Another Word About Centurian and Transformation

News about this piece in progress below…

Good morning, don’t have much time but had something good to say. The folks over at Centurian and Transformation magazine were apparently going through my posts and saw the post I did last year showing them some appreciation. They loved it.

I’ve got some good news for them. Since we talked at DomCon, I’ve been meaning to add them to my links list and even draw up a banner for their sites like I’ve done for Fetish Movies and Extreme Restraints. At this rate though, I should just start a gender-bent links section.

You can check them out at:

But this isn’t the good news. While at Tom’s Bar on Sunday, Rick Castro and I talked about the upcoming Black Gay Erotic show in July. He’s agreed to let me submit more than just the paddle (which is getting a serious clear coat this week). Rick loves to joke about sissies. Honestly, I think there’s something he likes about the way the word rolls off his tongue. He said a sissy piece wouldn’t be a good fit, until I suggested a Black master with sissy slaves. Rick loved that idea. The guy in the sketch up top was from the modeling sessions at Tom’s Bar. I’m frantically trying to finish pieces for the deadline, but I thought the folks at Transformation would get a kick out the new sketch in progress.

It may stop, but it never ends…

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Sheer Damn Manliness at Tom’s Bar June 21st!

Men Men Men! It’s ok, we’ll get an estrogen break soon, I promise!

The Tom Of Finland Foundation does a number of events through the year, some small, and some all out. The two biggest I can think is the art fair and Tom’s Bar.

Femdom Art: Domination 3 Way

Oh heck, here’s some estrogen :-) The man in the middle was based on a sketch I started at a Tom of Finland drawing workshop. This is in honor of Crazy Sharon.

Tom’s Bar is an annual wake in honor of Touko Laaksonen, the man we know today as Tom of Finland. His passing wish was that there not be a funeral, but one hell of a party. Tom’s Bar was born and has been a regular event at the Faultline on Vermont and Melrose.

It’s like Dr. Sketchy’s, only with loud music, beer, cigars, leather, art exhibitors, and manly male models. Ok, it’s not like Dr. Sketchy’s ;-)

But you get the idea. My friend and patron, Crazy Sharon suggested I exhibit there. I tried, but was too late to get an artist’s spot. However, I’ve volunteered as an artist assistant at the party, and hope to get some sketching time in.

The paint on the paddle for Rick is finished. I’ve been adding clear coats.

Rick Castro of Antebellum will be there. With luck, I’ll be his assistant. I’ll also show off the progress of the paddle and other pieces for his upcoming show.



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Big and Black! More Art Paddle in Progress

Art is a fix. Painting is one of the most problematic of art addictions, and being on deadline isn’t helping. When painting, it’s much harder to put a piece down. You just have to keep tweaking things. This conflicts with things like time for paint to dry, sleep, and a day job.

Sometimes, you also have to step away from the piece to work things out, which is hard to do when on a deadline, and can’t put the brush down because you’re messing with other things.

Above is not the actual current progress. I’m feeling much better about the piece now that I’ve added in some more black paint, shading, and highlights. More to come.

I’ve also been working on Kayla’s paddle and realized I’ve made an oddball mistake. Her paddle is a clear label version of the Eat My Valentine art. I printed the label Friday and was going to do something with it today when I realized, the artwork is bigger than the paddle. I’m still not sure what went wrong where, but I need to re-size the art and print out another copy.

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Leatherman Art: How’s This Rick?

Beefy leatherman art for paddle to go in Antebellum Fetish Art Show

Rick Castro of Antebellum fetish art gallery wants it big and black. In the middle of the chaotic storm I call the driving gig, he dropped me a line asking if I could whip up a paddle featuring black men for his upcoming art show in July.

Friday morning a cut a piece of paddle size sketch paper and by the time I was sitting down with Sherry for dinner Friday night, I already had a sketch going. There’s not enough ass in this house to use as reference material for the muscle man ass I want in this picture, but I’ve been able to piece together enough from memory and what stuff I’ve got on hand (there’s never a drawing of Captain America getting a spanking when you need it).

Even though the deadline is three weeks away, I’ve got to get the paddle sketched, painted and then start adding clear coats.  So the sooner I get this wrapped up, the better. Once completed, this piece will be exclusive to Antebellum until the show is over, and will be come with the ephemera. While I reserve the copy rights, I’m not planning to do anything with the sketches until after the show. So if it sells at Antebellum, it’s gone. No cards, no prints.

