SMUT a Success!!

Booth at SMUT An Art Show for Your Kinky Side

I’ve been typing for about half an hour on social media here and there about SMUT last night. We’re still trying to round up some photos. I got a shot of my booth, but held back on photographing the rooms and crowds because I got overwhelmed with attendees and I try to respect guests who don’t want to be photographed at shows like this.

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

The most popular piece in the whole show! Yet, no takers. And this wasn’t front and center. It was in the lower left corner and dozens of guests pointed at it and said “I love it!” This will get added to the card sets available at Domcon.

But it was awesome! The show was a huge success. Two friends from outside the scene dropped by to check it out, and they stayed until closing! They were there after I left! Honestly, I thought some of the entertainment would be seen as old or dated, like the grinder girl dance, but the crowd just ate up the performance as sparks flew across the main floor and the energy in the place was fantastic.

This piece found a good home at the art show. It is rare that originals move at night club events. So I’m very pleased Fetish Boot in Latex Dungeon was adopted.

On the downside, I think I was one of the few artists who sold, but they just simply put pieces up, walked away, and didn’t have a way to make the art more accessible like selling prints. Most customers for events like this are low-end buyers, but they are great for impulse buys. I’m thinking of doing an article about this on the safe for work wordpress blog. There were some really good pieces out there, but they weren’t set to move quickly.

BDSM Art: Sadistic Skyline

This was the other original that found a new home. It too, was very popular. Cards of this also were in demand. I’m very pleased.

I loved the crowd. As I was breaking down to leave early (had to be at a Union meeting in the morning), a young woman walked by wearing a sign that said “Ask to draw me nude,” she was depressed there were no takers, but within about 10 minutes she found someone and leisurely reclined in a Downtown Willy metal spider web throne. She said she had been fantasizing about this for ages, and was so glad to find someone. I think she may be looking for more of this in the future.

More later, Domcon is coming, and no doubt Rick Castro over at Antebellum has something in the works soon.

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SMUT Around the Corner and Many Kind Thanks

Red Rider: Latex Strap-on Femdom on Bicycle

I find it a bit ironic Red Rider would get snatched up before CicLAvia

I don’t have much time, and I have fewer brain cells this morning, but wanted to say thank you to a few people. Thank you to Lilly over at Etsy for giving Red Rider a new home. She’s getting some free cards and stickers along with the original piece.

Rubber Bicyclist Sketch

I really need to get this on canvas and under way…

This was right before CicLAvia San Fernando Valley, which was fantastic. They closed off Lankershim and Ventura Blvd in North Hollywood and Studio City to automotive traffic, leaving bicyclists, pedestrians and others to play freely in the street. I posted photos on my facebook page, and was debating posting them here. Not much fetish going on, but I’m thinking we should start a leather contingent for the next event.

Bondage art: Girl in the Ropekini

The Ropekinki, as presented in Miss Cassie’s rope classes

Special thanks to Miss Allison Leigh, Mistress Cyan, and Miss Cassie. SMUT is this Saturday, and thanks to them I’ll be showing at the event. Leigh is squeezing me in. I’ll have a table right next to Miss Cassie so I can still help Cassie out. I’ll have cards, stickers and original art. I’m also grateful to Miss Leigh for including me on the SMUT event page on Facebook this week.

Slave Shoe Fetish Art

BTW, did you folks know the original is only $20 on Etsy. Click here to purchase

A note to petdj on Fetlife. The 20 card variety back will be ready at SMUT, and I’ll be adding it to Etsy after I get some rest. I’m very grateful for the suggestion and happy that someone was so eager to get greeting cards of my artwork, including Slave Shoe up above.

See you Satuday!!!

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Bondage Art in Progress and SMUT! An Art Event For Your Kinky Side

I’ve been working on this piece off and on for a while, and brought it with me to Miss Cassie’s Rope Munch last Saturday. We had a great time. It was a day for the basics, and we were doing what I believe is called a bolan bit, or a simple rope cuff. It’s the sort of thing you see on a lot of bondage sites and turns out to be much easier than I thought.

