What am I doing in San Diego?

We are on a pilgrimage to Comic Con, to work the show. Friday, Sherry and I got to meet the great folks at Chaturbate.com, a cam site Then we went down to San Diego after that to work the con for Chaturbate. We’ve arrainged a sponsorship for Comics on Comics, which is about comedians talking about comics, in part run by our friend Vito from the Xbiz days.

Working on a sketch while waiting for the train back to the hotel. What is with that funky LED spur? I’ve seen two of them today so far.

So, that’s why were here, but obviously, there’s much much more. While I’m not actually making it into the show or vending, I ain’t passing up this opportunity to people watch and dig on the great cosplay. I wish I could show you more, but we were a tad busy. Good news is I’ll be retweeting the Comics On Comics interviews at @FetishArtist on Twitter

These guys are interviewing live on Facebook video, every hot cosplayer, female or male, any time they get an open wifi connection. So if you’re on FB, look up Comics on Comics and see what they’ve got.

A little shoe porn Sunday material in honor of @ColinChristian on Instagram

Meanwhile on Sunday, I have a commission to deliver to the folks at Unique BDSM Collection and we have a business meeting. What happenes around these things, who knows?

Commission for Unique BDSM Collection. Click image to check out their site.

I know I have friends down here. Porcelain Midnight passed us, but I didn’t have a chance to say high. The Lady Night Shayde is down here somewhere doing classic Star Trek cosplay, and I thought we’d have a shot to interview her, but missed. Tanya Tate and Monstar are around here somewhere, but chances are they haven’t even ventured away from the convention floor except to have dinner or go to the hotel. That’s just off the top of my head. I’m surprised I haven’t been stopped by friends inside or outside of the industry.

And most of all, I want to keep drawing. What is really, really frustrating is there’s all sorts of facinating stuff to draw down here, and people forget that what I do is draw smut. We’ll see how this pans out before I get home.

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Fetish and Femdom art in progress for Coaster Show

Fetish and Femdom art submissions the LA Luz de Jesus Coaster Show

Now with penis! :-p

Not much time to talk today. Here’s what I can’t show on Instagram. Depressing too considering a tab of white paint or black ink could be considered offensive to Terms of Service, but hey, that’s why I have this site!

Please keep in mind none of these are submitted yet. It’s possible none will be accepted Approved or not, it is also at the gallery’s discretion how these will be sold.

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Femdom Art: Good Cocksucking Slave

Ooooooohh fuck yeah! This is coming along just nicely!

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