Good news on galleries

X-24penispaddleI’ve wrapped my head around part of the gallery problem. It looks like the code for the images was wiped, but the files are in tact and the gallery pages are still present.

Short form is this isn’t as much work as it could be. The paddle gallery is already back up, even with an update. By the way, My Penis paddle sold last night at Antebellum. Ready Boy? on the left is getting a finishing touch and will be heading back to Antebellum.

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Something’s Wrong With The Site

There’s a piece that needs to go up on Etsy, but I wasn’t sure if there was a high rez scan, so I went to the gallery page to get a reference for when I published it.

And all my gallery images are gone.


I think I know what happened. A couple of months ago, WordPress updated. It looks like all the images from the galleries has been wiped. The shortcodes are present on the page, but the art files are gone.


I did not need this right now.

Please bear with me. I’ll get on this over the weekend, along with the SMUT poster for October 21st, the Antebellum group show this Saturday, finishing episode two of 4 Minutes of Fetish, trying to fix my car door and getting over this damned chest cold.

It may stop, but it never ends.

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Rick Castro Sold My Penis!


Rick’s Instagram photo of My Penis paintings at the Tom of Finland 2016 Art Fair. He used a blacklight, which gave them an eerie green glow. The one on the right sold on Saturday.

It has been very hard to keep up and things are only going to move faster. Let’s start off with the obvious. Rick Castro sold My Penis!

My Penis is the name of two glow in the dark pieces for the Antebellum Halloween group show. One is on a paddle, and the other is on canvas board. Rick brought them to the Tom of Finland Art fair this weekend as part of his exhibit in the Tom of Finland dungeon. I dropped by Saturday evening and Rick gave me the good news.

There’s some really great stuff of the fair on Instragram. I suggest checking out

I didn’t exhibit at TOF this year. I wanted to check out art, hang out and relax a bit, and to be honest, I’m glad I did. I haven’t been feeling well lately. I got to support the event by making a donation and buying drinks. The foundation house is looking even better this year too! They’ve remodeled the garden with additional fountains and shaded areas to relax. It’s quite inspirational. I’d like to try some of this with my own back yard in the future.

Working on the SMUT poster while at Sharon's party. I'd post more on my Twitter or Instagram, but I'm sure the entire apartment violates Terms of Service and is not 2257 complaint for model releases :-)

Working on the SMUT poster while at Sharon’s party. I’d post more on my Twitter or Instagram, but I’m sure the entire apartment violates Terms of Service and is not 2257 complaint for model releases :-)

Next up was Crazy Sharon’s 45th anniversary party for her apartment. It sounds like a silly occasion to mark, but you should see her place. Sharon has covered almost every inch of her one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica with photos from her adventures at swing clubs, Club FUCK, Sin A Matic, Threshold, and of course Tom of Finland. In addition, she’s crammed in there artwork by some of the kinkiest artists such as Bishop, Justice Howard, The Hun, and Michael Kirwan. Many of them are personally signed as she’s been a supporter of kinky art since the 80’s.

It feels like someone’s been using my chest as a punching bag, from the inside out. Even though I’m not coughing constantly, I’ve been getting these gagging sensations.  I’ve had to stay quiet, and stay down. Sharon got me a good seat on her new couch and poured me orange juice as guests began to arrive. It’s fun to watch people who’ve never seen the apartment before stunned by her overwhelming museum of BDSM.

Sunday, La Luz de Jesus wrapped the 2016 Coaster Show with a closing party, and Mark Todd was doing a book signing for his solo show in the showroom next door. This was much more relaxed than the opening show. Reflections in Femdom and Purple Pain came home with me today. Those are still for sale through the gallery for the next six months. Contact for purchase info.

By the way, I’ve talked with the folks at New Profanity, Antebellum and La Luz de Jesus. Everything is good. I’ll explain more later.

Artwork for the Halloween Group Show at Antebellum

Artwork for the Halloween Group Show at Antebellum

Next week is the Halloween group show at Antebellum with the opening party on Saturday, October 8th.

Special thanks to Natasha at New Profanity for having Moon Mistress at the gallery.

Special thanks to Natasha at New Profanity for having Moon Mistress at the gallery.

This month, Moon Mistress is on display at New Profanity on Melrose. Natasha also has a bunch of my greeting cards and stickers on display. Go check them out! You can find details at or

SMUT 4 is coming! This night combining art and kink will be October 21st at Sanctuary LAX. I’ll have more as we get closer to the date. Find them online at

And finally, episode 2 of 4 Minutes of Fetish will get done! I just need to be able to sit at the computer long enough to wrap it up.

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