First, An Apology


I owe La Luz de Jesus, Antebellum Art Gallery, and New Profanity an apology. October is an excessively busy month for me, and I’ve been under a lot of stress with the combination of the driving gig, and getting ready for shows. It’s that last part that may get me in trouble.

You see, galleries have a thing about what I would call gallery fidelity. A major faux pas would be to show work at one gallery, and right after, take that same work to a neighboring gallery. Thankfully, we haven’t gone that far.

But, I am currently showing at La Luz de Jesus as part of their huge Coaster Show, and coming up to October where I’m committed to showing three gay bondage pieces at Antebellum, and at least one Femdom piece at New Profanity on Melrose. I already had promises to those galleries for Halloween group shows before my invite to the Coaster show.

Now, these three galleries are vastly different in content and style. The good news is, so far, no one at any of the galleries has complained. But it did dawn on me that I’m not thinking ahead properly. I’ve been so concerned getting artwork done, I forgot about gallery protocols and manners.

All this, and the one night art event, SMUT hasn’t even come into conversation yet.

I apologize to all three galleries managers, owners and staff. I’ll be more sensitive about this in the future. I have great love for all three venues and it is an honor to be showing at your locations.

With that said, please let me show you what’s cooking.

moonmistresswipThis is Moon Mistress, the piece in progress for New Profanity on Melrose. I started it this month and have been rushing to get it completed for their Halloween group show. I’ll include some free cards and stickers with the artwork. We haven’t set a price yet.

x24penispaddleIn the middle is the new piece for Antebellum. I wanted to show it on Instagram, but it would violate the terms of service. It is signed and numbered, and it glows in the dark like the other penis painting for Antebellum. To the left is the piece from Dog and Pony Show, I’ve finished clear coating that paddle too and it will be returning to Antebellum soon.

To fans and readers, where I go from here is a little tricky. This may impact if I get to show at La Luz in the future. Honestly, I didn’t think past the Coaster Shows as it takes years to get a solo exhibition at La Luz, but I forgot they also do other group shows. My plans for Antebellum and New Profanity were to keep the work so different that there would be no conflict of interest, and the Coaster Show is also a vastly different exhibition than what I’ve been doing.

So, major gallery showings may be trickier in the future. This should not impact smaller vending events such as SMUT and Bizarre Bazaar, but I have to be more sensitive to the galleries if I want to get taken seriously.

Oh, before I forget, the next episode of 4 Minutes of Fetish is still in progress, I need to get Moon Mistress complete before that happens.

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Coaster Show and Logo Art

The La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show opens this Friday with a reception at 8:00 P.M. at 4633 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles just east of Hollywood towards Silverlake. I’ll be there, bunches of artists will be there, a naked statue of a certain annoying presidential candidate will be there, and if all goes well (or even not), we can stagger across the street to Cheetahs gentleman’s club and celebrate.

Here’s my pieces going on display.

Good Slave, Side A. Contact for purchase info

Good Slave, Side A. Acrylic and ink. Contact for purchase info

Good Slave, Side B Contact for purchase info

Good Slave, Side B. Acrylic and ink. Contact for purchase info

Reflections of Femdom Contact for purchase info

Reflections of Femdom. Acrylic and ink, including metalic purple acrylic ink.
Contact for purchase info

Purple Pain Contact for purchase info

Purple Pain. Acrylic and ink, including purple metalic acrylic ink.
Contact for purchase info

There is going to be over 1000 coasters by hundreds of artists on display. You don’t have to be in Los Angeles to get a preview, or to buy. You can even buy right now before the show begins. Check it out at


One thing that’s new is a logo card I worked up for the YouTube site. I’m still working on episode 2 of 4 Minutes of Fetish. I’m still painting My Penis *giggle*, a preview of that is below in an older post. On the sketchpad is a buff demon for Antebellum’s Halloween show, but that’s another story.

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My Glow In The Dark Penis

Glow In The Dark Penis

It does actually glow green

Antebellum’s Halloween group show is coming up and Rick Castro wants black and white artwork. It’s great to get back into my pen and ink comfort zone, but I’ve had something brewing in the lab. Remember my blank canvas covered in glow in the dark paint? This is the time to use it!

Originally, I was thinking motorcycle, but this calls for something big and dramatic, like a big penis in bondage. By daylight, this will appear as just a kinky black and white painting, but when the lights go out, the eerie green glow will make this really pop.

I’m not just doing this to be a dick, but if this works, I’m going to start a larger canvas in glow paint for something even greater.

So far, it’s been a lot of fun.

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