Fetish Art Paddle Gallery

This is now going up permanently in the gallery section, but I wanted to show it off on the front page first.

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DomCon Time: It’s D-Day!

Doing a color version of Kinky Foxes for DomCon. Not quite finished, but almost there. I think I’m gonna stick with red highlights as opposed to coloring the whole piece

I know, you’re thinking, but wait! DomCon doesn’t officially open to the public until Friday. This is true, but there are a couple of parties and the red carpet social for the Dommes is tonight. I’ve also got to set up my booth. So I’ll be heading over this afternoon.

One of the freebies I was handing out at the munch.

Meanwhile, I have news, more than I can keep track of. Yes, I did the Sherman Oaks Munch on Tuesday at Sportsman’s Lodge, and if you missed it, you missed out on me handing out free goodies.

Valentine fetish art paddles drying after a spray of clear coat

These have been on display at Antebellum fetish art gallery since February. Many kind thanks to Rick Castro for letting me show them at the space, and for a lovely tea yesterday. These will be available and on display at DomCon this weekend.

Wednesday night I was at Rick Castro’s Antebellum fetish art gallery for his Tea salon. I got to meet Renfield as he was heading out. Complete shock as I did not picture him to look like that at all. I’ll let you savor the mystery of his appearance. Rick’s friends Andrew and Damiana (I hope I have her name right) were there and Rick had me sit right in the big rocking chair at the end of the table. It was a good fit. We talked shop, we talked about DomCon, and towards the end, he suggested I bring the paddles we’ve had on display to the convention.

This will also be on display at DomCon as a greeting card. Look for a men in bondage card listing coming soon to Etsy.

Because these two paddles are paper on wood, it turns out my work was starting to come undone on the upper edges. Not so bad for art, really bad for something that may get used on someone’s ass, even if it’s not the paper side. So I spent last night putting on two coats of Modge Podge and making sure those spots stay down for good. They got sprayed with acrylic clear coat this morning and are curing before DomCon.

Catwoman in Bondage Paddle

Speaking of paddles. I just gave this one another clear coat and she’ll be at DomCon too!

I have to admit, there may not be a lot of new art at the show. But I’m planning to dedicate most of the table space to greeting cards and stickers. There will be a lot of new cards on display, the paddles. Original 11×14′s will be $20 and I’ll also have the quick sketch drawings up for only $10.

On display as greeting cards at DomCon this weekend

So please come. It’s gonna be great. There’s a lot of parties, classes, demos, and a lot of opportunities to meet and play with kinky people.

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Fetish Art Book Review: California Deathrock

Note: I don’t typically cover photography, because there’s so much of it. Everyone with a digital camera and a computer seem to want to be a fetish photographer now. Here’s to two pioneers who kicked this off back in the days of film and photocopied zines.

 Cover of California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Last week, I got word that Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood were doing a signing at La Luz De Jesus in Hollywood. Actually, I thought it was a full on art show. The driving gig ended early and I decided to shoot down to check out the show.

Cover girl Malice Mcmunn with Amelia G and Forrest Black for California Deathrock signing

Turns out it was a simple book signing back in the gallery for their new book, California Deathrock. This books looks back on 25 years of covering what we causally label the goth scene today, but was really more of a multi-faceted counter culture brewed at clubs and concerts with music you’d most likely never hear on the radio.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Most of these photos are fully clothed. There’s a lot of studs, corsets, fishnet, wild hair and eye makeup. It’s not much of a toss-off kind of book, or even an edgey soft porn type piece, and that’s ok. There’s a few, really hot nudes included from the set of Blue Blood, but the majority of the pics are from photo booths Amelia and Forrest set up at various clubs over the years. Some of the photos are downright romantic, with couples posing together. There aren’t many stars, but there are a lot of familiar faces if you spent nights at places like Bar Sinister, Club Hell, Fang Club, or Perversion.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Heck, it’s downright tasteful for having the name Deathrock in the title, and worthy of any coffee table. Just set down a bottle of jagger nearby. After my mom got over the a shocking photo or two of a guy screaming or giving the finger, she’d have to admit, many of the photos are downright pretty. Even many of the guys are downright pretty.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Which gets me to another point, which I really love about this scene compared to others. My wardrobe is pretty limited, but even I make an effort to dress up a bit when I go to these places. Most guys think of dressing up as either suiting up, or putting on their best t-shirt with a logo on it. I find it disturbing to be in any club where the women have gone to huge efforts to put on heels, dresses, corsets, and doll up in theme and the dudes didn’t dress up.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

California Deathrock rewards the guys who made an effort. I don’t mean drag, but where Amelia and Forrest shot, the guys kept in theme. There’s a lot of wild hair, unique jewelry, leather, studded belts, and attention to detail that shows that the guys care just as much about this scene as the women do.

