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DomCon was great. Let me just start there. I know a lot of people have probably already cruised by the site since then and wondered when the hell I’m updating. But I’ve been juggling quite a few things, including sending out the post DomCon LA 2017 press release and following up with reporters. Next week I need to start touching base with podcasters and radio hosts for interviews with the Sanctuary LAX staff and make a pilgrimage down to the dungeon to say hi and get up to date on what’s going on.

Up top there is a commission from the convention. The stickers and greeting cards were not popular this year, but I suspect it’s time to retire old stock or bring them to new venues. However, a lot of original art did move. Which is important given that I’ve been trying to find new homes for older artwork.

20170610_205050-534x673Meanwhile, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things. We got a bad case of convention flu, starting with a sore throat, and ending with a nagging cough that just dogs you for weeks. But as I reorganize put things back together, I went back to work on this piece. I’ve got two paintings left to finish. This one above, and the high heel hot rod painting that was up for charity.

Our flaming Dominatrix here started at Bar Sinister as a live painting exercise. Quick learning experience, I don’t do live paintings very quickly. While I knocked out a lot and kept working late on after I got home, the glow in the dark piece still hasn’t been finished.

Some more got done at Threshold’s My Kinky Valentine, and then it has been sitting in the living room, staring back at Sherry as she watches television. Last week, it went back up on the easel and I’ve been filling in quite a bit. Mistakes have been fixed, details have been added, and new stuff is getting added as I go along.

Some have asked about color. The piece was intended to be knocked out in one night, so it was a do what I know and do best kind of project. The next painting I do will most likely be in color. And I do like working with the glow in the dark paint. At first, the painting may look little dirty, hokey and spartan. Brush strokes are obvious. The glow in the dark media is a dust magnet, especially given it has to go over a white surface. When the lights go out, that all changes. That rough punk look amplifies into a raw and energetic effect that will catch you by surprise if you’re not ready.

The devil girl painting is not going on Etsy, unless you want to pay a lot of money for shipping. I’m not sure where she’s going at the moment. So if you want to buy her, meet me at a show in the future.

Meanwhile, if we met at DomCon LA this year, howdy!!! I doubt you’ll be coming back for regular updates. However, I do update on social media. Uncensored stuff goes here, but I usually tweet site updates and post cool stuff on Instagram. So you can find me at:

@FetishArtist on Twitter and Instagram

@JayMoyes on Fetlife at Etsy

JayFetishArtist on DeviantArt on Tumblr

Thank you kindly for joining me at DomCon LA and special thanks to Goddess Soma Snakeoil and Anal Artist for giving my artwork a good home.

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What’s going on…


A few months back I got some stickers for El Cuervo gallery, and found myself walking with my sketchbook into another gallery. Not wanting to dis the gallery, I asked if they had stickers, like El Cuervo. This way I could include their logo next to the El Cuervo logo on my sketchbook. They said no, but did not take offense, and it got me thinking.

If my favorite galleries I’m on good terms with, don’t have stickers, maybe I can craft up some sticker art for them. Even if they don’t run with it, I can have a sticker for the gallery for my sketchpad and share the love.

On my list of course was New Profanity. I cooked this up over the past couple of weeks. I think it captures some of the wild side of the gallery without completely washing over it with my own branding. I could have done a full body Dominatrix, but I don’t think it would have represented what the gallery was about. It’s grrl-centric. Got a naughty streak, and a little kinky, with a lot of love. This is a rough scan, the next step is to add some color.


Speaking of which, I’ve got a flyer in progress for DomCon LA 2017. All I’m missing is a high rez logo to drop in. Save the date! This is coming down May 17-21st at the Hilton LAX. Go to for details.

Gotta go, catch you later!

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Devil Mask Society’s Kinbaku Drink and Draw

Quick! There’s no time to explain! Get in and hang on!!

Last night, Devil Mask Society’s Kinbaku at the Overflow bar in Downtown Los Angeles was awesome! Drawing workshops, nude and not, are popping up all over Southern California, many at bars and breweries. This is the first I’ve seen featuring rope bondage, and it’s an awesome idea.


My experience with drinking and drawing sucks. The alcohol is an instant confidence drainer when walking into a new place, and I hate just ordering a coke. It looks cheap and dorky for a first impression in a pricey bar. I bewildered Ernie the bartender with an order for a virgin mary, but he didn’t give me much trouble. Later, I got a Coranado IPA, and tipped big to keep my welcome for next time. That tasty beer is an ass kicker though. Taking the subway down paid off. No parking issues and I got to sober up on the way home.


The models and rigger stay sober for the workshop. So bondage purists can rest at ease. Mellissa, the rigger’s partner, was the main model, but a well muscled sissy sub in a pink dress and green heels alternated as a model for the night for her Mistress. When not modeling, the sissy sub acted as a drawing board for her Domme. I sincerely salute these efforts, and both female and male artists respected this scene.

The major difference of note between this and other drawing workshops is the pose times here are longer. Allowing you to relax and get in more details on your work. While there were only  about 5 poses for the night, it worked out much better for what I like to do.


I’ll update more contact info for the next event as time progresses. A simple search of DevilMaskSociety, and KinbakuDTLA on Fetlife should yield quick results. If you’re following me on Instagram, just follow the hashtags for DevilMaskSociety and #TheOverflowDTLA for more details.

It may stop, but it never ends. I’ve got to put the hammer down and roll out. Later!

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