My notes from Miss Cassie’s rope munch. You may see these make it into future pieces.

The rope cuff plays well with others and makes it easy to get creative. We practiced on our ankles, and when I finished my left ankle, I improvised and went over to the right and kept going. We later went on to learn hogties. Cassie was in rare form, and there were a lot of laughs as we tried out new things. I never saw so many people so happy to have their face down in a floor mat.

In other news, someone has asked if I can do a variety pack of 20 greeting cards. Hell yeah! So look for that coming soon on my Etsy page.

Next week, Switch Allison Leigh and Sanctuary LAX present SMUT – An Art Event For Your Kinky Side. Think of it as an art show combined with a play party. Allison has performance artists lined up, snacks by Ventura County Food Not Bombs, body painting, Tarot readings, and of course a lot of kinky artwork.

I almost didn’t make it into this, but Miss Cassie has a booth arranged already and she’s asked me to be her assistant at the event and bring my artwork. So I’ll have originals, greeting cards, stickers, and maybe a few surprises.

For more on SMUT – An Art Event For Your Kinky Side go to or

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I’m Still Here! Honest!

Bondage Art: Chain Girl

I’ve been a bit tied up lately

I could not resist saying it, but I have been tied up lately. Sorry to drop by, repost old artwork, and dash, but I do have good news. I’ll be at SMUT at Sanctuary LAX Saturday, March 28th. Think of it as a combination of a play party, club night, and art show. I’ll be helping Miss Cassie with her booth and she’s asked me to bring some stuff to display at the show.

Sissy Maid with Chastity Device and Anal Orb Penetrator

The driving gig has been driving me up the wall. I’m moving further and further into the mornings, which is why I haven’t had much time to update and I’m getting ready to dash now. There is some art in progress and I will also be at Domcon. More news to come. I’ll explain later.

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Thank You To Natasha Strange And A Nod To Sardax

Femdom portrait of Natasha Strange from way back in the day

Back in the 90′s before moving down to LA, I was working for Fantasy Makers up in the Bay Area. Someone was shooting video, and I was invited to be involved. The person I was working with was a slightly shy Domme named Natasha. We flirted and hung out a bit, but I moved down to LA to be with someone.

I’ll be honest, the video was a bit lame, and I take most of the blame for that. We had some serious restrictions I didn’t understand. My kinks have seriously changed over the years and I suspect the video would be somewhat different if we shot it now. Well, completely different, because I might get thrown out of the house.

So last month, someone named Natasha Strange began asking about the pink sissy paddle. We went back and forth through Etsy, and it turns out she’s that lovely Domme I worked with, and she’s definitely not so shy anymore! The sissy paddle now has a good home in her pink room for the transformation of sissies. The room is still in progress and I’ve asked for photos when it’s done. I send many kind thanks to Natasha not only for giving the paddle a good home, but also for bearing with me during those awkward times so long ago.

She did leave a good impression and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for her. She had this short cropped hair at the time that was quite wild. I loved it and her so much that I incorporated my memory of her into the cover of a small publication I did.

So if you’re in the Bay Area, and are looking for one hell of a Domme, check out Natasha Strange at

Meanwhile, in Fetish art news, Sardax has been pretty busy and has created something you need to see. I don’t have permission to repost, but I’m including the link. He was looking at one of his favorite manga artists, Anmo Night, and inspired to do a short series of paintings about a gag shop, where very interesting and creative gags are modeled on live male submissives. Taking things a step further, he invited some of his friends in Femdom to model for the pics.  To step into his brief Femdom story go to

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Comic Show this Sunday and More From Broken Heart

This Sunday, February 22nd, I’ll be over at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi expo at The Reef convention center in the Los Angeles garment district. The Reef used to be known as LA Mart and serves as a creative hub for design businesses.

