Fetish Art: Intellectual Kink In Progress

Fetish art work in progress for Intellectual Kink

Sorry if I haven’t been amping up the sexy to 11, but things have been really moving fast lately.

This is a fetish art piece for Intellectual Kink. The radio show I was on last year. Wow how time flies. Co-host service slut asked if I could whip up a logo, and you’ve seen the ideas here and Twitter, Instagram, etc. But after talking with Count Boogie of Perverted Podcast, I got inspired to do something.

You see, I get asked to do logos, a lot. The problem is, logos require me to be on the computer a lot.

The original logo I whipped up for Intellectual Kink. Whipped up being about two months on and off. Not a huge deal given it was a favor, but still took a while.

Thing is, the driving gig takes up 8-12 hours a day, but offers down time. This means I spend more time away from the computer, but I do have time to draw.

So, I reached my inner 60′s graphic artist, and realized, I a hand lettered graphic can still kick major ass. Also, even if the work never becomes an official logo, the hand drawn work will still pop up in the future.

And likewise, just because I’m doing hand lettering, doesn’t mean I can’t work in previous pieces. So it’s a win-win. It’s also really handy, because I’ve got at least one other logo request to start cooking on.

More to come!

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Fetish Art Book News: Pierre Molinere

Japanese book on Pierre Moliniere for sale at KFS Media

Click the pic to check out more by Moliniere and purchase the book. Get it while you can!

If you don’t know who Tim Woodward is off the top of your head, you may know his creations. Woodward is the creator of the fetish magazines Skin Two, KFS (aka Kinky Fetish Sex). He also publishes and distributes fetish art books and products. He’s also got great balls, or more specifically a number of fetish parties put on by himself and friends in the UK.

I get a newsletter from Tim regularly about the latest parties in the works, magazines in print, and then this curious thing popped up.

I love it! Pierre was clearly ahead of his time. I also love that a guy this wonderfully perverse survived WW2 Europe without getting tossed in an oven by the Nazis. Click the pic to check out more and buy the book

It’s a Japanese book about Pierre Moliniere, a French surrealist painter who was born in 1900 and died in 1950. The book comes with photos of his art and personal, gender bent photos of Moliniere in some striking poses. I’m stunned and inspired.

This rare find will not last long. Tim only has two copies left in stock as I write this. It’s 44 pounds in the UK, not sure off hand how much that is in dollars, but for what you get, I’d say it’s worth it.

Go to Woodward’s KFS bookstore at https://www.kfsmedia.com/fetish-books/pierre-moliniere/prod_169.html to check out more and order.  While you’re there, don’t forget to have a look at the other books and publications available, such as the new Venus in Furs translation with illustrations by Sardax.

Extreme Restraints

And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to check out other cool stuff at Extreme Restraints

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Fetish Art News: Bizarre Bazaar Follow Up

Spider room at Threshold, with furniture by Downtown Willy. Many kind thanks to the club for letting me use the room.

I can honestly say I am very impressed with the results from Threshold’s Bizarre Bazaar. I was made very welcome, and given the “Spider Room,” with furniture made by my friend Downtown Willy. They took out the spider ottoman, but left the huge metal web and throne made of powder coated rebar. While I may not have been the perfect subject for the throne, it certainly was nice to have such a place to sit down.

I expected the looky loos. That’s very common for the Threshold crowd. What was different was this was the first time showing at Threshold with an artist’s clothesline. The art held their attention and there was a lot of feedback to staff that the crowd was glad to have fetish art at the bazaar.

Cards for Bizarre Bazaar. Some new, some old.

What has me bewildered is the cards and stickers did ok, but didn’t fly off the table like at other places. People would look, laugh, and stare for a long time, then leave. The paddles didn’t move at all. On occasion, someone picked up a paddle, gave it a feel, then put it back down.

Femdom Art, The Leisure Chair

This found a nice home with some old friends from San Francisco

But, then the originals began to move, and special thanks to Etsy for their credit card processing, which saved my ass at the bazaar. Originals are not typically big sellers at events. This is why I’ve moved more towards doing things like calendars, cards, stickers and paddles.

This piece also found a good home with some old friends visiting from San Francisco.


Fetish Art, Batwinged Rubber Dominatrix: Domme Noir

I believe this piece went to a submissive for his Mistress, they were very quick about it for some reason

Most of the time, Threshold frowns on photography at their events. So I couldn’t get crowd shots, but I did get some “celebrity photos” of folks out in the scene.

Kim Airs is a well known bicoastal sexpert who has run adult stores in LA and Boston. She had a booth here at the Bizarre Bazaar.

Originally, I set up greeting cards in bundles and an original piece of art for the silent auction. Threshold put it all together as one set. Kim Airs bid on the whole thing and won the lot. Kim now runs private parties for selling adult toys to women. These may end up at her parties in the near future.

Eden 2 Piece for Service of Mankind Church

This is the original piece Kim Airs won. I wonder if it will make it to her parties. Eden 2, a piece inspired by Service of Mankind Church.

Me and Mr. Wiseman. Actually, I think it may be Dr. Wiseman, Esquire. But I can’t remember if he got the doctorate.

On a final note, I should mention something about leather, gay, and kink culture. There’s been a lot of talk, especially in LA about how gay and kink aren’t mixing anymore. Rick Castro has been hesitant to come to events like Bizarre Bazaar and SMUT because he feels the kink crowd is a het crowd.

This was originally created for sale at the Tom of Finland Art Festival. This is the closest to a reproduction you’ll see. The idea being the buyer got an exclusive that would not end up on cards or prints. This went to very person at Bizarre Bazaar who could not wait to take it home.

Just because a place like Threshold isn’t packed with gay men groping each other, doesn’t mean they’re not gay positive. Modern kink got its start with places like Folsom and the leather communities. While you will find a lot of straight, dominant men at places like Threshold, their roots are in gay leather culture. Many members are gay positive, bisexual, and gender bent. The piece above got snatched up very quickly by a regular at Threshold who absolutely loved it.

Places like Antebellum, and Tom of Finland Foundation should not underestimate this crowd.

This piece quickly got snatched up at Bizarre Bazaar

On a final personal note, a lot of my favorites got new homes this weekend. I’m going to miss them, but it is an accomplishment of a greater mission. It really does hurt to show again and again, at so many places to have no one buy the original pieces that I loved creating so much. Even worse has been to knock down the prices repeatedly just to have my best pieces overlooked. So, in the big picture, Bizarre Bazaar was a big success because people actually wanted the originals and took them home.

This was the first piece to go at Bizarre Bazaar. I’m still stunned at how fast it moved.

I’m going to miss these pieces, but it feels so much better knowing someone loves a piece as much as I do. It’s a validation after years and years where I’ve been to the point of giving up. Thank you kindly to the folks at Threshold and the staff of Bizarre Bazaar for having me and for such a great time.

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