DomCon Show Poster Available

DomCon LA 2016 Poster Art

Click the image of the poster to order through Etsy


I don’t have much time, I have to be out the door in a few minutes. Due to demand, the DomCon 11×14 show poster is now available on Etsy at

Only 25 were printed. The price is $10 plus shipping.

On to SMUT 3!

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Philip You Beautiful Bastard and DomCon

The big SMUT 3 Art Show coming Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll be giving these out at DomCon LA this weekend. Thank you so much for the big love for these events Phil. We love your face ;-)

 Wow! Many kind thanks to Philip DeFranco, who not only read about the site on air and pushed SMUT3 and DomCon, but also gave a shout out to the site! Many kind thanks you Beautiful Bastard! :-)

If you’ve never checked out Philip DeFranco, have a peek here at the episode:

I am one foot out the door for DomCon LA at the LAX Hilton today, but wanted to get an update for everyone. Two days are left, and the BDSM classes are a huge draw this weekend.

The Fetish Artist booth at DomCon LA this weekend. That’s Leather By Danny next door.

Yup, a lot of this is pretty much what Philip couldn’t show on the air. But honestly, I did send some PG rated stuff. I mean a guy in chains wearing leather jock strap for Reina is PG, right?

My little nook at the Fetish Artist table for DomCon LA

What you can find here at the show are deals on original art, 11×17 color prints for only $10, and exclusive art you can’t find on the Etsy site. So if you’re at DomCon LA this weekend, please drop by the Fetish Artist site.

Once again, kind thanks to Philip DeFranco for Philling in everyone about the show. We love your face and we love SourceFed’s faces too!

Next stop, DomCon LA or Bust!

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DomCon LA 2016!

DomCon LA 2016 Poster Art

Please feel free to copy and spread this artwork. I’ll have prints and the original available at DomCon LA 2016. Click the graphic to go to official DomCon LA 2016 site.

It has been like pulling teeth getting to this point, but I finally got the poster art done for DomCon LA 2016.

With many kind thanks to Mistress Cyan and the Sanctuary LAX folks, I will be vending once again at the event. Stay tuned for more news as we come closer to DomCon time!


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