The signing went well for a Friday night in Hollywood. It reminded me of the day they hand out yearbooks at high school. Most of the crowd were actually in the book, and were signing each other’s books. At first, I was very shy. I gathered up the courage to say hi. Amelia was glad to put a face to my name from Facebook and Twitter and told me how they sorted through 3000 of their favorite photographs to create this limited edition book. It was a crowdfunded project, and they had extras. So placing at La Luz was a win-win. Forrest and I talked shop about Marquis, art, and he even was even intrigued what it was like to be an artist working a driving job. I had never thought about it before. They even gave me tips on how to do more with Instagram, but that’s a post for later.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

So, a hardcover book of 172 great photos of surprisingly colorful people into dark music, lots of eyeliner, guyliner, studs, corsets piercings, and occasional boobs. This was a short run. There’s no telling how long copies will last. Snatch it up if you can. Who knows, you might even be in the book. Go directly to CaliforniaDeathrock.com to get a copy.

For the latest on Amelia and Forrest’s adventures, go to BlueBlood.net for the SFW stuff and BlueBlood.com for the saucy stuff we love so much.

Final note: Hope you liked the review. An order came in and I’m getting ready for the DomCon weekend. I’m gonna try to make it out for the party Thursday night. Update coming soon, and SFW posts are up on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Fetish Artist Tour on Instagram

The Fetish Artist workshop

The “workshop” where I convert the pen and ink art into color via an antiquated mac with old software. But, it works!

Social networking and I have an uneasy relationship. As a publicist, I once had a huge list of “social networks” that I kept clients on. Half of them were slow and difficult to use, many simply were not worth keeping up with. Some don’t even allow marketing (which is why I held off on Fetlife for so long, because the TOS would not let me sell my artwork).

So, I’ll hold off on joining a network unless there’s a compelling reason. I’m only on Facebook for personal stuff and union business now because I can’t separate the fetish business stuff. Same goes for Google plus, which banned one of my posts for simply saying the word fetish. Last week, a buddy of mine was asking why I wasn’t on Instagram. I admitted, I was holding off, and that Twitter pretty much handled everything I needed for that.

He talked me into it, and he still hasn’t followed me back *growl*. But I’m trying to make the most of it. The biggest difference I’ve seen between Instagram and Twitter is you can upload pics on Twitter from your cell, but you have to upload your pics from your cell to Instagram. So, I either photograph and upload everything I draw from my cell, or I find another reason to take Instagram pictures. I also have to censor my Instagram pics for TOS reasons. I mean seriously, I don’t know how half you folks haven’t been kicked off of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram just for gratuitous anal sex pics and twat shots.

A tour of the Fetish-artist.com household seems to be in order. I’ve started taking phone photos of parts of the house where I have fetish art hanging, and post a pic to Instagram every couple of days. It’s a good start, and as I keep working on art in progress, I can take cropped pics to upload.

If you’re on Instagram, I can be found at http://instagram.com/fetishartist. Come check it out. If not, I’m also sending the posts over to Twitter at http://twitter.com/fetishartist

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Fetish Art News: Ernest Greene’s Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

Ernest Greene's Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

Ernest Greene’s Master of O, illustrated by Fernando. Click the graphics to learn more about the book and to buy online.

We could technically call this an exclusive breaking story, but is it really an exclusive if I’m the one writing the press release? Famed fetish pornographer Ernest Greene and his porn star legend wife, Nina Hartley will be signing at Domcon LA at the Stockroom booth.

Ernest Greene's Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

Poker night from Ernest Greene’s Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

They’ll be reading excerpts live on the main stage, answering questions about the book. Ernest hasn’t offered me a copy, but then again, I didn’t have a chance to ask. However, I’ve seen samples of the illustrations on his Fetlife profile and got his permission last week to post samples of the artwork by Fernando.

Ernest Greene's Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

Many times, I’ll see photos of suspension bondage, but it’s rare I’ll see suspension bondage and fucking. Glad it’s included in the book. Ernest Greene’s Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

Fernando’s got some good work in Master of O, and I do get a feel for the power and prestige going on in the story. It’s about a wealthy criminal attorney who gets hooked up with a photographer looking for a master. He becomes obsessed and determined to have her. According to the site, Greene’s story reveals hidden challenges and secrets of being a dominant master.