Sorry if there’s a bit too much testosterone in here for the hets right now, but this is the nature of the fetish art business. The guy who bought the leatherman paddle on Etsy has also insisted on more leatherman work. So it’s time to get crankin!


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Latex Fetish Femdom Enema Art: Paid In Full

Latex Fetish Femdom Enema Art: Paid In FullThis Femdom art piece got started at the Tom of Finland Foundation, and if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve been seeing the censored versions as it has been in progress.

When I started it, I already imagined it as a latex fetish piece. Aside from the shoes, the model was nude. The latex, cuffs and gas mask got added in right way. At DomCon, I was adding in the enema bag and inflatable plug, intending to color them in with blue Micron pen, and sketching in a Dominatrix on the right.

A friend at DomCon pulled me aside at one point, asking me about pieces featuring enemas. I was stymied for a second, and he thought I was embarrassed. Quite the contrary, I’ve done a few pieces featuring enema gear. However, I couldn’t remember which originals, if any, were available. So I showed him this piece. He paid me on the spot, and I’ll need to deliver it to Sanctuary soon.

I wrote “paid in full” on the piece to remind me the piece was paid for. It somehow seemed appropriate for a title.

The piece itself actually freaked out Sherry a bit. She’s glad to see it gone. Personally, I think it was a great experiment, and I’m already pondering a couple more tasteful enema related drawings.

By the way Transformation Magazine did an interview with me last week, and I’m planning to set up some banners for them here on the site. Just one of many things left to do after DomCon.

The latest gear from Extreme Restraints

BDSM gear from Extreme Restraints. Check out their enema equipment!

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Sunday Mornin’ Brings the Drawin’


Pride motorcycle drawing

This piece got claimed by an ecstatic woman at DomCon LA that loved finding out that the Lesbian Avengers was a real activist organization. In case of an emergency, I’m a hostage. I should make a card of this.

This was actually supposed to run last Sunday, but things got out of hand. Notice the paddle gallery got posted in the middle of the week, something I set up to automatically post. The driving gig employees voted to authorize a strike Saturday, and we could walk any day now. We held the meeting in a church where I shouted to remind them that there are no “those guys” in the Teamsters, it is “just us!” We are the union. I had to walk out for air after that, but I got a lot of compliments after that and it may have helped.

Just part of the booth. This was before the paddles ran out. Many kind thanks to Mistress Cyan for the booth space.

DomCon was awesome. Recovering was a difficult, but even harder was going back to the mundane tasks of the driving gig. Working the convention was not the hard part, even when volunteering for breakdown. Monday morning after the show, I woke up happy, made myself a decadent egg sandwich with cheese and bacon, and was doing great until I put my work hat on. Then the dread fell on me like a heavy black cloud. I’m serious. It was like the weight just draped over me.

Latex Bondage Art: Wand Rider

Wand Rider cards ran out at the show, and a Domme claimed the original.

But the show itself was great. The paddles were a huge hit. They’re all gone. I made more blanks on Memorial Day. During the show, Mistress Kayla of Irongate Studios claimed dibs on the Eat My Valentine paddle. I completely spaced when another Domme wanted both Valentine paddles and Wand Rider. Mistress Kayla was pissed, but appeased when I told her those were original art prototypes and I could make her a replacement.

Eat My Valentine Fetish Art Design

The design for Kayla’s paddle. This one is going to be a clear label placed onto the paddle, then clear coated and sealed. Technically, it’s still a prototype, but one of the first where I experiment with printing on the paddles.

Last Sunday, I spent the morning cleaning up the artwork and adding more color to the piece. When I finish a piece, it looks clean. I erase pencil lines, and go over the artwork thoroughly to check for anything. But when these pieces with bright whites and clean lines go into the computer, suddenly everything looks filthy and every flaw is magnified 100 times. Full black areas suddenly have tiny white holes and grey zones. The scan is in color. So I had to touch up the color as well. You’d think this is tedious and painful. Truth be told, it can be a lot of fun. It’s like when we had coloring books as a kid. It just takes a lot of time. So I sat there with a mug of cocoa and coffee and playing with a rubber slave eating out the ass of his Mistress for Mistress Kayla’s paddle.

Facesitting on Santa

Facesitting Santa ran out first. Look for more Christmas fetish cards coming by October.

The cards did well. For the first time, I kept track of which ones moved fastest. The Christmas cards went first. Wand Rider ran out, and the cartoons were a hit.

