Antebellum Fetish Art Show: Sweetheart’s Dance

The poster is also available. A larger photocopy was made and finished with red in, gel pen and white acrylic. Contact Antebellum for purchase info.

I’m in a smegload of headache pain right now and about to head to bed. All systems are go for Antebellum’s Sweetheart’s Dance group art show on February 14th.

For details and samples of the other artists, go to

Here’s what’s going to the show. Contact my friend and mentor Rick Castro at for purchase info.

Leathermen bondage gay erotica

This piece of leathermen bondage art is finally completed. I finished it off with gel pen and red ink.

There are two paddle prints going to Antebellum this year. You don’t have to use a copy of LA X Press when finishing your paddle, but it helps set the mood.

Leathermen Fetish Sex

This one is called Pucker Up, and I’m very proud how it turned out. The blacks are done in a reduction of Speedball superblack ink, creating a high gloss effect.

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Wow, um Femdom Art or something

Femdom Art, Red Head Blowing out Candle on Slave

2016 is not off to a good start. The good news for this Sunday morning is at least I got to sleep in a little and have some time to myself.

I’ve been working on Femdom art for Club WICK for about a month and a half now. It hasn’t been easy, with juggling stuff for the Teamsters, dealing with the driving gig, and a case of lethargy that I think stems from an internal rebellion to 2014 and 2015′s drive to get my work pushed out there. Most of the art was done a few minutes at a time on the driving gig. I’d have a little down time and pull out the drawings when no one was around. I’ve even worked out a way to transport pieces so they’re close to the driver’s seat and easy to reach.

So I was really happy to feel I was on to something with the latest piece above. I also experimented with the red ink. It produced good results and the brush strokes created a nice pattern for the hair.

My big mistake was posting my progress to the Club WICK group on Fetlife on Friday. The woman who wanted the work done sent me an ice cold e-mail and pulled my post. The irony being my offense was simply posting links to the artwork. There was no mention of an opinion of the art itself.

A younger me would have responded with a rant and a tirade of profanity. This just simply hurt.

Instead of being a prick, something in me yearned to do something helpful and to feel useful for a bit. That same day, Rick from Antebellum asked if I could volunteer to help at an opening for Devoted: Male in Tahiti, by Verner Degray. It’s not really a fetish project, but instead a great series of photos of the male form. Which is why I hadn’t made a big deal about it here.

Absolutely! I’m in a mood, and this is exactly what I needed. I got there Saturday afternoon and swept out the tea garden for guests. As I was working, the neighbors were talking about how they were having to move out soon. They began to grouse about gentrification and development, and when I asked, they said that the whole block was going to be torn down for condos.

Before guests arrived, Rick confirmed the rumor over whiskey and wine in the garden. This explains some of his funk over the past year. If Rick has plans for the future home of Antebellum, he didn’t express it. That’s mostly because Antebellum’s soul is in that little Hollywood storefront that was a used book store. The entire block is marinated in history. Anywhere in Hollywood would be too expensive for the gallery, and it just would not be the same anywhere else. Rick’s soul is in the Hollywood of 30 years ago.

So, um, yeah, I’m bummed.

Not sure if I’ll sell the red haired Dominatrix blowing out the candle. I’m thinking of just putting that stuff away for the moment. I have to get started on stuff for Rick’s Sweetheart Dance group art show for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll use the red head as the promo card just to piss people off.

I’ll help Antebellum go out in a blaze of glory. Maybe a huge party where we take chunks of the walls home as souvenirs. We’ll have Rick sign them. Left behind will be piles of wine and whiskey bottles for the bulldozers to slog through. Dressed in drag, I’ll take a sledge hammer to that damn clogged sink that has thwarted us at every turn. Rick will film it as performance art. Maybe Antebellum will find a new home with a place as rich in history as the old book shop where Charles Bukowski used to hang out in. I’ll gladly help Rick move the concrete table and potted spider plants to a new tea garden.


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Best of 2015

Show poster for Broken Heart group show at Antebellum gallery

I think Rick Castro may still have a price tag of $3,000 on this. You might be able to talk him down if you’re very nice and ply him with expensive tea.

I’m a little nervous. If I had a very stern Mistress, I might be in for either a severe flogging with a tree branch, or be forced to clean behind the stove. While it has been an awesome year, there has not been as much new art as I would like. Before I looked back, I was a little nervous about the year I’d be reflecting on. Looking back, I can thank Rick Castro and Antebellum gallery for some of the best art I’ve done this year.

I wanted to do a Fetish Artist Favorites 2015, where I’d say who was my pick for best fetish art Instagram site (Colin Christian, with Keith Weesner coming in second), best fetish web comic (Girls With Slingshots barely getting it as Danielle stopped new strips this year, honorable mention to Oglaf for their guest comic on Oh Joy Sex Toy), you get the idea.

There would have to be a section of favorites called But I’m A Little Biased. Best LA fetish event would be DomCon LA, best fetish venue in LA would be Lair De Sade (with Sanctuary coming in a very close second). Of course, and back to the point, best fetish art gallery in LA would have to be Antebellum, run by Rick Castro, but, I’m a little biased.

It could be said I’d be doing just as much or more artwork if it wasn’t for Antebellum, but Rick’s shows led me in different directions than in the past. While the paddle project was started last year, thanks to Antebellum’s Broken Heart art show, this year was when I really got to show off what I could do with the paddles and wood.

Beat My Valentine Card, Available on Etsy

Click here to order the Beat My Valentine Bondage card from Etsy. Also coming soon as a paddle.

How can I forget. My first sale at Antebellum was in 2015!

Thanks to Antebellum, I’ve also been working on more fetish art with men. That’s been a challenge and the exercise has made me very happy. It also made things easier when going into the Tom of Finland art fair in 2015.

Dog and Pony Show poster art for Antebellum Fetish Art Gallery

This piece has been condensed into a greeting card available on Etsy. Click here to order.

Latex Fetish Femdom Enema Art: Paid In Full

Speaking of Tom of Finland, this piece got started at a Tom of Finland workshop. I was inking it in at DomCon when Mark claimed dibs.

Hello Doggie: BDSM pet play

Click on image to buy original art on Etsy

Ready Boy? Doggie Play Spanking Paddle

This original was commissioned by Rick Castro for Antebellum. It’s still on display.

SMUT, an art event for your kinky side

In 2015, I not only did one, but both SMUT events at Sanctuary. It was a hit and I had a blast. All systems are go for 2016!

This is what happens when I’ve done enough pieces to start playing with parts and put something different together. I got a request at SMUT for the 50 Shades Girl on a greeting card. I wanted to add a little something more, so I began putting in elements from other pieces.

Goths in the Sunlight fetish art show at Antebellum

This rounded out my work for events at Antebellum this year. While I like doing new pieces, I got to show off some of the older fetish artwork I had, including Wings Wetted Down, a pair I’m very proud of.

So, that’s it for 2015. Once again, a special thank you to Rick Castro of Antebellum, Tom of Finland Foundation, Forced Womanhood Magazine, Domcon, SMUT, Sanctuary LAX and Instigator Magazine, which will be featuring my new paddles in their first 2016 issue.

I’m already off to a good start on 2016. Tonight, I’m working on more stuff for Club Wick, I got three listings posted on Etsy, and had a special dinner tonight of Mongolian BBQ with noodles for long life, spinach and golden fried items for wealth, and pork for good luck.

Happy New Year!

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