Ernest Greene's Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

I saved one of my favorite pics from the book for last. Ernest Greene’s Master of O, Illustrated by Fernando

For the moment, I’ll have to take his word for it, but not for long. Come say hi at Domcon, where he and Nina will be singing May 15th at 3:00 PM, May 16th at 3:00 PM, and May 17th at 2:00 PM. To get a sneak preview or just outright buy the book now, go to www.MasterOfO.com

But don’t miss out, Domcon LA is going to be big, and I’ll be there with my artwork too. It’s at the Hilton LAX. May 13th & 14th will be dedicated to BDSM professionals talking shop. May 15-17th will be open to the kinky public at large with signings, bondage gear vendors, classes, demonstrations and some kick ass parties. Check out www.DomconLA.com to get the juicy details.

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Femdom Art in Progress: Demoness’ Dungeon

Femdom Art in Progress: Demoness Dungeon

Directly from my Moleskine sketchbook. Hard to believe this is only 3 inches high.

Back in December, right after Christmas, I took the subway to Hollywood to walk around and do a little shopping. One of my finds was a two pack of Moleskine sketchbooks at a artist bookshop. I’ve kept one in my pocket since and they’ve been very handy when my sketchpad feels too conspicuous.

So this little piece of Femdom art got started a few weeks ago. I would have posted it sooner, but my smartphone went into a coma last Friday and boy was I pissed!

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

Link to cards coming soon.

In good news, after the San Fernando Valley munch today, I went over to Kinkos and printed out some cards of Wand Rider. I’ll be putting greeting cards of Wand Rider in a variety pack on Etsy and they’ll be available on Etsy.

Monday is the Geekmunch at Denny’s in Sherman Oaks. I’ll be bringing cards, art and stickers. Maybe I’ll see you there.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

By the way, Extreme Restraints is having a sale on a variety of toys ranging from fucking machines to enema products. It’s a good time to shop around.

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Femdom Art in Progress: Let’s Go!

Femdom Art Short Domme tall submissive

I’m thinking of calling this one either “Let’s Go” or “Hey There!”

Had a great time over at the Tom of Finland Foundation. There was a big turnout of great artists, and Tom’s house offered a big spread of snacks. We were drawing outside in two covered areas so it was intimate and open at the same time.

The downside this month was Miguel was having the models do mostly leisurely poses. He even mentioned Degas when describing a position. Sounds great for a fine artist doing simple nudes, but it’s not my thing. The rest of the artist were fine with it, and who knows, maybe they got a little naughty before I left early to meet with the union stewards to discuss a possible strike on the driving gig.

I got a few good poses to work with, and while the models were reclining leisurely, I took advantage of the quiet time to fill in some of the sketches I had started. What’s above is one of them. Miguel simply had him standing there, looking down, and yes, he was that damned tall!

I’m dedicating this piece to the short Dommes, including @enkaboots. Enka draws the huge Japanese women towering over men so short that I’m afraid someone might get the wrong impression if I post a sample of her drawings on my site. I know, chances are, Enka is probably a little short. So I wanted to show the tables could be turned, yet the Domme could still easily be in control. I keep smiling as I keep working on this piece, so I know it’s got potential.

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WTF! Tom of Finland Workshop and Catching up.

Femdom Art: Domination 3 Way

The Tom of Finland drawing workshop is today. Even though I’m working with male models, doesn’t limit the work to gay art. This piece started with the guy on the chair, and I added everything in after.

The scale of things that have gone wrong and sideways has gone out of control. For us, it started last weekend when our trip to pick up a band saw turned into a comedy of errors. Just changing a flat tire required three AAA guys. Wednesday morning, I found someone bent the bumper in on Sherry’s truck so far that it looked like the tire would not turn right. That same day I got put on administrative leave at the driving job, and found out my buddy who came to visit the SMUT art show went down on his motorcycle, breaking his arm and headlight on the bike.

Cuir Rider

In honor of my friend Dave. Get well soon buddy!

It’s like an angel of heaven decided to blow on the What the Fuck! horn of revelations! Did I mention the union called me out of the blue to say we may be going on strike next week!?

I do have some good news though. The stickers did very well at SMUT. So well that I dropped a line to my friends at C&D Visionary aka Electric Inks to see if I could do a professional run of stickers. They’re game!

Batwing Girl designed for club

This is the first sticker I’m going to have printed. I just need to make some alterations about the line quality.

To find out which was most popular, I simply checked how many I had left. Batwing Bondage Girl had the least leftovers, and the most compliments. So I’ll make the lines on the wings a little thicker, and have them printed up on vinyl.