This was a big hit at DomConLA. I’m planning to list cards individually on Etsy very soon. Click here to check out the cartoon cards.


I swear, I’m not even sure how to tag this one…

I met up with the guy who commissioned the furry pic last year and disappeared. Found out he had some serious problems come up and couldn’t get back to me. He was very happy with the piece and it worked out.

Sissy Maid with Chastity Device and Anal Orb Penetrator

These did ok, but got a lot of compliments and I’ve sent a copy over for Transformation. Most of the hardcore cards did not do well.

Transformation wants to run my gender-bent artwork. DDI wants to run some pieces. I think Goddess Soma Snakeoil wants to comission some pieces for DDI, but I’m not sure. I have to send out DomCon photo galleries this week courtesy of slaveboy julia.

The Bitch and The Wardrobe, December in the 1997 Dominatrix Calendar

Coming soon on Etsy as a greeting card.

Look for new cards coming soon on Etsy. I’ll also be listing cards individually soon. I’ve also found a solution for shipping the 20 pack. So, I’m off to do more drawing today, and a lot of paddle sanding.


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Fetish Art Paddle Gallery

This is now going up permanently in the gallery section, but I wanted to show it off on the front page first.

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DomCon Time: It’s D-Day!

Doing a color version of Kinky Foxes for DomCon. Not quite finished, but almost there. I think I’m gonna stick with red highlights as opposed to coloring the whole piece

I know, you’re thinking, but wait! DomCon doesn’t officially open to the public until Friday. This is true, but there are a couple of parties and the red carpet social for the Dommes is tonight. I’ve also got to set up my booth. So I’ll be heading over this afternoon.

One of the freebies I was handing out at the munch.

Meanwhile, I have news, more than I can keep track of. Yes, I did the Sherman Oaks Munch on Tuesday at Sportsman’s Lodge, and if you missed it, you missed out on me handing out free goodies.

Valentine fetish art paddles drying after a spray of clear coat

These have been on display at Antebellum fetish art gallery since February. Many kind thanks to Rick Castro for letting me show them at the space, and for a lovely tea yesterday. These will be available and on display at DomCon this weekend.

Wednesday night I was at Rick Castro’s Antebellum fetish art gallery for his Tea salon. I got to meet Renfield as he was heading out. Complete shock as I did not picture him to look like that at all. I’ll let you savor the mystery of his appearance. Rick’s friends Andrew and Damiana (I hope I have her name right) were there and Rick had me sit right in the big rocking chair at the end of the table. It was a good fit. We talked shop, we talked about DomCon, and towards the end, he suggested I bring the paddles we’ve had on display to the convention.

This will also be on display at DomCon as a greeting card. Look for a men in bondage card listing coming soon to Etsy.

Because these two paddles are paper on wood, it turns out my work was starting to come undone on the upper edges. Not so bad for art, really bad for something that may get used on someone’s ass, even if it’s not the paper side. So I spent last night putting on two coats of Modge Podge and making sure those spots stay down for good. They got sprayed with acrylic clear coat this morning and are curing before DomCon.

Catwoman in Bondage Paddle

Speaking of paddles. I just gave this one another clear coat and she’ll be at DomCon too!

I have to admit, there may not be a lot of new art at the show. But I’m planning to dedicate most of the table space to greeting cards and stickers. There will be a lot of new cards on display, the paddles. Original 11×14′s will be $20 and I’ll also have the quick sketch drawings up for only $10.

On display as greeting cards at DomCon this weekend

So please come. It’s gonna be great. There’s a lot of parties, classes, demos, and a lot of opportunities to meet and play with kinky people.

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Fetish Art Book Review: California Deathrock

Note: I don’t typically cover photography, because there’s so much of it. Everyone with a digital camera and a computer seem to want to be a fetish photographer now. Here’s to two pioneers who kicked this off back in the days of film and photocopied zines.

 Cover of California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Last week, I got word that Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood were doing a signing at La Luz De Jesus in Hollywood. Actually, I thought it was a full on art show. The driving gig ended early and I decided to shoot down to check out the show.

