Submissions for Uncensored and Update!

You’ve heard me talk about it. Here they are, my submissions to Uncensored by Reseda Renaissance and Pascal’s Wager The Experiment at The Bunker in Reseda.

The submissions were accepted, and everything was displayed Saturday night. What remains to be seen is which pieces will stay up for the duration of the exhibit.

Uncensored flyer art, framed and custom matted. $100. To purchase, contact

Uncensored flyer art, framed and custom matted. $100. To purchase, contact


“Great Taste” framed and custom matted. $100. To purchase, contact

Jorge from Reseda Renaissance has confirmed, this was successful enough to plan ahead for Uncensored 2 next year. We’ll be meeting together for beer to discuss details in the future. What I will do with this piece is take the colored scan I have and turn it into a sticker for next year’s show. I’ll have a special where the first 100 attendees get a free sticker or something like that.

"Stiletto." $70. To purchase, contact

“Stiletto.” $70. To purchase, contact

"Taste Test." $70. To purchase, contact

“Taste Test.” $70. To purchase, contact

This piece above is the piece I suspect will not make it. Taste Test got a lot of response, but I heard at least one person outright say “I don’t like it!,” despite laughing about the work. On the other hand, some were asking about it. I like doing gender bending in my artwork. For those new to the site and fetish, transgenders have been a small, but serious part of the BDSM scene for a significant time. The most legendary in our local scene being Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary LAX. The problem is with the new politics in the gay and lesbian scene, the trailblazing by “Shemales” and “Trannies” is forgotten and trampled. The irony is without these sex workers, we would not have the genderfluid political base of today.

"My Happy Place" framed. $100. To purchase, contact

“My Happy Place” framed. $100. To purchase, contact

So far, these works are still on display, with a lot of great erotic photography and other artwork at The Bunker bar, 7117 Lindley in Reseda at Sherman Way. Come check it out!

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Can’t talk, arting

Fetish art in progress

Trying to get these done ASAP so they can get submitted to Uncensored at Bunker.

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Sketch Idea

Sketch, cocksucking strapon with head harness

Blue is Tasty!

So, Uncensored, the erotic group art show at The Bunker is coming up in February, and it’s backed by Reseda Renaissance, an urban renewal group in the valley dedicated to arts and culture.

I was really surprised such an organization would back an art show like this when Geg pitched it to me. Now, we may not be on the same page.

Reseda Renaissance is branding this as a “tasteful” erotic art show. Hopefully this is to keep from frightening the horses so to speak. I’m not opposed to taste and sophistication in erotic art.

They're tasting each other. That counts, right?

They’re tasting each other. That counts, right?

On the other hand, tasteful isn’t how you describe my recent work. I’m seriously hoping they consider my work as it is. You can be dynamic and still have some class.

We’ll see. I’ve sent in samples. I’m working on new pieces. And you have to admit, strap ons, leather and genitals do have a taste 🙂

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