It’s a busy weekend!


Season’s beatings everyone! Saturday, December 3rd, Antebellum presents “America Matters” an exhibition of art reflecting on the 2016 presidential election, politics, civil rights protests, and future fears, real or imagined.

I’ll be working the door. It’s a $5 suggested donation. Honestly, I don’t have work going in the show, but I’m working the event to show my support.

The election took the wind out of my sails, and the idea of putting the face of that orange jackass on a cock, someone in bondage, etc., just makes me ill. Instead of making my fetish artwork political, I’ve decided instead to start getting ready for bigger issues down the road. Over Thanksgiving, I cleaned up a lot of stuff around the house and began to organize both the art stuff, business stuff and personal stuff. Sounds boring, but this is about getting my act together so I’m ready to deal with bigger things.

Click for more details and a sneak peek at America Matters.

Wait til they get a load of me :-)

Wait til they get a load of me :-)

But wait! There’s more!

Sunday, December 4th at 8:00pm, I’ll be at Pinup Alley Art Show, brought to you by Saint Nicolas at Los Globos  in Silverlake. In a strange twist of events, Nicolas reached out to my by my snazzy new Deviant Art account and asked me to come show at his event. It’s a concert featuring Rockabilly and Swing, along with artwork by artists like, well, me!


I don’t know much about the artists, but I do know the bands are InazumaThe Rocketz, and Marquis & The Rhythm Howlers.

Pinup Alley will be at Los Globos, 3040 West Sunset Blvd in Silverlake.

This is a dry run for me, so I’ll have stickers, greeting cards, and original art, but I’m not sure how much I can do with the space yet. So if this goes well, I can amp things up if invited back.

I have been given a guest list, but don’t know exactly how they’re working it yet. So for the moment, just say you’re with Jay Moyes or and take yer chances.  The event itself is only $10 anyway. For details, including presale tickets, go to

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Changes for 4 Minutes of Fetish


Whew! Ok, back to fetish business!

Things have been crazy, crazy, crazy, and Black and Blue Media may have a huge client lined up for 2017. So, episode 2 of 4 Minutes of Fetish is off for a while.

But, I am seriously thinking of changing this from a V-Sauce/Dark 5 style to a Philip DeFranco style of show. The original format would get a name change, and possibly even be less than 4 minutes. It’s not easy to put together.

And instead, the 4 Minutes of Fetish would become the title of a fetish news blog about art, events, news, products and of course, my kinky friends!

I’m going to test out a video blog soon to see how it looks.

Click here for more about New Profanity

Click here for more about New Profanity

Meanwhile, I’m up at New Profanity again! Natasha at New Profanity asked for a color print of Latex Kiss for a show called Uncensored, curated by Tashi Honnery. I had to up my game and do a lot more work before it went up in the gallery. The print is signed, and just under the matte, I’ve included provenance establishing that the piece was made specifically for the gallery and the date. A set of stickers, including an exclusive is available with the framed print.  Contact for purchase information.

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Please Keep That Man Out Of My Dick




Wow. I have a policy not to get political on this site, but Tuesday caught California off guard. I was at a Ralph’s in Porn Valley on Thursday and it was like someone let out the world’s most toxic fart, and no one knew who to blame, or if they would be accused of dealing it. Ironically, most people have been extra polite lately. Mostly in a please don’t hurt me kinda way.

I’m in my 40’s and hail from Livermore, California, about 50 miles out from San Francisco. Every year, hundreds of protesters would march on our city to protest the nuclear weapons labs. This wasn’t the 60’s. They did their sit in, and got hauled off to tent cities run by the jail before going to court. I’ve seen it bad, I’ve seen it batshit crazy. The good news is we have a lot further to go before we reach what many are terrified of.

I come from the Reagan era of arms for hostages, mind control experiments disguised as alien abduction, and El Salvadorian death squads operating in the U.S.A. I voted for Hillary for a balanced budget and low unemployment, so please spare me the arguments about deleted e-mails which probably included a bunch of spam for generic Viagra and penny stocks.

So, that said, what really has me pissed off is now the pressure is on to create political protest art. I get it, seriously, I do. Many are outraged, want to make a statement, and it makes sense. But keep that annoying orange bastard out of my dick please.

I don’t even want to look at him, why would I torture you with that ugly mug of his in a chest harness or taking it up the ass?

In Japan, they had The Floating World. It was a place where peasant and prince walked as equals. It was a place where you left politics and place behind and stepped into a world of fantasy and pleasure. This site and the fetish scene is my escape from a much more disturbing world.

I have my own ways of protesting, and fighting back. I am getting things together and preparing for the worst.



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