Cover girl Malice Mcmunn with Amelia G and Forrest Black for California Deathrock signing

Turns out it was a simple book signing back in the gallery for their new book, California Deathrock. This books looks back on 25 years of covering what we causally label the goth scene today, but was really more of a multi-faceted counter culture brewed at clubs and concerts with music you’d most likely never hear on the radio.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Most of these photos are fully clothed. There’s a lot of studs, corsets, fishnet, wild hair and eye makeup. It’s not much of a toss-off kind of book, or even an edgey soft porn type piece, and that’s ok. There’s a few, really hot nudes included from the set of Blue Blood, but the majority of the pics are from photo booths Amelia and Forrest set up at various clubs over the years. Some of the photos are downright romantic, with couples posing together. There aren’t many stars, but there are a lot of familiar faces if you spent nights at places like Bar Sinister, Club Hell, Fang Club, or Perversion.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Heck, it’s downright tasteful for having the name Deathrock in the title, and worthy of any coffee table. Just set down a bottle of jagger nearby. After my mom got over the a shocking photo or two of a guy screaming or giving the finger, she’d have to admit, many of the photos are downright pretty. Even many of the guys are downright pretty.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

Which gets me to another point, which I really love about this scene compared to others. My wardrobe is pretty limited, but even I make an effort to dress up a bit when I go to these places. Most guys think of dressing up as either suiting up, or putting on their best t-shirt with a logo on it. I find it disturbing to be in any club where the women have gone to huge efforts to put on heels, dresses, corsets, and doll up in theme and the dudes didn’t dress up.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

California Deathrock rewards the guys who made an effort. I don’t mean drag, but where Amelia and Forrest shot, the guys kept in theme. There’s a lot of wild hair, unique jewelry, leather, studded belts, and attention to detail that shows that the guys care just as much about this scene as the women do.

The signing went well for a Friday night in Hollywood. It reminded me of the day they hand out yearbooks at high school. Most of the crowd were actually in the book, and were signing each other’s books. At first, I was very shy. I gathered up the courage to say hi. Amelia was glad to put a face to my name from Facebook and Twitter and told me how they sorted through 3000 of their favorite photographs to create this limited edition book. It was a crowdfunded project, and they had extras. So placing at La Luz was a win-win. Forrest and I talked shop about Marquis, art, and he even was even intrigued what it was like to be an artist working a driving job. I had never thought about it before. They even gave me tips on how to do more with Instagram, but that’s a post for later.

From California Deathrock by Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood

So, a hardcover book of 172 great photos of surprisingly colorful people into dark music, lots of eyeliner, guyliner, studs, corsets piercings, and occasional boobs. This was a short run. There’s no telling how long copies will last. Snatch it up if you can. Who knows, you might even be in the book. Go directly to to get a copy.

For the latest on Amelia and Forrest’s adventures, go to for the SFW stuff and for the saucy stuff we love so much.

Final note: Hope you liked the review. An order came in and I’m getting ready for the DomCon weekend. I’m gonna try to make it out for the party Thursday night. Update coming soon, and SFW posts are up on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Fetish Artist Tour on Instagram

The Fetish Artist workshop

The “workshop” where I convert the pen and ink art into color via an antiquated mac with old software. But, it works!

Social networking and I have an uneasy relationship. As a publicist, I once had a huge list of “social networks” that I kept clients on. Half of them were slow and difficult to use, many simply were not worth keeping up with. Some don’t even allow marketing (which is why I held off on Fetlife for so long, because the TOS would not let me sell my artwork).

So, I’ll hold off on joining a network unless there’s a compelling reason. I’m only on Facebook for personal stuff and union business now because I can’t separate the fetish business stuff. Same goes for Google plus, which banned one of my posts for simply saying the word fetish. Last week, a buddy of mine was asking why I wasn’t on Instagram. I admitted, I was holding off, and that Twitter pretty much handled everything I needed for that.

He talked me into it, and he still hasn’t followed me back *growl*. But I’m trying to make the most of it. The biggest difference I’ve seen between Instagram and Twitter is you can upload pics on Twitter from your cell, but you have to upload your pics from your cell to Instagram. So, I either photograph and upload everything I draw from my cell, or I find another reason to take Instagram pictures. I also have to censor my Instagram pics for TOS reasons. I mean seriously, I don’t know how half you folks haven’t been kicked off of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram just for gratuitous anal sex pics and twat shots.

A tour of the household seems to be in order. I’ve started taking phone photos of parts of the house where I have fetish art hanging, and post a pic to Instagram every couple of days. It’s a good start, and as I keep working on art in progress, I can take cropped pics to upload.

If you’re on Instagram, I can be found at Come check it out. If not, I’m also sending the posts over to Twitter at

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