Sanctuary Marketplace and New Card

I know I’ve mentioned it in passing here and there, but in case you missed it. Saturday, November 28th, Sanctuary LAX is hosting Marketplace. I’ll be showing there along with other artists and crafters, including Firebird Leather. The event will be 11am-5pm and there will be a big play party later that night.

Fetish Art:Kinky Nurse Get Well Soon Card

Click the image above to order the greeting card

I also got the Get Well Soon graphic finished. This is the uncensored version, which is also available on Etsy as a greeting card. I’m going to be doing more single listings on Etsy soon.

The censored version will be popping up on Twitter and Facebook as best wishes for friends as the cold season kicks in. I’ve got a birthday graphic in progress too, and yes, I’ll be doing a get well card with a hunky guy too :-)

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Thank you Perverted Podcast!

Click here to check out Perverted Podcast radio shows

It’s been a very busy Thanksgiving week, and busy in the good way. The weekend for some reason, is kind of a blur. On Monday, I visited Count Boogie and his Threshold friends for his Perverted Podcast radio show. We had a great time, I got to play kinky trivia and tell a silly story about the days of Links space and Carol Queen’s Queen of the Night parties.

I’ve been kicking out some art for the show and it has been so well received that Boogie has given me my own profile spot on the Perverted Podcast website.

Afterward, I dropped by the Geekmunch and hung out with Nix of Firebird Leather. She gave me some great advice about shipping, and I got to show off the paddles on Etsy.

I also got to scan this in last night. Coming soon as a greeting card and a little something special for social networking

Today, I got to visit Antebellum and bring back pieces from the Halloween show. Rick’s next show is a kinky craft exhibit opening on December 5th.

I’ll be showing at Sanctuary’s Marketplace on Saturday afternoon, November 28th. More on that soon.

Dommes, submissives, sessions and parties at Sanctuary LAX

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Fetish Art: Intellectual Kink In Progress

Fetish art work in progress for Intellectual Kink

Sorry if I haven’t been amping up the sexy to 11, but things have been really moving fast lately.

This is a fetish art piece for Intellectual Kink. The radio show I was on last year. Wow how time flies. Co-host service slut asked if I could whip up a logo, and you’ve seen the ideas here and Twitter, Instagram, etc. But after talking with Count Boogie of Perverted Podcast, I got inspired to do something.

You see, I get asked to do logos, a lot. The problem is, logos require me to be on the computer a lot.

The original logo I whipped up for Intellectual Kink. Whipped up being about two months on and off. Not a huge deal given it was a favor, but still took a while.

Thing is, the driving gig takes up 8-12 hours a day, but offers down time. This means I spend more time away from the computer, but I do have time to draw.

So, I reached my inner 60′s graphic artist, and realized, I a hand lettered graphic can still kick major ass. Also, even if the work never becomes an official logo, the hand drawn work will still pop up in the future.

And likewise, just because I’m doing hand lettering, doesn’t mean I can’t work in previous pieces. So it’s a win-win. It’s also really handy, because I’ve got at least one other logo request to start cooking on.

More to come! Web Cams

Chaturbate, talk for free, come for more!


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