Tomorrow becomes Sunday

Good bye Dog and Pony Show. It was nice to have met you. Had a great time at the opening. I was glad to be there for Midori’s Pink Japan presentation. Keith’s Taming of the Beast night was… interesting.

Ready Boy? Doggie Play Spanking Paddle

I may be taking this home tonight. We’ll see how the party goes.

Tonight is the closing party for the Dog and Pony fetish art show. I’m tempted to stop and get a cheese tray a long the way.  To be honest, I’ll be glad when this is over. It has been a longass month and I’m glad to be moving on to something fresh and new.

Mistress and Trans Angel Femdom art from the Dominatrix Calendar Gallery

Now available on Etsy. Click image to buy

I’m planning on dropping by for Threshold’s Tease! party afterwards, a gender-bent play party.  I’m bringing my cat stuff for the art show and that will fit in nicely at the party.

Bondage art: Girl in the Ropekini

Just a reminder, Midori’s Japanese rope bondage workshop is tomorrow, Sunday, August 30th at Antebellum. Tickets are available at

Leatherman Bondage Art: Horny Devils

September 17-20th, is the Antebellum Fetish Film Festival. I made it for Saturday’s screenings last year and it was a fun night. The screenings run 7:00 P.M. to Midnight. Go to for details.

Femdom Art: Mistress Arcadia, Space Pirate

I’m going to try to make it out for at least a couple of Threshold parties in September, and I want to drop by Venus Femdom night at Lair De Sade on September 18th.

SMUT poster and flyer art in progress. I scanned in the 3 inch sketch, created a file 14 inches high, and printed it at Kinkos. Then brought it over to the light table and sketched it onto bristol.

We’re still on for SMUT, Art Show For Your Kinky Side coming October 16th at Sanctuary LAX.

Click here to check out the profile on Instagram

The instagram posts are doing well. I’m almost having too much fun with it. The major difference is I have to crop the images before posting. The uncensored stuff will last here. That’s pretty much all that’s fit to print. It’s time to sprint. Party on! Web Cams

By the way, meet our new publicity client, Chaturbate. I’ll explain more later.

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Last Week’s Adventure

Dark horse of the apocalypse working the door. Mask by Keith Hunter

So a few weeks ago, Rick from Antebellum sends me an e-mail asking if I’ll work the door while wearing a dead horse mask for Keith Hunter’s Taming of the Beast performance art show.

I figure, sure, why not? It will help the art from Dog and Pony Show on display get more attention. Sounds like a good idea.

Antebellum is less than one block down from Hollywood Blvd. We not only get past by tourists going to their cars, but also by the tour buses spouting trivia such as Miceli’s, the oldest Italian restaurant in Hollywood (as opposed to talking about the movie stars that would be there, how Marlon Brando auditioned for Streetcar Named Desire next door, etc). I’m propped in the doorway dressed in black with Keith’s dead horse mask before the show starts.

I got to hang out with my buddy. His name is Anubis, and he was created by Fetish Diva Midori. I call him Anoobs, cuz we’re buds.

The response I got was even weirder than the dog mask the previous week. Some people thought I was a statue until I stood and waved. Women freaked out. One surly looking short guy with a beard came walking right up and just stared at me. And of course, middle age men start coming up to attend Keith’s show.

Cowgirl on a Jet Horse

Just keeping with the horsey theme.

Rick has been very specific. We close the doors at a certain time, the show starts, no one gets in past a certain point. Of course, the show starts a little late. One guy makes it in just after things kick off. Keith’s partner has this horned head mask and furry accents. Keith comes in wearing a renaissance headdress with scarves draping down his body. I caught flashes of angel wings and at the end, Keith has chained the beast to one of Antebellum’s walls.

I’m expecting this to be a couple of hours. It ended much sooner than I thought, and Rick was of the same frame of mind. Like one’s first time, it was over much quicker than expected, and we were left with awkward stares for the rest of the night. Keith was very personally engaged in conversation with the attendees. But Rick and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. We were locking up about ten at night, as Hollwood’s amateur tourist hour was kicking into high gear.

Demon in Bondage

So I go from this masculine gay performance art, to a very straight night at a BDSM club. Welcome to the worlds I pass through.

I debated going to Bar Sinister, but even dressed in black, didn’t quite look the part. Maybe if Keith let me borrow the horse head for the night, it would have worked. So I dropped by Lair De Sade before heading home. Lair was holding Unfettered, a play party open to almost any orientation, but it was a very fem sub looking evening.