The doors open at 10am, and The Reef can be found at 1933 South Broadway. Come check it out. John K of Ren and Stimpy will be there doing commissions and selling lots of collectables. They lined up a bunch of actors from the Power Rangers to sign autographs, and Joe Benitez will be there to promote his comic, Lady Mechanika. Go to for more details.

The first part of success is showing up. Bringing a bunch of artwork doesn’t hurt either. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi

Once again, special thanks go out to Natuta Bagrationi, the official photographer for Antebellum, who got these great behind the scenes shots of the installation of Broken Heart.

Helping Jeff “Dalhmer” Hutchison on the ladder. This is what Jeff looks like when he’s not mummified and on display. Maybe we can work the ladder into the next show.

Rick Castro got a huge kick out of watching me on the ladder. I took extreme caution given I was assisting from the wrong side of the ladder, and he swears there was something about my body language as I carefully watched every move.

For me, this is one of the most important BTS shots from the exhibit. There are only a few photos of me actually doing the work in progress. You can see the list of exhibitors and details to my right, there’s also a set of numbers that correspond with the names to help figure spacing.

Gotta go! See you Sunday!

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

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Photos from Broken Heart Art Show at Antebellum

Natuta Bagrationi catches a photo of me by my artwork on your right. To the far right are photos by Blanket. That’s Hector De Gregorio’s digital artwork to your left.

So this is the third time my browser on the mac has crashed. It’s about time to take this over to the pc laptop. The Broken Heart group art show at Antebellum was great. There was a great turnout.

Admiring Hector’s digital artwork and my own pieces at the show. That’s Joey Rodriguez behind me. He’s standing next to a mask of Anubus. Photo courtesy of  Natuta Bagrationi.

Yes, I look ridiculous, and yes, it’s on purpose. I decided to get as silly as I could without breaking the bank or tearing the house apart looking for found art. I saw red beads at the craft store, and added some Mardi Gras beads from last year. I put a glitter clad heart ornament on my hat, and drew cracks across it with a sharpie.

That’s the new fetish art paddles, created just for this show. The paintings on the sides are by Gio Black Peter on maps of New York City, the burner up top has a portrait of a serial killer by Renfield, The photo is by Blanket, and there’s a new piece by Michael Manning from the Spider Garden storyline. I have no idea who did the red shoe and scrotum piece. The little pyramid is by the guy with the goatee you’ll see posing with Rick later. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

The paddles were a hit, and I got high praise for both my new and old pen and ink pieces.

Admirers corner Rick Castro for congratulations and praise. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

Two of my pieces did not make it to opening night. While I dream they sold right away, chances are they were moved to make room for Hector’s prints. I’m a little bummed. When I saw them online, I thought Hector’s pieces were oil paintings. They’re still pretty cool though.

Chatting up a couple of Antebellum patrons about the new fetish art paddles. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

Many kind thanks to Natuta Bagrationi, the official photographer of Antebellum gallery. I hoped to get some pics with my smartphone, but I couldn’t get the focus to work right, and to be honest, I didn’t know who was open to photos.

We are absolutely stunned by the appearance of an invisible smart phone. We of course use it to look at pornography. This guy next to me did the Egyptian masks and the little gold pyramid next to the paddles. I love his work. Can’t remember his name to save my life. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

Violet Talea, who did a stunning vocal performance that night, swore that she just had to buy one of the pieces and would be getting it at the Tea Salon this week. I’ll be absolutely tickled if she does.

Patrons are stunned to learn that Drake Labry is not just skilled in painting, but is an expert at Vulcan jazz hands. On the far right are some of his paintings on display. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

My kinky Valentine cards on Display next to P.J. Superior’s wood cut prints. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

That’s Jeff “Dahlmer” Hutchison on the floor in the white fabric bondage. He was bought by a nice Jewish couple from Florida. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

By the way, Rick has photos of when we did the installation. They’re very curious.

