My Glow In The Dark Penis

Glow In The Dark Penis

It does actually glow green

Antebellum’s Halloween group show is coming up and Rick Castro wants black and white artwork. It’s great to get back into my pen and ink comfort zone, but I’ve had something brewing in the lab. Remember my blank canvas covered in glow in the dark paint? This is the time to use it!

Originally, I was thinking motorcycle, but this calls for something big and dramatic, like a big penis in bondage. By daylight, this will appear as just a kinky black and white painting, but when the lights go out, the eerie green glow will make this really pop.

I’m not just doing this to be a dick, but if this works, I’m going to start a larger canvas in glow paint for something even greater.

So far, it’s been a lot of fun.

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Wow! That got pulled fast!


Thank you kindly YouTube! Our video has been reinstated and they removed the strike against my YouTube community status!

I should probably explain a little more about what’s been cooking in the lab. A couple of years ago, I noticed a trend starting on YouTube. List shows like Dark 5, and All Time 10’s were becoming popular. Then Kevin over at Vsauce2 launched Mind Blow, LUT and FAK. These crammed as much new art and technology as possible in as short of a space as 5 minutes.

I pitched to friends an idea for a Mind Blow style show for fetish and BDSM. Cram as much barely safe for work good stuff into less than five minutes of video, and spread the word. My buddies did not have the time or energy for such a project.

Making things even more sad is when I say names like Colin Christian, Tom of Finland, and Downtown Willy in conversation, I get this “what? who? neverheardofthem” kind of response. And this is from friends in the BDSM and fetish community. I mean seriously, how can you not love latex and have never heard of Colin Christian? How can you love BDSM art and never hear of Tom of Finland?

I created a channel at

Inspired by the spirit of Philip DeFranco to just do it. I began to piece together videos using YouTube’s own video editor software. It’s elementary, but takes a lot of work. I got the video published Sunday evening.

There were some issues, such the reason for the update, but we are back up and all systems are go. Thank you YouTube and to everyone for their support!


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Yes we have a video!

I must be a child of the 80’s if I can remember hearing Vivian screaming that line from the Halloween Special of The Young Ones. Don’t now what I’m talking about, look up “The Young Ones” on YouTube. You’ll love it.

Speaking of YouTube, I’ve done it. I’ve created a channel, which will be called Fetish Artist Studio. Like many artists with too many irons in the fire, I’m messing up a new project called “4 Minutes of Fetish.”

Obviously, it’s not done yet, but I couldn’t resist posting at least something. So once again with the Coaster Show for La Luz de Jesus.

And while you’re there, La Luz does have a YouTube channel. It’s just been ages since they’ve updated, but worth a look. Check out:

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