Bondage Art: Chain Girl

I grabbed a seat on the back patio and hung out with Tony Bones talking shop. Across from us a topless sub was reclining leisurely. There were some very lovely naked ladies being led by their Masters back and forth into rooms to play. Kane came by to say hello. Orpehus dropped by, and I got to tell his sub Indigo about the Black Gay Erotica show.

Submissive fem Bondage art for B&D Pleasures

The day had been in triple digit heat, so by this time things were actually comfortable as I sat there with the sketch pad and worked on a few doodles. Long after the bars had closed, the Lair was still going. Some went to eat and came back before dawn. As a woman lay across her friend’s chair, getting the marks on her ass massaged, I realized I was no longer sitting, but in that stage where my body was trying to convince me to sleep in the chair. I called it a night, but even at home my dreams were still of lounging at the Lair. Web Cams


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Calendar and Schedule Changes

Cuir Rider

Playing with some art from the archives today

Top of the list. I will not be showing at the LA Comic Expo at The Reef this Sunday, August 23rd. If I’m lucky, I might be able to come check it out. The guy I show with isn’t coming. In other news of where I will not be, the driving gig has new schedules out. While I still have a 4 day work week, I’m not going to be able to make it to Geekmunch for a while and probably won’t be able to do the Sherman Oaks Munch unless I get off really early.

What this means though, is I will have the opportunity to visit Antebellum for tea on Wednesdays, and Miss Cassie’s Rope Classes at Lair De Sade. Of course I’ll be bringing the sketch pad so you can see the latest.

Speaking of Antebellum, great stuff continues there in August and September. Fetish Diva Midori has to pick up the frame for Anubis from the Dog and Pony Show (it is still for sale, make them an offer). While she’s at Antebellum, Midori is presenting Heart of Shibari, a Japanese rope bondage workshop for couples on Sunday, August 30th. The class is $100 per couple and the workshop is limited to only eight couples. This is a rare opportunity to work closely with one of the best bondage experts in the world. To sign up, go to

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Puppies and Ponies needed!

You may be cool, but are you dark horse of the apocalypse reading a Juxtapoz at the Antebellum Fetish Art Gallery in Hollywood cool? Be cool, be your pony or puppy self and come to Antebellum’s Dog and Pony Fashion Show film shoot.


The time for this has been moved to 7pm. The shoot will be at Antebellum, 1643 N. Las Palmas Ave in Hollywood. Phone number for the gallery is 323-856-0667.

Photographer and film maker Eric Minh Swenson is shooting a short film called Dog and Pony Fashion Show at Antebellum Fetish Art Gallery on Wednesday, August 19th. They need as many pony play and puppy play people in their animal finest dress and tack for the shoot.

To be a dog star, or a pony celebrity, contact Rick Castro of Antebellum ASAP at for details.


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Quick Update: Art For Sale At Antebellum

Dog and Pony Show poster art for Antebellum Fetish Art Gallery

Poster art created for Dog and Pony Show. Original has some color and silver gel pen touches. This piece is available for $200. Contact Rick Castro at to purchase.

It just dawned on me, I showed the photos, and you’ve even seen sneak peeks at the art, but I haven’t been specific how much my pieces at Antebellum are or what the final pieces look like. Both pieces Rick requested are currently on display at the gallery.

Ready Boy? Doggie Play Spanking Paddle

Ready Boy? Doggie play spanking paddle available at Antebellum gallery for $125. Contact Rick Castro at to purchase.

The padde is signed and numbered, X-10 out of the prototype paddle series. Since the original sketch was done directly on the paddle, there are no plans to use this artwork to make reproductions. Even though the artist retains all copyrights, no scans of the artwork have been done, only a couple of photos of the paddle itself.

Broken Heart poster in window of Antebellum in Hollywood

The Broken Heart poster art on display back in February. Rick last had a price tag of $3000 on it. I’m not sure if he’s sticking with that price or will take a lower offer. While not on display, the 14×17 piece is still available. Contact Rick at to purchase.

It should also be mentioned that the original Broken Heart poster artwork is still at Antebellum gallery. While not on display, Rick will most likely take an offer on the piece. For all of these pieces, contact Rick Castro to purchase at or 323-856-0667


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Dog and Pony Show Opening Photos

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Dog and Pony Show. A Word About Michael Manning


Dog and Pony Show Posters by Michael Manning Are For Sale. Click Photo to order

Click photo to order poster.