Rick Castro on the left with the guy who made Egyptian masks. Still can’t remember the guy’s name though. The huge painting in the background is by Drake Labry. Photo courtesy of Natuta Bagrationi.

Many kind thanks to Rick Castro and the staff of Antebellum. Many thanks once again to Natuta for providing photos. These pieces will be on display until March 4th, and you can visit Wednesday night for tea, or check out the gallery Thursday through Saturday 1-7pm. For details on location, artists, and Rick’s saucy blog posts, go to

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Webcomic Review: What the Hell is Girls With Slingshots!?

Girls With Slingshots, Birth of A Slingshot

So, if you’re following me on Twitter, but not clicking the links, you may wonder, what the hell is Girls with Slingshots? I actually had a huge write up done reviewing this strip, and the fantastic creator, Danielle Corsetto. Then, the whole thing crashed on me, including the saved drafts. Then I had to focus on the Antebellum art show, which photos will be coming soon. So while Sherry and I recover, enjoy!

Girls With Slingshots, Battery Operated Boyfriend

Thanks to Danielle, I know have Battery Operated Boyfriend in my vocabulary.

Girls With Slingshots appears to be just another in a long line of comic strips about drinking, dating, and drinking while dating. It’s the tale of Hazel and Jamie as they look for guys, debate their sexual preference, indulge in sex toys, and talk to cacti. I’ve checked on it occasionally, but nothing hooked me until around Thanksgiving of last year. Then I discovered Clairice.

Girls With Slingshots

I think I’m in love, in more ways than one!

Clarice just happens to be a librarian who paid for her masters by working the register at a porn shop and being a professional Dominatrix. She pops up frequently between drinking binges and relationship issues, and like much of the comic, is really cool.

Girls With Slingshots: Brony Play
Sherry and I have christened this strip “Brony Play!”

So, just as I got wrapped up in the strip, Danielle made the announcement she was going on sabbatical and taking a long break from the strip. She’s going back to school and chasing her dream to be a fine artist. Fear not! There are almost two thousand of her comics in archives. About once a week, I binge read some to catch up on the plot and dream of a world where my local librarian may have a copy of Pat Califia’s early works. Danielle also made the announcement that her staff will be remastering the older strips in color. I wish Danielle very well, but also eagerly await the day she has her Doonesbury moment and returns. Maybe, we’ll even see a Clarice action figure and be able to have her top Uncle Duke.

Girls With Slingshots: Pure Sex!

Actually, I’m just curious how many google hits we get off of the title “Pure Sex” for this image.

But enough, go to come for the occasional Femdom and sex toy jokes, stay for the relationships and characters you’ll fall in love with. Definitely check out the archives, you’ll be hooked.

Extreme Restraint's Hearts and Handcuffs Valentine's Day Sale


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All Systems Go For V-Day Art Show, Broken Heart!!

Broken Heart poster in window of Antebellum in Hollywood

I made it! Eight pieces, including the poster we accepted into the group show, and I’m not showing them all here. If you want to see them all, come to the show *wink*

Alas, Kinky Foxes did not make it. I could not find the color piece in my archives and suspect I may have donated that piece to Threshold.

Don’t have much time to talk, but do have some close ups to show off.

Show poster for Broken Heart group show at Antebellum gallery


Valentine fetish art paddles drying after a spray of clear coat

Valentine fetish art paddles drying after a spray of clear coat

Come see them and more up close on Saturday!

Extreme Restraint's Hearts and Handcuffs Valentine's Day Sale

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Getting Ready for V-Day Fetish Art Show

No time to talk right now, I hit the ground running Saturday to get ready for the art show and I skipped the Superbowl to focus on drawing and prep.

But up above is a preview of what’s in progress. Enjoy!

Extreme Restraint's Hearts and Handcuffs Valentine's Day Sale

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