hadn’t seriously hung out and talked since the 90′s. She’s been a longtime supporter of the foundation. I also met a guy named Mike Thorn of Instigator Magazine. He was exhibiting and very proactive in the terraces. We hit it off right away and I bought some magazines. More on that later. At the end, I was kicking back with my sketchpad on the porch with with cool evening breezes, and the conversations seriously got going with Mike, Sharon and other Tom of Finland supporters.

In progress: Bondage and fetish fun at the leatherman bar

I think it’s time to get this piece finished.

Sharon is a kick, but Michael Thorn is a shotgun with a slight lisp. Highly opinionated, very outspoken, and most of all, right on fucking target with a punch in the shoulder. I learned a lot last night on the porch. It was one of my best nights in a long, long while and an honor.

So, my game plan is to exhibit in 2015. I already have some pieces started, like the devil guy up top, who’s next stop is to become a painting on wood. There’s a lot of work ahead, but I think it will be more than worth it.

Final note, now that you’ve been looking at naked guys and are obviously now gay. Sorry dude, you can’t go back now. Mistress wanted you to be a good cock sucker anyway. But Michael Thorn has this magazine called Instigator, which is full of manly, heavy, fetish, BDSM and hardcore. Thorn describes this as “Alpha Male Fetish,” but any damned good submissive won’t be able to turn away from the dark, deep end of the jizz soaked fetish pool. They can be found at www.instigatormagazine.com, but I suggest buying a copy for the full effect and hardcore advertising.

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Bondage Art: Chain Girl and TOF Art Fair News

Bondage Art: Chain Girl

Soon to be available as part of the fetish art on wood project.

I know, things have been really quiet and lame on this site lately. There is good news. The wood project is to the point where I can finally debut the prototypes and even have them available on Etsy. The pieces are curing in the garage and I should give the catwoman piece another clear coat.

Meanwhile, the Tom of Finland Art Fair is coming up this weekend at the Tom of Finland house in Silverlake. I’m volunteering for Saturday, (which reminds me, I need to call Toni to get on the list). While I haven’t entered the competition, of course I’ll have a portfolio and sketchpad with me. The fair not only features the artist competition, but also exhibits from TOF members, live figure drawing sessions, and I can’t forget the house itself. If you’ve never been to the Tom of Finland Foundation house, it is a must for any fetish art fanatic. It is awash with male nudity (and some female nudity), and acts as a museum dedicated to the live of Touko “Tom of Finland” Laaksonen.

For a preview of what’s in store at the art fair, click here: http://tomoffinlandfoundation.org/foundation/EAW-LA/2014/ArtistImages/Default.htm

With that, have a great day. I’ve got to head off to work and get moving before the cat interrupts my post.

Extreme Restraints Fetish Gear

Bondage Gear and More at Extreme Restraints

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Dominatrix Calendars and Fetish Film Festivals

Some folks have expressed interest in the calendars from the archives. The dates on the 1998 calendar line up with 2015, making this ideal for kinky art collectors. Click here to purchase.

I am quickly loosing it. The new shift itself is great, but has left me little time in the morning, and I’m now competing with my cat for a few moments with the laptop.

So let me knock this out quickly.

665 Commission Piece

Calendars rotate, allowing us to recycle older calendars for new years. I’ve done this myself with art calendars I really liked. This year, 1998 lines up with 2015, and I’ve placed the last of the 1998 calendars from the archives up for sale on Etsy. Click here to check it out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/203525238/mature-dominatrix-calendar.

January 1999 drawing for the Dominatrix Calendar

From the ’98 calendar

This weekend is the Antebellum Film Festival. While I can’t make the whole event, I’m planning on dropping by Saturday. The event features the premier of Folsom Forever, along with Pan Play Decadence, The Chauffeur, and more. Doors open at 7:00 P.M. There is a door charge of $25 per day, although you can do $10 per movie. For a detailed schedule of the festival, check out http://antebellumgallery.blogspot.de/2014/09/1st-annual-antebellum-filmfestival.html

One last pic. I’ll have pics of the latest this weekend!

I was going to post about the Geekmunch, which tends to be the last Monday in September, but I just found out they moved it to last Monday. That’s it. I’m done for today. I’m tired of the cat biting me and will have more either in the evening or towards the weekend. Later alligators!!!

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Fan Art In Progress: Catwoman Bondage

This is from the ongoing wood project. One of the prototypes sold, but only if I put artwork on both sides of the piece. You’ve seen this one from behind.

NSFW: Kinky Catwoman Sketch

You remember the front now, right? Or is it the back, technically? It is certainly her backside. Short form is I already had her butt on one side, he wanted her front on the other. The paddle also had a knot that he wanted incorporated into the artwork.

While all this looks crude, these are the pieces on tracing paper before they get transferred to the wood.

Oh, I’ve also got some good news.

Miss October from Dominatrix Calendar 1995

Miss October from Dominatrix Calendar 1995

Rick Castro from the Antebellum fetish art gallery in Hollywood specifically asked for this piece above for his Halloween show in October. He likes my batwinged Dominatrixes.

Celtic Strapon. Gender bent Femdom artwork from the Dominatrix Calendar Gallery

Mistress April from Dominatrix Calendar 2000.

I gave him two additional options. Mistress April above, which includes some gender bending along with the Gothic and supernatural tones.

Femdom Color drawing for 665 leathers back in the mid 1990's

Mistress July from Dominatrix Calendar 1998.

And Mistress July, A.K.A., 665. This piece was created for 665, leather from hell, when their address was 665. The “right next door to hell” irony was so funny, they had to incorporate it into their name. The greater irony is a church was across the street, but used the address of the cross street.

But I digress, the good news is Rick wants me to bring all three! Now maybe they’ll all go on display, maybe none will appear, but this is a fantastic start! The show is October 18th at Antebellum. I’ll have more details as they come, and more announcements soon!

BDSM, Femdom, and Bondage at Fetish Movies

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Mistress’ Femdom Party

Mistress Femdom Party with facesitting, strap-on, sissies and spanking

Yes, I do have fantasies about this sort of thing. Don’t you? :-) Available now on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/202739591/mature-mistress-femdom-party

I’ve been crazy, but I’m all right now… sort of. Sorry it’s been so long.

Truth be told, I’ve been a little burned out. Most of my adventures lately have been mundane. BBQ for Labor Day, running antenna and networking cable under the house, landscaping. What really put me in the vanilla zone was the union contract vote.

But, little by little I’d sit and ink in Mistress’ Femdom Party. Sometimes, inking is more relaxing than penciling. When you’re sketching, you have to think about where the drawing is going. When I ink, I can focus on simple details, like the cock on the guy in the facesitting chair, or clothespins on the latex sissy’s arms.

I’d been stressing getting something ready this week, but I was thinking about that while working on this piece, and realized it was about done. What a great coincidence.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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