Got home from work, went into garage, and started sanding paddles. Before I turn around, I’ll have another request for one. So I jumped on that today.

There’s something serious I need to say about the Dog and Pony Show, and Michael Manning. Rick Castro asked Manning to curate the event. While there are many artists there, Manning worked hard to put this together and brought a lot of pieces. He literally has thousands of dollars worth of originals at Antebellum for sale.

Most of you reading this site, can’t afford hundreds of dollars for a large Manning original. On the other hand, Manning did a limited edition poster run for the event. He made 60 18″ x 24″ prints on archival paper. Last I recall, 12 are for sale at Antebellum for $100 each. Manning also has them for sale for about the same price at!product/prd1/4247547405/dog-%26-pony-show-limited-edition-poster

So if you couldn’t make it to the show, love Michael’s artwork, and really seriously want a collector’s item of fetish art. Please at least consider getting a poster to support Manning and Antebellum.

Best wishes always,


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Quick Pics from Dog and Pony Show

Rick Castro of Antebellum with Fetish Artist

Rick and I in the doggie mask. Am I the only one who sees the white butt plug on the face of this mask?

The Dog and Pony Show reception was huge. The artwork will be on display through the month. I worked the door for Rick in the doggie mask. We’re standing in front of artwork by Michael Manning.

Rick Castro has gathered some great photos. I still need to send in some from my cell, and we’re still corralling pics from friends and attendees to share. Click here to see what he’s got:

More about the show and good news about Michael Manning later this week.

It has been very busy. Midori’s Pink Japan on Sunday was great. Kind of like a sexy TED talk with photos. She also brought a nice collection of smut available to the audience.

Yesterday, I sent out the press release for EQUUS, the international pony play exhibition. You can find the story on Marquis, or go directly to EQUUS for more details on the event.

More to come!



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Gas Mask Fun

So, it’s amazing what you can do with found stuff, especially broken stuff. When at Pangaea, Zed’s Threads was showing at the SMUT art room. Among his finished pieces was surplus stuff, including this tore up gas mask that I got for a decent price.

I began playing around with it the next day. I could create a leather hood and glue it on, maybe add in some spikes or paint it a strange color. I mean it’s already trashed, what’s a little paint gonna hurt?

Maybe a gas mask candle holder?

Then it hit me, hey, try it on upside down!?

Look! I’m an industrial apocalyptic unicorn!

This is just freaky and fun at the same time. Look for more of this to come in the future.

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Puppy Play Paddle

Puppy Play Paddle in Progress for Dog and Pony Show

Here’s how it’s been going down. I sketched on the paddle in watercolor pencil, then did some line art with pen, then filled in space with white acrylic paint. The final move is to fill in with ink and spray coat the paddle.

Things are starting to get pretty silly regarding the Dog and Pony Show at Antebellum. This may be a good sign though, as this means there’s a lot going on. Last Sunday, I turned in the poster art for Rick. I have no idea if it’s even in the window or if he just wanted it around. I was just glad to have completed it and feel pretty proud about the piece.

Poster art for Dog and Pony Show. Original has some color and silver gel pen touches.

Then, Rick e-mailed me asking if I could be the door man for the evening, in a doggie mask. Despite being a cat person, as an artist, I’ve got to say this is a pretty gonzo and ballsy thing to do. So hell yeah, count me in.

And on Friday, Rick e-mails me, asking if I can do a puppy paddle for the show.

Now hold everything. Remember, two weeks ago I found out I couldn’t be in the show. I had to drop everything, make new plans. That’s why I jumped to show at Pangaea. It is days before the show. The leatherman paddle took about three weeks. Two of those weeks were spent adding spray coats and finish.

But, this is about taking what I do seriously. Art is also about experimentation and finding your limits. I made no promises, but told Rick I’d take a stab at it.

So Sunday, while recovering from Pangaea, I finished sanding one of blank paddles I have, and sketched out something directly on the paddle with blue watercolor pencil (a technique I just learned about at Continental Supply in Reseda). Later, I began adding ink outlines. After dinner I added white acrylic paint. That was dry by the time I had laundry going, so I kept inking. It’s still in progress, but I should have a few clear coats on it by Saturday.




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