In fetish art news, the folks over at Oglaf have collaborated with Dinasour Comics to do a special guest comic strip for Oh Joy Sex Toy. It is well written, with great artwork by the Oglaf crew and color by Erika. Like most of Oh Joy Sex Toy, it’s fun and you’ve got to see it. It’s about exploring sexual fetishes and the three greatest safe for work fetishes, or how to get your jollies off in public without getting arrested or blocked on youtube :-)

Check it out here at: http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/three-greatest-sfw-fetishes-by-trudy-ryan

Girls with Guitars: Betty

Just to keep in theme.

Coming ahead. Sister Sin has announced that they are about to tour the United States. I believe dates will be announced this week. So be ready to rock out to what I’ve called Femdom metal. They really kick ass!

Sportsman’s Lodge is now home to a munch again! The Sherman Oaks munch has decided to change their venue to the River Rock restaurant and bar at the Sportsman’s Lodge. This is huge news for those of us who have partied many times at the lodge. It was home to Kane and Carenna’s social before they founded Lair De Sade. The date is coming up this Tuesday, April 14th. With all the insanity, I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I will try. For details, go to https://fetlife.com/groups/19693/group_posts/6878646

Here’s hoping things get better for everyone very soon.

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SMUT a Success!!

Booth at SMUT An Art Show for Your Kinky Side

I’ve been typing for about half an hour on social media here and there about SMUT last night. We’re still trying to round up some photos. I got a shot of my booth, but held back on photographing the rooms and crowds because I got overwhelmed with attendees and I try to respect guests who don’t want to be photographed at shows like this.

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

The most popular piece in the whole show! Yet, no takers. And this wasn’t front and center. It was in the lower left corner and dozens of guests pointed at it and said “I love it!” This will get added to the card sets available at Domcon.

But it was awesome! The show was a huge success. Two friends from outside the scene dropped by to check it out, and they stayed until closing! They were there after I left! Honestly, I thought some of the entertainment would be seen as old or dated, like the grinder girl dance, but the crowd just ate up the performance as sparks flew across the main floor and the energy in the place was fantastic.

This piece found a good home at the art show. It is rare that originals move at night club events. So I’m very pleased Fetish Boot in Latex Dungeon was adopted.

On the downside, I think I was one of the few artists who sold, but they just simply put pieces up, walked away, and didn’t have a way to make the art more accessible like selling prints. Most customers for events like this are low-end buyers, but they are great for impulse buys. I’m thinking of doing an article about this on the safe for work wordpress blog. There were some really good pieces out there, but they weren’t set to move quickly.

BDSM Art: Sadistic Skyline

This was the other original that found a new home. It too, was very popular. Cards of this also were in demand. I’m very pleased.

I loved the crowd. As I was breaking down to leave early (had to be at a Union meeting in the morning), a young woman walked by wearing a sign that said “Ask to draw me nude,” she was depressed there were no takers, but within about 10 minutes she found someone and leisurely reclined in a Downtown Willy metal spider web throne. She said she had been fantasizing about this for ages, and was so glad to find someone. I think she may be looking for more of this in the future.

More later, Domcon is coming, and no doubt Rick Castro over at Antebellum has something in the works soon.

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SMUT Around the Corner and Many Kind Thanks

Red Rider: Latex Strap-on Femdom on Bicycle

I find it a bit ironic Red Rider would get snatched up before CicLAvia

I don’t have much time, and I have fewer brain cells this morning, but wanted to say thank you to a few people. Thank you to Lilly over at Etsy for giving Red Rider a new home. She’s getting some free cards and stickers along with the original piece.

Rubber Bicyclist Sketch

I really need to get this on canvas and under way…

This was right before CicLAvia San Fernando Valley, which was fantastic. They closed off Lankershim and Ventura Blvd in North Hollywood and Studio City to automotive traffic, leaving bicyclists, pedestrians and others to play freely in the street. I posted photos on my facebook page, and was debating posting them here. Not much fetish going on, but I’m thinking we should start a leather contingent for the next event.

Bondage art: Girl in the Ropekini

The Ropekinki, as presented in Miss Cassie’s rope classes

Special thanks to Miss Allison Leigh, Mistress Cyan, and Miss Cassie. SMUT is this Saturday, and thanks to them I’ll be showing at the event. Leigh is squeezing me in. I’ll have a table right next to Miss Cassie so I can still help Cassie out. I’ll have cards, stickers and original art. I’m also grateful to Miss Leigh for including me on the SMUT event page on Facebook this week.

Slave Shoe Fetish Art

BTW, did you folks know the original is only $20 on Etsy. Click here to purchase

A note to petdj on Fetlife. The 20 card variety back will be ready at SMUT, and I’ll be adding it to Etsy after I get some rest. I’m very grateful for the suggestion and happy that someone was so eager to get greeting cards of my artwork, including Slave Shoe up above.

See you Satuday!!!

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